Metrodome sex incident: Reflections on American Culture

Last week in the Twin Cities an incident  that happened at the Gophers versus Iowa football game at the Metrodome made the news.  The incident involved a man and woman engaged in sexual intimacy in a bathroom and being cheered on.  Such an incident became the fodder of talk show comments and jokes. 

       In thinking over this incident during the past week, it really is disturbing the reaction to this event. What is it about our society that people being caught in random public sex are first cheered and then ultimately jeered?  The thought  that crosses my mind, is what the cultural and total fascination with all things sexual.  Our culture has long promoted recreational sex as seen by the frequent references throughout our culture either direct or indirect.  Ultimately it seems to me to come down to two issues, the broken concept of intimacy and the pursuit of personal pleasure.

         We live in a society where increasingly people are more and more isolated.  We have many barriers that keep other people from getting close.  We are very defended individuals.  We don’t really know how to truly communicate intimately.  Deep intimacy is avoided. Rather superficial and even anonymous relationships are many, deep relationships are few.  We don’t want anyone really knowing our business.  So given a fractured view of true intimacy, we settle for other things.  One of the other things is recreational sex.  It is far easier to engage in sharing and engaging in stimulative physical intimacy then share truly about ourselves. Even if we don’t actively engage in the direct physical contact there is no shortage of the fantasy and pretend relationships.  We have in this day and age ready access to pornography.  We have anonymous relationships where mutual sexual gratification can occur without ever really sharing your true self.  We in this culture are broken regarding engaging in true intimacy.

      Another reason recreational sexuality is a cultural obsession is because people by and large seek after and pursue personal pleasure.  Sexual stimulation of whatever source is one of the key ways people get hooked into pursuing pleasure.  Ultimately the matter is about what makes us feel good.  People often turn to things like sexuality and other compulsive forms of pleasure seeking in order to just feel better, release some stress, and have something that feels good about the day.  It is momentary and fleeting and ultimately leads to increasing emptiness. 

      In this culture, personal emptiness is ongoing.  There is only one true answer for the deep longings of the heart, and that is found in Jesus the Messiah.  He alone is the answer for our deep longings. Jesus alone can bring a person to true inner peace.  And yes, there are many who profess believe is Yeshua who struggle with sexuality, for all I know people involved in the Metrodome incident could well fit in that category.  All who struggle in this area at some point have been hooked on the momentary pleasures and miss the true peace of God. 

    In terms of the couples connected to the Metrodome incident, their lives will not be the same.   A momentary turning to a fleeting pleasure, most likely while under conditions of decreased inhibition, becomes a moment of devastation. Ultimately, all forms of self-seeking have destructive end results.  

     For all believers in Yeshua, we need to find a way to reach out to those that are empty.  We need to be able to spread God’s love to those trapped in addictive pleasure seeking and point them to the way of true peace.  All believers in Yeshua also need to grow in awareness of personal areas of self-gratification and turn from them.  And when we see and here of incidents where in whatever interpersonal difficulties an individual or couple are having and become public, a prayer for their salvation and healing would be most appropriate.  Pray for them to find the true peace that is found in Messiah where all emptiness is filled.