In Remembrance: Sharing of Memories related to Janie Blake

My thoughts have been many since Janie Blake started her new day and left us behind. It has been hard to focus and write anything, yet there is much to write and process. It is though time to start putting down words that are on my heart. The best place to start is sharing a bit of the impact that Janie Blake had on my life and in the life of others. Yet, for me the sharing of the memories that is the story of Janie Blake and how she touched my life is not easy. See, Janie Blake in my life from the start is a mix of pain and hurt along with blessing and healing. The two really go hand in hand and are hard to separate. The elements of pain are not appropriate to write about as there are other people involved and they need to be considered and honored. So, my sharing of memories publicly is limited. However, the limit is on me being able to share the fact that God did use her in people’s lives to build them up and help them grow in love and truth by sharing love and truth.

Ultimately, the core of my relationship with Janie Blake can be summed up as a mutual sharing of love and truth. No matter what was going on with each of us being who we are, there was love and truth in operation. And honestly, most of the time, most of the memories are just us being who we are, together. This was whether sharing meals, playing games, or just having conversation. There are stark differences in our personality despite sharing that core of interacting in truth and love. Her personality was more active. She would find a way to be involved. She had to be part of the “action.” If there was something going on, rest assured Janie wanted to be a part of it. Now, my personality is one that is more observant, watchful. I want to be where action is but will often be at the edge, watching what is going on, always looking to grow and understand. Recently saw a picture from during my sophomore year on college, it was me as always on the edge, watching & observing. My nature is to meet people where they are and come along side.

Janie’s nature is that of going after someone and pulls them in. It is because of Janie that have met and cared for several people that otherwise would not have. It is even in her active pursuit that the healing, blessing, and growth that occurred in time, happened. She actively pursued with love and grace. Part of the healing pertains to my dear wife. We had a period where she ran from God in response to deep pain and disappointment. One related to a young man dying of brain cancer, the other a disappointment over a hope for job situation. Janie loved her, spoke truth, and pursued her with not knowing anything more than my wife was hurting and angry. She provided an accurate reflection of God’s pursuit, for ultimately God pursued my wife through Janie and others until she returned back to God. Janie was consistent in her pursuit and building up of others, reaching out with love and truth. She was faithful to God’s call on her life and produced much fruit. She lived who she was before God and man. She let her light shine in her actions and deeds and brought Glory to God the Father.

I hope folks take the time to share memories of Janie there are many places to do so. There is the comments section here on this blog article. There is here Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=828554733. There is my father’s Facebook page as well:!/profile.php?id=1128826601. There is also Janie Blake’s caring bridge site: There is also the option to share thoughts at the online obituary at: You also may have own resources, but please do share. I may add folks thoughts to comment sections as run across, so please subscribe to the comments in this article. I know there are many folks who have prayed for Janie and did not know her, by sharing others can know and the harvest and impact will continue.

News Commentary: Brit Hume’s comments about Tiger Wood.

Currently the internet and varied blogs are posting and up and arms about a comment Brit Hume made today on Fox News.  He made the following statement:

“The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith,” Hume said. “He is said to be a Buddhist. I don’t think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. So, my message to Tiger is, ‘Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world.”

Bloggers and commentators through out the internet are mocking and decrying the comment.  Quick reference is made of professing Christians infidelities. Additionally, the personal tragedy of the suicide of Mr. Hume’s son and a father’s rejection of homosexuality being seen as a trigger.  It is amazing to see the rage and scorn for such a simple statement.

Brit Hume in a blurb compared Buddhism and Christianity. One that provides an answer to mans sinfulness.  Brit Hume was correct in pointing out Christianity offers a way of restoration and recovery.  If Tiger turned to Christianity and turned himself around he could receive some restoration and be a great example. However, in the brief blurb Brit’s comments are also short-sighted. While, to receive true healing and restoration, the only true way is turning to Jesus.  Yet, such an action should never be about regaining what was lost, like reputation. Rather, it is about recognizing our own selfishness and need for answer beyond self. 

When I think about the rage of responses in varied commentaries, it really seems down to pointing to an answer beyond self-determination.  The anger is about the Christian faith indicating there is only one true path, and not many paths that is determined by self.  Yes, people can make changes in their life outside of Christianity. Christians also have done very bad things.  Here is the essential difference though, it comes down to eternal matters and forgiveness. Brit Hume made a limited comment, essentially comparing what the path of Buddhism provides and compared to Christianity. It clearly is Brit’s opinion and with indications that he is leaving Fox, he clearly spoke his mind.  The sad part is the statement and context come off as self-righteous and condescending and without a broader context of love.  It is not the way to convince Tiger or anyone else of the value of the Gospel. The truth always needs to presented within the context of love.  Brit here made a statement of truth, he may have done so with love and care for Tiger in mind, but it falls short of presenting the truth in love.

Tiger would be better off in this life and in terms of what is ahead because turning to the forgiveness provided by Jesus brings completion.  When someone is totally surrendered to Jesus there is a wholeness that brings true peace.  Yet, no matter how anyone says it, without a demonstration of love accompanying the words, they are empty.