Who Has a Target on Their Back

Last week this writer was involved in an accident where suddenly a semi-truck hit the rear end of his car on a highway sending the car spinning out of control.  No other vehicle was hit. A couple days after the accident this writer had a conversation was had with a friend and the thought was expressed that it felt like there was a target on my back.  Now granted the thought was a little dramatic but rooted in having been involved in a prior scary accident about five years earlier. There are also things that have happened in life while engaged in helping others grow and receive freedom.  The thought came to my mind that there is a concerted effort to do me harm.  Now before the reader begins to think this writer is developing paranoia or grandiosity or becoming too concerned with own scope in the grand scheme understand that there is a wider picture here. Sure, this writer may be targeted from harm by spiritual forces. It is a certain possibility. However, it is not isolated to this writer and it is not even isolated to believers in Jesus as Messiah and who surrender to Him as Lord.  The fact is everyone has a target on their backs.  Scripture tells us in 1 Peter 5:8 (NIV) “Be self-controlled and alert. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.”   Granted, the verse there is directed at believers. But it is just not believers that “the enemy” is seeking to destroy. It is all of humanity.  “The enemy” wants many harmed. In John 10:10 it states “The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy” which indicates that all of us have a target on our backs.  And in other words, there is really nothing “special” about any of us and what we go through. It is part and parcel of living life and we are all targets for destruction.

Now that being said, yes, there are times when things happen in our lives where things go beyond coincidence.  And certainly engaging in the work of loving others and helping others overcome the pain, destruction, chains, and traps of the battle of life brings on difficulties the evidence an attack. But the attack has nothing to do with that person but more about who we serve, that we are servants of the most high God.  Now, given that the enemy seeks to destroy all God has given us directions.  We are to take every thought captive. He are to put on the “full amour of God.”  We are to be sober minded and alert. We are to be involved in tearing down strongholds by spiritual means.  We are to cast down imaginations. We are to stand firm and endure.   Our job is not to “defeat” an enemy but to bring people into God’s kingdom and save them from destruction.  Bad stuff happens. Periods of time where we catch the attention of the enemy do occur and has an impact, in other words stuff does happen. In all that we are to engage and endure and rescue others.  So, yes I have a target on my back, so do you, and so does everyone else.  Be about the business of loving and caring for others and point them to God’s kingdom.

Reflections 8 years after 9-11-2001


Well it has been eight years since the collapse of the twin towers in New York City. September 11, 2001 is a day that is now infamous. In terms of reflecting on what to write given this date my mind has been thinking about trials and spiritual warfare. Certainly the content on the blog reflects the reality that trials and ongoing awareness of spiritual warfare and spiritual battles. Certainly like on September 11, 2001 things can come unexpectedly and we can ignore the warning signs of trouble in denial. However, in praying about what to share as a reflection I believe it is time to share what was going on with me and my wife at that point in time. So enjoy this reflective testimonial story.

For us September 11, 2001 was a day not unlike any other day. The wife had called into work sick with a headache. She was still sleeping. I had gotten up and was going through my routine of searching the internet. Generally I was home during the day because I worked evening shifts. I was perusing the free for all section of www.footballguys.net forum. I had noticed there was a thread talking about collapse of two towers. MY first thought was it was a thread related to something to do with basketball. Eventually my curiosity became peaked and I opened that thread and learned of the attack on the Twin Towers and subsequent collapse. I woke my wife and turned on the television and saw the replays of collapse. My wife was filled with a sense of fear and ongoing darkness. Also at the top of our minds was what did God have ahead, would be able to have and raise children. A strong desire we both have to this day.

Well, I worked with finding ways to calm and comfort my wife and suggested we pray over the events and fears and sense of darkness. It was a battle. We sought God and asked him to reveal His love and truth, to perhaps give my wife a picture of God’s love and purpose. I don’t remember how long I prayed with her and over her and sought God. I know there was a deep sense of darkness that the wife couldn’t get through. Well God answered her prayer and gave her a vision. Now I will reveal what I remember of the wife’s report of the vision. Certainly details may be missing because neither of us wrote it down. I know the prayer over and over was to ask God to show her the light, to bring the light.

As praying this the wife said at first she just closed eyes and saw darkness, but eventually she saw light and Jesus came to her with the light. Jesus then took her away from the darkness to a place of light and rest. Most of our family was also there in that safe place of light. I think Jesus gave her direction of just calling on him to bring her to the safe place of light at anytime, but not certain of that as part of the vision at the time. The family that was in the vision included two children, the wife believes they were girls, but it was definitely two children. Then Jesus showed her the people in darkness. The darkness was deep and people were stuck in the darkness. I don’t recall if there were chains or not. I think there was but am uncertain. What there definitely was within the darkness was serpents speaking lies to people. All throughout the darkness were serpents speaking lies. There was directive to bring the light of truth to people. Now there may have been more details that I don’t recall but this was the essential point. The vision contained to things in my mind, a promise to us of two children., a directive that God’s safety and peace is just a prayer away, and that darkness is indeed foreboding and I believe even fueled by the deceptions of serpents in the dark.

We are at an ongoing war, there is always for believers the place of rest in Jesus and is accessed through him. Darkness seeks to engulf all but cannot extinguish the light, because the light is Jesus who can always bring us to a safe place and will take or burdens. Yes, trials come, towers fall, darkness spreads. Yes, evil is at work. Yes there is pain and suffering. Yet, there is not one thing in all that darkness that can overcome the light of the world and God’s love for us. He cares enough even in the midst of a dark time of great fear to give us a promise. Yet, God not only gave a promise but made clear the urgency for bringing the lost out of darkness.

A safe place of light

A safe place of light

Now eight years have passed since that time. We have not reached the point of having children yet and have had struggles and periods of darkness engulfing our marriage. Yet, God’s light remained faithful, even during our times of greatest struggle and darkness, Jesus was ready to bring us into His light. There is always hope in Jesus at the worst of times. The serpents in the dark seek to bring destruction and like Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings say things that blind us to the truth. Jesus cuts through all the fog of darkness with His light. All any need to do is turn to Him in surrender and ask to be brought out of darkness. Jesus is faithful and will gladly take any of us out of the darkness.

Now that does not mean suffering and trials and difficulties won’t happen. In fact they will, not only that but there is an enemy at work looking for any opportunity to bring destruction. We need to not be caught sleeping and ignoring warning signs. The enemy will use whatever weakness we have to bait and entrap and seek to gets us trapped in the dark and off of God’s path. Yet, no matter how deep of darkness we get Jesus can and will bring us back to the light. In fact, as a pastor from my childhood used to say, God sends his sheepdogs after us to bring us back.

The Lion roared: A vision given to Kris Blake

My mother is involved in a home fellowship that has a weekly Eucharist service. She received the following vision during one of those recent services.

The Lion of Judah roars

The Lion of Judah roars

The Lion roared

As given to Kris Blake

Tonight during the Eucharist service I looked out the window and saw the branch of a big tree through the chapel window. There is a cross that hangs down into the chapel window. When I looked through the window the cross appeared right in the middle of the branches outside of the window. In my vision the tree was in a fresh green field of grass next to a creek. At the base of the tree was a lion lying down, and he appeared to be relaxed and calm. I saw a white horse and he was eating grass, drinking water from the creek, and meandering around the field. In the branches of the tree different varieties of birds came and landed and began building their nests. The birds ate and were nourished by the fruit that grew in the tree, drank the water and raised their young. The birds, the horse, and the lion seemed to be content in the rhythm of their lives. Each morning the sun rose over them and they attended their daily chores, and at night under the light of the moon they rested. Then rather abruptly one morning the lion got up and began pacing around the tree and suddenly he began to roar. As he roared, his eyes were like burning coals, and flames of fire came out of this mouth and he began to trot out of the field. The birds grabbed seeds and flew off with them in their beaks, and then the horse stood still for a moment and he looked at the lion, then his nostrils flared, his ears came up and he turned around and jumped over the creek and proceeded to trot off in the same direction as the lion and birds. They had heard the trumpet, the time had come to prepare for the final act, the curtain is about to fall.

The Lord and the Moon: Vision given to Kris Blake

God gives my mother prophetic dreams or visions from time to time. Recently she talked about two she was given and she posted them on the forum.  Now given what recently learned about Miriam Franklin’s being attacked it seems important to post these two vision on the blog. 

Blood Red Moon
Blood Red Moon

The Lord and The Moon:

As given to Kris Blake

I saw what would be described as the prelude to the return of the Lord.  The sun was covered with darkness and the moon was red like blood.  I saw Jesus go to the moon, pick it up and hold it close to him.  Then he lifted the moon up in front of him, it was dripping with blood and as he looked at it he wept. In expectation there were cups being held up to him as he held the moon.

The more I looked at him, crying over the moon, the more I wept with him. The moon is used as a symbol for the church…

Miriam Franklin Needing Prayer

Folks as you know the blog endtimes prophetic words is one link on my blogroll.  The site has often been a source of truth and discernment regarding many of the lines of deception that are out there and in particular exposing the New Apostolic Reformation.  Recently someone posted on the site the following:

Author: Pardner
Miriam WAS taking a break from blogging for a bit as she was tired. However her prolonged silence since then has not been down her to taking a long holiday. She was viciously attacked and seriously injured. The injuries sustained from this latest attack were and are VERY serious and will be long term unless a miracle happens for her. Pray for her.

This means that for now Miriam’s voice standing for truth has been quieted due to a serious attack and subsequent injuries. This woman clearly needs our prayers for healing and restoration.  Even more should makes all aware that when visit a site of someone blogging to take a few moments and pray for them in particular prayer for protection.  Also it is important to remember that God does work all things together for the good for those that love God.  This case is no different, God will work out what he will in this trial Miriam is going through.  Only God knows if her voice on the internet will be restored and when.  Whether she returns or not I am grateful to her website and stand for truth, even though I didn’t always agree with her thoughts on various matters.  Please keep this woman in your prayers.  Remember the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual.  As such, I also want to recommend prayer for whoever attacked her. Pray that they are turned to God as a result of these actions and however God leads. The words that come to mind are “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” 

One last comment and suggestion, stop by Miriam’s blog at  http://endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com and leave a comment of prayer and support.

Addendum: I know of no details. Just felt led to ask folks to pray.  One possible suggestion is that it pertains to issues with the Miriam Franklin is Rosalind Franklin of Diggory press issues.  The posters comments made it sound like it was a physical attack.  Regardless, pray for God’s truth and love.  Also remember judgment starts with the House of God.

Additoinal Addendum:  Pardner gave further update on the blog with the following statement:

Author: Pardner
In answer to somebody’s question, no, I wasn’t talking about a “mere” spiritual attack, nasty as spiritual attacks are. However, there’s no doubt the source of what’s happened to Miriam is the evil one, who seeks to rob, kill and destroy. And it’s also true that the physical things that happen in life impact spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well.

I also wasn’t referring to the numerous lies spread abroad by sick minds, some of whom dare to use the name of Christ beside their other false claims and boastings to give themself apparent believability – that kind of rubbish, distressing as it was and still is, would not have stopped Miriam so drastically.

Certain people hate Miriam because of her stand for truth, and for her showing up “Christian” cults and cult leaders, and these same people will do all they can to destroy her, however dirty it gets (and it is D-I-R-T-Y), and however many innocent and unconnected people to Miriam get hurt or put in danger as well as her in the fallout. They are EVIL.

Miriam rarely mentions her sufferings, as she does not want the focus there. She only wants the focus and glory to be upon God and His word.  Miriam has been in physical danger for her life for a sustained time now and she is still in danger. She has suffered much, particularly in the last few years, for her stance. As just one example from some years back, a pastor and some other “Christians” physically attacked her for speaking out about abusive behaviour in their church, and consequently Miriam was laid up in bed for a few months following that attack recovering from her injuries.  I can’t, and won’t, post all the details of what’s gone on more recently than that, but you must know what’s gone on is many, many times more serious and more vicious than that previous incident, making it look like a walk in the park in comparison. Pray that God would move on her behalf now in an amazing way.

Current Struggles: Ongoing warfare

Just need to post a quick update on things. Today is hard day for step mother with fever and diarrhea.  I have picked up an influenza with chest congestion.  It is bitter cold out, this morning on her way out to work, my wife slipped and injured her hand and left side. She has some swelling but believes nothing was fractured.  On the good side, my brother got news of court date for the finalization in the United States of the adoption of his son, Anant.  I recognize it is very hard, even in times of minor suffering to rejoice. I know I am struggling to rejoice. I find it hard to do the basic things I need to do.  It is easy to develop a mindset of the enemy is attacking and hunker down and withdrawal. This has been a long pattern. Yet, this is not what God calls us to do.  He calls us to resist the Devil.  Resistance isn’t withdrawal. When the enemy attacks we need to stand sure and strong.  We need to instead of dropping back, find ways God seeks to move forward.  Pray for quick health for me, pray for the swelling in my wife’s hand to go down and that she will be able to play her special music next weekendor on Christmas Eve.  Two keys when under felt attack are clearly rejoice and resist.  It is easier said then done.  It is easy to complain and withdraw.  And the face is, each of these sufferings are but momentary. They are hear for a time and then gone.  Yet, God’s love endures forever!

Step-mother update: Discharged from hospital

Well, yesterday Janie discharged from the hospital.  She had received news that the results of the bone scan were there was no evidence of bone cancer.  Her physician indicated that the course of treatment is 3 weeks of intense chemotherapy to be followed by a daily pill.  She was told by doctors that the prognosis is she has 2-10 years of life left.  We know ultimately that God is in control. None of us know how much time we have left on this earth.  Jesus return even can be soon. Jesus may return in that 2-10 years.  God can heal Janie to point of there being no need of the daily pill.  God’s plan in this will be made clear.  The enemy is already defeated regardless of any results.  So continue to pray for Janie as God leads.  Feel free to drop comments if God directs you to share anything even regarding your own struggles.