Musing on Remembrance

Today is a day marked of remembrance of a fateful day when two towers fell in New York city. On this day the memories of the darkness and the evil on man can inflict on another are prime. Remembrance is importance. This blog is not going to reflect on any aspects of that fateful day but rather discuss the ongoing importance of the act of remembrance. It is some God directs us to do and is important to any level of moving ahead and growing. Often we want to forget dark and painful things. Yet, there are important things to bring to attention, primarily the ways God moved.

God directed others over and over to remember. First of all to remember Him and His promises as we can often forget. We can become dull of mind and caught up in varied aspects of life and we can forget. God knows our tendency to forget. He directed Israel on several occasions to set up memorials and altars to remember what God has done. He established festivals in Israel such as Passover that focus on remembering what God has done. These things can be easily forget or even set aside off in some dusty corner of our lives and mind. We need to remember. There is restoration and healing in healthy remembrance. Any healthy remembrance is focused on what God did, is doing, and has promised to do. So take time, reflect and consider what God has done, is doing, and has promised. Look back on that fateful day eleven years ago and look at how God dealt with you then, where are you know, and where are you going. As you remember let God move in your heart and deal with whatever needs to be dealt with and surrender whatever comes to light to him. And when you do, when you remember, then praise God, for whatever has been gives chance for God to reveal Himself and each memory is an opportunity to give God praise and glory. Even in the darkest of memories and time.

Tragic deaths: Todd Bachman, Bernie Mac. Reminders life is but a vapor.

      Well, I went to my local newspaper today and learn that Bernie Mac died of pnuemonia complications.  I also learn that Todd Bachman, CEO of Minnesota based Bachmans greenhouse, and his wife Barbara were stabbed with Todd dead and his wife critically ill. 

      My previous blog post celebrated the depths God goes to reach out to others, bringing a man back from death so that he may turn to Jesus.  Here we have a reminder that life is but a vapor. I don’t know the true spiritual state of either man.  I read a report that Todd Bachman was a Godly man.  I hope and pray that both men did in fact know Yeshua as Messiah.  And yes, while God sometimes choose to work in the miraculous, other times the tragic happens. I pray that God uses these events to draw others unto Him.  I also take it again as a reminder that we all need to treat everyday as it is our last.  Sometimes death is slow, sometimes death is quick. But death comes for all.  I encourage all who read this to stop, take thought, reflect and if you have not yet accepted the gift of Yeshua taking on the consequences of your own self-seeking and surrender to the Kingdom of God to do so.