Current Struggles: Ongoing warfare

Just need to post a quick update on things. Today is hard day for step mother with fever and diarrhea.  I have picked up an influenza with chest congestion.  It is bitter cold out, this morning on her way out to work, my wife slipped and injured her hand and left side. She has some swelling but believes nothing was fractured.  On the good side, my brother got news of court date for the finalization in the United States of the adoption of his son, Anant.  I recognize it is very hard, even in times of minor suffering to rejoice. I know I am struggling to rejoice. I find it hard to do the basic things I need to do.  It is easy to develop a mindset of the enemy is attacking and hunker down and withdrawal. This has been a long pattern. Yet, this is not what God calls us to do.  He calls us to resist the Devil.  Resistance isn’t withdrawal. When the enemy attacks we need to stand sure and strong.  We need to instead of dropping back, find ways God seeks to move forward.  Pray for quick health for me, pray for the swelling in my wife’s hand to go down and that she will be able to play her special music next weekendor on Christmas Eve.  Two keys when under felt attack are clearly rejoice and resist.  It is easier said then done.  It is easy to complain and withdraw.  And the face is, each of these sufferings are but momentary. They are hear for a time and then gone.  Yet, God’s love endures forever!