Freedom House Update and Prayer Requests

Well on 11/22/11 the request for zoning change went before St. Paul zoning commission. Things were moved to a meeting on 12/8/11 mainly due to some negotiations with St. Paul Planning committee to reduce the planned number to be served and be more in line with St. Paul zoning.  Things are still a ways off from accomplishing.

In the meantime the homes are providing housing to some folks with limited staff and treatment.  This is without any current funding source.  The owner has given all to this ministry and outreach and is beyond own resources.  Currently there is need for ongoing support as things like mortgages, utilities, and insurance need to be paid.  So please consider donating to the ministry. On-line donations are available at There is also an address provided if do not want to use online services.  Please prayerfully consider helping out.

Just a reminder of my involvement. I am on the board for the ministry and will be responsible for developing the mental health components to this Jesus Christ centered outreach. 

The purposes of the outreach is to help homeless males who have substance abuse and mental health issues obtain treatment and freedom.  If everything works out with zoning there are two homes that will be approved for six residents each. In addition there will be outpatient services as well. 

So please keep this ministry in your thoughts and prayers and please prayerfully consider giving financial aid as Jim Michaud has literally given all  of his own resources.