post #wcaacc: Obstacles upon return

It was a difficult time of returning home today.  We face barriers and unexpected costs. It was an odd day.  The reason for the delays are hard to understand. It is one of those things where it is a “I don’t know” response. What happened were unexpected trials and difficulties.   It resulted in significant delay in returning home.

The obstacles did give more time for the Holy Spirit to speak and internal battles to go on.  For while today there were truly physical obstacles of delay, the obstacles that slowed me down and resulted some inertia and failure to effectively move forward come from myself. God is working in me and yes there are choices to make. The choices will not be easy for me. The changes that are being called for are things that deep down I don’t want to let go of.  But looking at it from God’s perspective in the light of truth, what is asked needs to be followed. 

Obstacles exist. Internal and external. But God is faithful. No matter what obstacle we face, when doing what God asks he will make a away. Yet, in that he may also ask for tough choices, choices that cost. Steps to take with unseen results. When God moves He oftens asks us to make choices. What choices do you need to make? Anything God is asking you to move toward or away from?   Whatever answers you may be looking for, whatever you are hoping or desiring what does God ask of you now in the midst?

Musing on Moss returning to Minnesota: The Joy of the Return

For readers of the blog it should be no secret that this writer is a fan of the Minnesota Vikings. Yesterday was a day that had most Vikings fans feeling good.  It is the day that Randy Moss came home.  Sure, Randy Moss can and will display a selfish attitude.  Yet, when he is motivated he is a wide receiver like no other.  Yesterday’s trade is one that brought feelings of happiness and hope.  The season looked to be headed in the direction of failed expectations, to one of excitement and a desire to see how things play out. The trade was one that uplifted the fan base.

In thinking about the Randy Moss homecoming, thoughts go to how God reacts when we come home.  Each of us at one point or another go our own selfish ways. We leave God’s path and go our own way.  Yet, God always provides a way of return.  When anyone who has been away from God returns, it is a time of great joy and elation.  This is true for all. Each step of return and repentance brings elation and joy.  And unlike the return of Randy Moss, the end result is no.  When anyone returns to God, the victory is already assured.

Final Musigs on #AACC National Conference: Stepping back to home and embracing God’s path

Well the time has nearly come to leave this area of mountains and water.  It is soon time to get to where the engagement and moving ahead begins. A time of refreshing, building up, and drawing deeper has come to a completion.  At times like this it is easy to put oneself at the time of the transfiguration. An experience of God moving occurred.  It is easy to want to stay in it, have it continue but there is a mission ahead.  Jesus knew what was ahead, the disciples did not.  As for me and what is ahead, steps to take are clear but what is to unfold is not.  It would be much easier to stay in the heights and draw deep, but the time serves the purpose to prepare for what lies ahead. As for me steps that lie ahead include actively working on the next steps of building a  practice. There are seeds to be sewn. There is also the prospect of putting together a book based on the concepts of this article: Also there is the building up of wife and family and engaging in what God sets before me at the church he has me placed.  So time to return. One of the experiences of this time was the ever present awareness of deep pain. Lives in pain are touched by many, and many are in pain.  Now to go back, face those in pain at home, while sorting out what is ongoing in my life.  So, now it is time to take the steps toward home. God before me. A path of mystery, pain, and joy ahead.  Praise God for what he has done, what he is doing, and for what is to come.  Hosanna, for I follow the King of Kings.