Musing on Reflection

Reflection: A simple word that brings immediate thoughts to mind such as an image reflected by a mirror or body of water.  Today in thinking about this word it is taking on more depth of meaning.  The thought process started in recognizing not only is a reflection duplication of an image or a representation of something but it also is a word used to denote careful consideration of a thought or idea[1].  So while the word at face value is simple, when you examine the word more closely it bring greater depth of understanding which also helps us grasp our relationship with God and others. 

The depth does not just stop when examining the word pointing to both representation and careful consideration.  The word is also one that indicates active ongoing change. For example, in computer science the term reflection points to a process that observes and modifies its own structure and behavior at runtime[2].  One could gain even further depth of meaning by understanding the physics of the reflection of light[3].  There are essentially two forms of reflection: one that gives an image (specular) and one that holds the energy but does not give an image (diffuse) [4], the difference between the two being the nature of the interface[5].    Now take some time to think about these facts as it pertains to the Christian life.

As Christians, we are directed to be “imitators of Christ” (Ephesians 5:1, 1 Corinthians 11:1) which is by nature reflecting Christ.  The starting point of our being a reflection of Jesus the Christ is God’s initiation.  God’s initiation is always His word.  It was by His word that all was created. It is by His word we receive direction.   His word is His command.  Now here is the central element of God’s word, Jesus is the Word. (John 1:1) In all cases, God’s initiation, God’s word is Jesus.  He is the light.  He is what we are to reflect.  It is all about Jesus and his sacrifice so that all may be free. Jesus is the initiation.

The next element is the response. In examining the meaning and dynamics of reflection it stands out that the nature of the “responder” to the initiation is indicative of the result. The initiation is both matched and duplicated or it is absorbed and dissipates.  So it with our response to God’s word, His initiation; all that is Jesus. Either we match and duplicate what God directs or we simply absorb it, having no impact.  This is the essence of light and darkness. When we follow God’s word, we reflect Jesus and shine light. How we respond, what we do is the reflection. When we are in line with God there is light.  When we fail to respond in accordance with God’s word and will then we consume or deflect the light and generate darkness, as darkness comes from consumption of light.

Now it is important to also take note the active change.  We are to constantly observe self and modify when we find self not in line with God’s word, God’s initiation. In order to do this we need to take time in deep consideration of God’s word and self-examination to see where we are not aligned with God’s initiation.  We are to keep on considering and modifying to become more and more aligned with God’s word, will, and way; to look more and more like Jesus. So now take some time, deeply consider reflection and let God show you ways to be more aligned with him and more accurately reflecting Jesus. 

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On UK Big Brother Stephen Baldwin Leads Alex Reid in Sinners Prayer

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I learned in an article at Endtime Prophetic Word blog about Stephen Bladwin leading Alex Reid in a prayer of salvation during the reality television show Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom.  Watch for youself the video.  In watching the clip, the Holy Spirit confirmed for me the prayer was genuine.  There is plenty of reason to be suspect as that particular show is a celebrity driven reality show.  The celebrities on the shows are there for a reason, usualy to help their careers or look better.  Some people may even think negatively of Stephen Baldwin and consider him a phony or hypocrite.  Yet, what I have seen of Stephen Baldwin has always come off as genuine but flawed.   What I witnessed on the video was not flawed and did appear to be genuine.  Alex Reid needs ongoing prayer that the seed accepted at that prayer takes root and that the peace of God overwhelms Alex and God reveals greater His love.

A fair warning here that while the seed was planted and accepted genuinely, the enemy will tempt to remove the seed, or the things of life may choke off spiritual growth once he leaves the house and the witness of Stephen.  But it is quite clear that Stephen Baldwin is living in genuine response to God’s love and reaching out to others.  Praise God for Stephen’s boldness and being in position to touch the life of a man like Alex Reid with the Gospel.

Blog Anniversary 6/10/2009: One year and still ticking.

Wow, this blog has been up and running for a year now.  It is amazing to look back at when I started writing for the blog and where things have gone since.  I think some important articles have been written. Some mistake were made as well but over all the blog is meeting the vision for the blog.  I wanted to make some comments about things happening in the world, do movie commentaries as led, shine light to ways people are deceived, and hopefully shine a light of truth on how really to be in true peace. 

This blog still has room to grow and develop. At some point the blog will migrate over to being hosted at www.peacebringer.netbut in the meantime I am still writing here.  Besides the blog, God lead me to start the forum and domain.  The forum is up and active and has further shaped the vision of looking to shine the light of truth, expose darkness, and build each other up.  I feel blessed by each person God has led to participate in the discussion and find myself challenged as well as hopefully challenge others to grow and evaluate themselves before God.

Now, I know this blog has plenty of growth to do. I realize there are some pretty consistent weaknesses.  One weakness is the inconsistency of posting.  I apologize for making those that follow the blog wonder when I next will post.  I have too often given in to my energy levels and let other things get in the way of writing.  Such a fact is part of the reason I missed making this post on the actual anniversary date. 

I also know I need to better define and organize my categories and broaden them out.  Currently the categories do not make for narrowed down selection to find particular types of posts.  So this is on my ever extensive to do list.   I also plan to reorganize and update my links and blogroll.

In terms of articles you can expect to see in the future there is a good “to do list.” : Ongoing Foundations of Strong Delusion Series, Barriers to the Gospel Series, A series on what we are taught by our culture through entertainment, a Christian approach to conspiracy,  an article or small series on examing morality perspectives, and other series or articles that are not at the top of my mind at the moment.

In the next year I also do hope to have the web portal actually have productive, useful, and interesting content.  Hopefully those of you who follow the blog consistently will continue to have patience as the blog, my writing, and the other services grow and mature.  I look forward to seeing what things God leads me to write on in the year to come. 

If there is anything you would like to see in the blog, portal, or forum please feel free to make a comment. If any content on the blog has touched you within the past year, I love to hear and read testimonies.  You can either post a comment here or drop me an email at

Above all things I want to wish the readers blessing and may God draw you into deeper awareness of His love, truth, peace, and joy.  May God draw you into true deeper intimacy with Him and may the things the hinder, blind, bind, or get in the way become evident and released.  May God grant all the readers eyes to see, ears to hear, and an open heart to the things of God the Father, Jesus the Messiah, and the Holy Spirit.

So with that I bless you all in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, let us together see what God will do.