The Lion roared: A vision given to Kris Blake

My mother is involved in a home fellowship that has a weekly Eucharist service. She received the following vision during one of those recent services.

The Lion of Judah roars

The Lion of Judah roars

The Lion roared

As given to Kris Blake

Tonight during the Eucharist service I looked out the window and saw the branch of a big tree through the chapel window. There is a cross that hangs down into the chapel window. When I looked through the window the cross appeared right in the middle of the branches outside of the window. In my vision the tree was in a fresh green field of grass next to a creek. At the base of the tree was a lion lying down, and he appeared to be relaxed and calm. I saw a white horse and he was eating grass, drinking water from the creek, and meandering around the field. In the branches of the tree different varieties of birds came and landed and began building their nests. The birds ate and were nourished by the fruit that grew in the tree, drank the water and raised their young. The birds, the horse, and the lion seemed to be content in the rhythm of their lives. Each morning the sun rose over them and they attended their daily chores, and at night under the light of the moon they rested. Then rather abruptly one morning the lion got up and began pacing around the tree and suddenly he began to roar. As he roared, his eyes were like burning coals, and flames of fire came out of this mouth and he began to trot out of the field. The birds grabbed seeds and flew off with them in their beaks, and then the horse stood still for a moment and he looked at the lion, then his nostrils flared, his ears came up and he turned around and jumped over the creek and proceeded to trot off in the same direction as the lion and birds. They had heard the trumpet, the time had come to prepare for the final act, the curtain is about to fall.

Question of Week 9-9-9: Do you focus on God or something else?

This question comes from the very fact of todays date. In the man made calendar today is 9/9/9.  It is the kind of thing people can focus on and come up with all sorts of thoughts and ideas about.  It is but numbers and mankind created numbers.  Yet, it can be read to have a lot more meaning.  It is something else people can focus on outside of God and Jesus.  Other things that people can focus on include politics, family, prophecy, healing, pain, entertainment, work, and so on.  We easily can get sidetracked from that which is most important.  These other things can be good things to focus on and attend to, the problem is when it becomes the primary focus and actually supplants the pursuit of relationship with God and making disciples.  So where is your focus?

Prophetic Vision: A Vision of Crown given to Kris Blake

So time ago, I don’t recall when, my mother received this vision from God.

Vision of Crowns……… 

I was outside my house, just before the sun rise and my eyes were drawn to the most spectacular array of light and color I’ve ever seen. As the sun erupted over the horizon, the colors became even brighter and more beautiful.   

Suddenly I noticed some peaks of gold, and to my amazement they began to rise. I saw they were crowns of gold filled with precious gems.    Each one was different, and had been uniquely and intricately designed. There were so many of them they reminded me of balloons rising in the sky. 

As the sun kept rising, I noticed there were also areas of shadows and darkness. In the shadows a man had built a thrown, and was sitting on it. The light over the throne was artificial light, and dull compared to the light of the son.  

When the man saw the crowns, he wanted them for himself. Even though he called all the armies in the world, and exerted everything at his disposal, he could not have the crowns. These crowns belong to the sons and daughters of the Living King.

Dance of the Blind Bride

Dance of the blind bride

Dance of the blind bride

Received this post from my mother who learned of this at the fellowship she attends.  She posted it to the forum. Felt it was worth posting on the blog as well.

Recently, the pastor of a thriving Evangelical-Lutheran congregation received a vision from the Holy Spirit. He saw a bridegroom and bride dancing together. It was a beautiful vision and he understood it to be an image of the Church and her Bridegroom. Then the lord told him to look more closely. Suddenly he realised that the bride was actually leading the bridgroom in the be dance, instead of the other way around. That immediately detracted from the beauty of the vision. The Lord of the Church ought to be leading the Church. She ought not to be going her own way, assuming that the Lord will surely follow her, even though He, in His patience, often does so. Then the Lord told the pastor to look closer still, and he saw, to his consternation, that the bride was blind. He realized that this was exactly the situation of the Church.


Henk van Wijk, Netherlands

Here is a prayer in response to this:

Heavenly Father, Forgive us for going our own way and taking the lead instead of following you.  Teach us to follow your lead, not go our own way.  Gives us the faith to trust what we cannot see until the time that you open our eyes to the wonder of your love.  Teach us that your way is good and following in your steps bring us in the dance of your perfection.  Forgive us for going our own way. In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Amen.

Helpful articles: Who is the greatest prophet?

One of the ways I am going to improve the site in this new year i by rather then either posting the articles on the forum or simply linking helpful and challenging articles I am going to post them on the blog, at least until I have a more productive web portal going.  Today I received two thought provoking articles via the Revival school email  list.  Hopefully site readers will be challenged and blessed by the article. 

So the first article is titled Who is the  greatest prophet and was written by an S. Hill. The original source of the material is found here:

-by S. Hill.

Would that be Ezekiel due to the intensity of his visions? Would
that be Isaiah due to the accuracy of his revelation of Jesus?
Would that be Daniel due to his wisdom and ability to interpret
dreams that kept him at the power centers of two world empires?
Would that be Enoch who had such a powerful encounter with
God that he literally was not here anymore?

According to Jesus the greatest prophet was John the Baptist who
came preaching “repentance for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”.
So far as we know John never had a vision, dream or angelic
encounter. Yet Jesus called him the greatest prophet!

How many prophets do you know who are preaching repentance?

It is difficult for them to preach repentance from the practice of
casual divorce and remarriage since such would close “ministry
doors” to them and offend folks who pay for their conferences and
buy their books.  But Jesus did so in Matthew 19:9!

It is difficult for them to preach repentance from selling the gospel
and making merchandise of the people of God since most have
embraced the same values.  But in Matthew 10:8 Jesus
commanded us to freely give as we have freely received. In
II Corinthians 11:5- 21 Paul said that the  difference between the
true and the false was not in message, anointing or gifting but in
how they related to the people and money!

It is difficult to for them to preach repentance from self
promotion,  the love of position and title since most have
embraced celebrity status but Jesus did so in Matthew 23:1- 12.

It is difficult for them to preach repentance from seeking special
experiences and angelic encounters since those experiences are
their tickets to “prophetic” status in a world that values
experiences above obedience.  But Paul did so in Colossians
2:18- 19.

You cannot preach repentance from inside the camp!  You support
the camp.  You can only preach repentance from outside.  The
court prophets support the court.  The prophets from the wilderness
are free to preach repentance.  That is why Hebrew 13:13 calls us
to follow Jesus outside the camp.

Jesus said that “the pure in heart shall see God”.
The result of true repentance should be a pure heart to see God.

Once you see God the claims for revelation from the prophets will
literally be seen in a different light.  Once you see God all dreams,
visions and words will take their proper place.  That some talk
about third heaven experiences as casually as a trip to Pizza Hut
and claim to be able to teach others how to have them, shows that
they have never been farther than their own imaginations.

Maybe the fascination of the general church world with the
supernatural experiences, dreams, revelations  is simply because
few of them have ever seen God?  Maybe we put prophets in a
wrong place because we do not have God in the right place?

Maybe we would be less fascinated with “supernatural experiences”
if we understood the vision of God that Jesus presented to us?
Yes, He came to show us the Father but He also said that if we
served the least, we served Him.

He placed the face of God on every suffering child.

The pure in heart will see God and when they do the whole
religious game of status, money, recognition, book sales and
numbers will fade away.  They will see God and they will see
His face as the face of human need and they will serve.

Jesus is the greatest Prophet!
Hear Him!

Guest Commentary: Honoring the Presence of God

I ran across an interesting commentary at the forum for Charisma magazine. I asked the author if I could post it on my blog and he agreed. I found this article thought provoking and challenging perspective. The author is Sean Steckbeck. He is serving Jesus in Israel and being used by God to lead others into following Jesus as Messiah and entering the Kingdom of God.

Here is the article:

My wife and I were weeping over the state of the church in the past couple days.
We were also talking about the word for the glory of the Lord and reminscing about our days at Brownsville and the glory of the Lord falling so strong there.
My wife and I speak to each other in Hebrew, not in English, this needs to be understood to understand the nature of our conversation.
The word for glory is “kavod” which is from the same root as “k’ved” which means weighty. The presence of God is weighty.
However, we were discussing that the glory of the Lord (kavod) also needs to be honored. For “kavod” is a double meaning- glory and honor. Kavod also is the word for honor.
We then realized that today’s woes with the charismatic church is a lack of honor for the glory of the Lord.

I then saw a picture of a King who came out on a red carpet.
Many were prostrated and shaking in awe (ecstasis in Greek for you River folks) and honor.
Many others were in awe (ecstasis), but took it very lightly and even nearly mocking.

I then asked myself why would these guys do this, don’t they know they could get their heads chopped off by the king.
I then realize they didn’t realize this was dishonoring to the King, but that it was.

My wife got immediately this verse:

Exo 20:7 You shall not take the name of Jehovah your God in vain. For Jehovah will not hold him guiltless that takes His name in vain.

Exo 20:7 לא תשׂא את־שׁם־יהוה אלהיך לשׁוא כי לא ינקה יהוה את אשׁר־ישׂא את־שׁמו לשׁוא׃

Transliteration by me- Lo tisa et shem adonay elohecha l’shav, ci lo yinka adonay asher yisa et shmo l’shav

Notice the word “shav” here which is translater “vain”.

In Hebrew, shav is used for the following:

1.) A dud for a firework
2.) A bullet that is a dud when shot.
3.) Sperm that does not impregnate.
4.) Something that has a substance, but does not have the reality.

So what can we draw from this in taking the Lord’s name in vain?

1.) A powerless faith— having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof. Not having the fruit of a walk in the Holy Spirit while taking on the name of God.

2.) Not living the life—- the word “tisa” and “yisa” means to take on, or to dress yourself with. Interesting it does not even come close to the word “speak” which is usually spoken about this particular scripture. Although it also means this among other things, but is only a tiny part (to not give you a reason to say GD). This scripture is referred to almost immediately after it talks about not taking on other gods and keeping the commandments. God is speaking to Israel as a nation that is His representative nation on the earth collectively and who carries His name, and is speaking to each one’s personal responsibility within this. If we say we represent God or Messiah, and do not live the life of discipleship, we are taking His name in vain. Because we are God’s gun to change the world, and we should not fire duds. Thank God for grace, however, we should also fear. “Lo Yinkeh” means to not ever be found clean. Yeshua broke the curse of the law (lo yinkeh), however, it does not take away from the fact that this is the only commandment with such a severe punishment. One would almost think the unforgiveable punishment in the OT. This talks of how serious and grievous this is to God, even though our sins are washed clean, we don’t want to grieve God with one of the most despicable sins. The law still describes God’s character and order, even though we are relieved from the punishment and curse. Does the church and Israel (God’s two representatives on earth) today shoot blanks? Do we represent the nature and awe of God?

3.) Prophecy—- this might get a bit sticky now. 1 Cor 13-14 is clear that we prophesy in part, all should prophesy, we should desire prophecy, and that it is to be part of the regular house congregation. It is clear we should both judge and love one another concerning this issue. We should be in mutual submission and accountability over this issue. However, what about when it goes public away from the context of the typical house congregation whose responsibility is to produce disciples and growth (with one of the fruits as hearing the voice of God). Public prophecy is different than the incubus of prophecy within a house congregation. There are different standards! Why, prophecy within discipleship is for the growth of the individuals. Prophecy that goes public has a role to represent the words of God on the earth. Ok, here is where we get into shooting “duds” in God’s name. I have heard in the prophetic movement that public prophets can only hope to be 60% accurate at most. If we are talking within the house congregation where prophecies are immediately judged in love, I would be happy to be the first to emphatically state “Yes, but lets aim for higher”, even though we do “prophesy in part.” However, when we step up to the plate to represent God’s words on the earth to the public or to the worldwide church, we better be only 100% accurate. Otherwise, keep your mouth shut and go back to the house congregation incubus.
The Bible is clear that we should not listen to such prophets that publically prophesy like this. Warnings such as God being hurt that prophets as saying “thus says the Lord” when the “Lord hath not said.” They prophesy from their vain imaginations, etc. Believers can be guilty of prophesying from their vain imaginations, I am just as guilty. However, it better not be public. In a ways, God provided the mutual accountability and judgement of 1 Cor 14 as a ways to learn how to tune in to the voice of God, and grace to sometimes miss it. Even grace for learning not to get too wacky. However, God does not provide such a grace for His public representation. God’s public representation is a holy place that angels fear to tread (my slang about the angels, not my theology). There has to be a holiness about the public representation of God, including the purity of the prophetic (aka 100% accurate). We should fear when we go into that place, unless we love the limelight. However, those who love the $$$$ of those who go goo-goo and ga-ga over detailed 20-60% accuracy because those who give the money don’t know how to hear God for themselves is absolutely pathetic! They have traded the honor of the name of God for popularity and limelight. Those who make light of “missing it” in public don’t honor the name of the Lord. They are shooting duds (with sometimes real bullets granted) in public. This disgraces the name of the Lord.

4.) The anointing and the glory—– Taking on the name of God does have proper mannerisms. The fruit of taking on the name of God (fruit of the Spirit) is also self-control. How will the world react if when we are in His presence we act like complete idiots smoking dope and baby Jesus dolls? What will they think about the honor of the name of the Lord? How will they see Him as King? Yes, he is our friend. Yes, there is freedom. But, He is also King. As sons in the kingdom, we should honor Him as King. We should also honor His presence (outpouring of the Spirit). The spirit of the prophets is subject to the prophets, so no “God made me do it.” While our bodies may react to the presence of God and this may be very natural (laughing, shaking, falling, etc.), let us remember that we should compose ourselves and honor the presence of the Lord. Smoking joints, snorting the Word, smoking baby Jesus, drinking from the breasts of El Shaddai (figuratively acting it out), eating a doughnut for the Lord’s body and getting ecstatic bliss from the sugar, dancing like a drugged up rave party, etc. is not honoring the Lord’s presence. Yes there is room for celebration and joy. Just as a King’s banquet has room for this. Yes there is room for dancing before the King. However, what would you dance? A beautiful ballot’s dance or a prostitutes dance? David did dance before the Ark in glorious procession, however, I am sure it was an honoring dance. Probably a “davidic dance.” Just like it would be absurd to dance a belly dance in an English ballroom.

These people do take God’s name in vain, because they represent a sinful culture to the world (rave dance, joint smoking, etc.) as reprenting the work of the Holy Spirit and even enter into ecstatic supposedly Holy Spirit filled places while doing blasphemous works. My problem is not with the ecstatic (which is biblical), but the fruit of it not being any fruits of the Spirit. This takes God’s name in vain. It adds new levels to blaspheming the Holy Spirit.

In all:

I honor the move of God. I have been the revival meetings where His glory felt like a wave of His presence filling me. I have been to meetings where it seemed like all were seeing visions and prophesying because His presence was sooo thick. I honor this… I honor this…I honor this….

I honor this, because I honor the name of God.

Therefore, I will not act like a complete bafoon because I honor the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Two Rivers

Two Rivers
by Timothy G. Blake

Curtain rises
On knees beseech
Take me to thy River
Flowing from the fountain
In your temple
Thy will be done
Father gifts assent
Vision unfolds

Mighty City
On a Center Hill
River flowing
Ever widening
Flowing Swift

Around the bend
Widest Point
Large Crowd
Sign post
Take drink
Enter in
One by one
Water swarmed
The water sweet
Aloe to the soul
Water soothes
Pleasure beyond depth

Euphoria Explodes
The crowd chants
Everyone needs to get some
More! More!

River retrace
To the source
Outside the gates
One of great stature
Crowned with Little Horns

Through his bull horn speaks
Gives command
The Time has come
All loyalty require
Brand them

Creature of Lights
Many Men of Renown
Do his biding
Line of Humanity
One by one

Yet there are others
Already branded
My sheep
Bullhorn speaks
Herd them all
Threshing floor

Lambs slaughtered
Blood flows
The Slain Lamb weeps
and wounds grow deep

The ever present servants of the Lamb
Attend to the lamb
Gathering tears till cups overflow
Then wash the killing field
With the cup of tears
Blood of the slain
Tears of the lamb
Gather together
Mighty river is formed

Wide River berth
Many caught unguarded
Strong undertow
Drags under
Many lose bearing
Swept away to the rivers end
Where vultures gather

Yet some awake
and flee
Sounding Alarm

Vision fades
Lion Roars

Vision Unfolds
Center of city
Eyes beheld strange sight
Spigotted rock
And a pile of scrolls
The voice of the Lamb spoke
Remove thy shoes
This is Holy Ground

Fear and Amazement
Drop to bended knee
Take drink from the rock
Spigot turned
The Living water flowed
A Simple Chalice filled
Blood red
Mouth Alive
All taste at once
Peace and Joy
No more thirst
Bubbling to overflow
From the pores flowed blood red
Anointed Bathed, Cleansed

The voice of the lamb spoke
Take eat a scroll
The word consumed
Bitter sweet
Truth known in deepest parts
And a sudden glow, light within
The Lamb spoke
Go and Forget not!

Walking temples
Fountains within
Living water
Blood red flowing
Giving life

The Word firmly planted
Lighting the way
In the darkness
Of realms outside
Where snakes in darkness wait
Snares and traps
But no matter where the temples walk
Living water flows,
Blood red
And each step
The Light of the word shines
Seeding darkness with seeds of truth
Each walking temple a stream

Vision fades
Questions remain
Voice of the Lamb speaks
My son, two rivers you have seen.
The River of judgment
The River of Life.