Prayer request update: Janie Blake- Cancer battle continues

Yesterday received some sad news.  Previously reported that my step-mother Janie Blake was cancer free.  She had battled breast cancer that had metastasized to liver and the last remnant were spots on brain. So since June of 2009, the battle against Cancer appeared to be over. Yet, there was trouble unseen.  She had a recent scan with the expectation from all of us that the results would come back that she has remained cancer free. However, her last scan did not come back with those results.  Instead she was informed she has small spots returning in her liver and brain.  So the battle against Cancer renews.  This like all the suffering and battles in life is hard to understand.  God giving victory only to have the battle return anew.  What is even more confounding is that her energy had been returning and they were well on way to putting time into establishing and moving forward with a ministry Servants of Christ.  Yet, now the cancer cells have returned.  Here is a truth that remains, God is God and we are not. He is in control. His ways are not our ways.  The pain and suffering we encounter in this life are but temporary and help serve to shape us more into God’s image.  The battle continues.  There are real threats. Threats to health. Threats to truth. Threats to the Gospel. There is ongoing and enduring pain.  So the question is, in these battles where is the focus.  Do we bow under the tyranny of suffering and simply hold on to get by to another day ordo we enter into the fellowship of suffering and embrace the battle. The battles with the suffering in this life and in this case a raging pestilence that seeks to consume and destroy serve to give us deeper connection to Jesus and what he suffered.  There are two verses that have come to mind that highlight the fellowship of suffering that is a move beyond surviving under the tyranny of suffering to embracing the fellowship.

Romans 8:16-18 (ESV) The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs–heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ, provided we suffer with him in order that we may also be glorified with him. For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us. I consider that out present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.


Phillipians 3:10 (KJV) That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

So, please keep Janie Blake in your prayers.  God still has the victory.  The prayers that come to my heart and mind are to pray for clarity, wisdom, and understanding particularly in reference to how God is calling them in this time.  Pray for God to give clarity of vision and strength for the battle.  Previously the word from God has been that this battle is not unto death. Janie’s time has not been yet called to the end, that she is to face and enter into the battle that comes in the fellowship of suffering not just for herself and in her own life but in the lives of others.  And this battle is one that serves to lead and establish further what that call and ministry is and will be.  Perhaps what Dad and Janie envisioned and thought what there call and ministry will look like is different.  Whatever the difference is between what they saw and what God will do through them, God difference is greater.  For he gives us out of his exceeding abundance so that He may be glorified and that me may grasp an inkling of the enormity of His love.   And part of moving from living under the tyranny of suffering into embracing the fellowship of suffering is accepting and knowing that what we face and endure in relation to suffering gives us an new opportunity to grow and experience God’s love.  And ultimately, whatever twists and turns unfold in the path ahead, the end result is God’s glory.

So please take time to seek God and pray over this situation.  Then take time to reflect and pray in relation to your own life. What stress and suffering are you under?  Is your stress and pain in your life something to be endured as a tyrant or is there an embracing the fellowship of the pain that can open eyes to recognize more profoundly the awesomeness of God?  Please feel free to share any ongoing requests in your own life or thoughts related to suffering in your own life.

Prayer requests and ways to tangibly help the Livesay family

Today at New Joy Church during the adult education portion time was spent in prayer for the Livesay family and their ministry in Haiti as well as the well being of their children who are now in Texas.  Please take time to pray, as the requests are ongoing. I know the Livesay’s did receive 10 gallons of diesel today. Also today some Doctor’s that are to be  helping run the Rescue Center arrived. Troy led a worship service today and have not yet read how that went.  Also included is information on how to specifically help the Livesay Family in a tangible way.

My requests for the family in addition to those listed and prayed for this morning in church are for God’s ongoing provision to the point even of supernatural provision.  Also pray that they are given strength and are able to demonstrate God’s peace and joy in the chaos around them. May they learn deeper what it means that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength.


Prayer Requests for the Livesay family and Haiti -January 17, 2010


for all He is doing

for prompt, safe evacuation of the Livesay children

for Heartline Ministries and its people who have sustained relatively minor damage, especially compared to others


Safety, provision, strength, stamina, wisdom

Children: Paige 15, Isaac 8, Hope 8, Noah 5 and Lydia 2 arrived in Waco TX Thursday evening. They are staying with their big sis Britt & her husband Chris; Tara’s parents will be helping to care for them there.

For parents and children as they are separated from one another

Daughter Phoebe 3 and niece Annie 2 are still in Haiti because they are not US citizens

For Jerone, their nanny as she cares for them and a couple other children o   

For US government to quickly make provision for children in the adoption process to be allowed to come to US. Adoption records were in a building now destroyed.

Troy is leading worship today at Port au Prince Fellowship.

Pray for the congregation and an outpouring of His Spirit


That they may show a tiny piece of the face of Jesus to this suffering and devastated nation and her

beautiful and resilient people. May heads be clear and tempers be calm and peace be known.

For the staff will stay strong and not allow fear or discouragement to creep in.

That they honor God by working hard to make a difference as they endeavor to be the

hands of Christ in Haiti

Praise that in God’s infinite wisdom and provision, last month World Wide Village partnered with Pure

Water for All to provide WWV with water purification systems. Each system is capable of purifying water for

up to 5000 people per day. Livesays are using it to purify water for their family and distribute to

others in the area.

Plans are underway to set up a medical clinic through the WWV Community Health Initiative

early next week to treat the injured.  

Pray they will arrive by Monday with doctors and supplies;

o    that they will have the ability to stay stocked up on medical supplies needed;

o    that they can keep the electricity on as there is no city power and getting diesel for

the generator is difficult to impossible.

For the people that will be specifically in place to pray with and comfort the dying at the clinic. For sufficient food and water for the children at the Maranatha Orphanage. For our nannies as they continue to give care to the children.

Praise that they were able to get cement, steel bars and other materials for rebuilding the walls of the creches.   Pray that cement blocks, sand and gravel will become available.   Also that trucks become available to remove the debris spread across the street.


For aftershocks to cease;

For sanity to prevail;

That God will be sought and found during this tragedy.

For those still trapped, those suffering with wounds (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and

those who lost loved ones

For those who have lost homes or have had them severely damaged.

For health, stamina and direction for the aid workers that have come to help.   The task is

enormous and it can at times be frustrating and for sure stressful.

Pray for ample supplies and that they be distributed quickly and safely to where needed.

Pray for the US Embassy employees who have also lost homes and friends are doing an AMAZING job on

little to no sleep and dealing with a lot of hostile and rude people.

For the aid workers and the teams of search and rescue workers to be able to do their job; for all people to

lay down their own fear and personal need and allow the help to get to the worst off. Pray that people will

think of others as best they can and that relief will begin to get to the places it is needed most.

For gasoline and diesel to run the generators and vehicles

For electricity and communication lines be quickly restored—cell phones, internet


(1/16/10) We are asking you to pray about:

•    The Rescue Center location. The damage is getting worse with each tremor that
we have. We need to make some decisions soon. The kids have been living and
sleeping outside since Tuesday night. We are thinking a new location that is not far away.

  • Infant formula and food for the kids
  • fuel for generator and vehicles
  • the kids in the RC and my kids peace in their hearts
    • some way to be able to get some Haitian cash. All banks and places we usually
      exchange money are closed.

Ways you can tangibly help the Livesay’s

 [From the blog of Christine Deadman Moers ] I know that many of us are in-real-life or cyber friends and readers of the Livesav family.

  • Tara and Troy have now been able to send five of their children to the states, to stay with their oldest daughter and son-in-law. Britt and Chris will be caring for them in a safe environment so that Troy and Tara can continue to serve the people of Haiti.
  • We will be helping and supporting the Livesay’s in Haiti by also supporting the Livesay’s in the states. Chris and Britt will need to provide for the added expense of having the siblings living with them. They are asking for monetary gifts. While we all have items we could donate, they are having to focus on giving the kids normalcy (buying the food items they are used to which will bring them comfort) and keeping things simple and organized. They will not have time to go through donated items. We can help them TREMENDOUSLY by giving them gift cards and cash.
  • You may make a tax deductible donation for the Livesay children via World Make sure you state that it is for “The Livesay Children” in the “notes” section.
  • You may mail gift cards, as well. Ideas for stores in their area are: H-E-B, Wal-Mart, Target.
  • Target and Wal-Mart gift cards can be sent ONLINE. You can do so to Britt’s older email address:
  • Britt does not currently have a PayPal account, hi the meantime, you can send it to my PayPal account at However, PLEASE make sure you clearly state that it is for the Livesay children, so there is no confusion.
  • You may also mail any monetary gifts, notes of encouragement or gift cards to:
  • The Livesay Family c/o Hill Shade RV Park 336 County Rd 90B Gonzales, TX 78629
  • These will then be forwarded to Chris and Britt. Their family has received quite a bit of media coverage, and this will give them more control of their privacy.
  • PLEASE feel free to link to this post:
  •  tweet it, Facebook it – whatever. Share it at church. Some people really are looking for a very personal way to connect. The Livesay’s do not want to turn away any help, but also have to put their children’s needs at a high level of importance. Right now they need quiet, time to process the trauma and time to adjust to a new country. We can give them that by helping to make up the slack in added expenses.


Update from Troy with Praise report from blog:

January 17, 2010

Report of Praise

All of our people are on the ground. Tomorrow is a go. I finally feel totally emotionally done … I think having one of my best friends (Dr. Jen Halverson) landing here is what it took to bring down the wall that is separating me from feeling things.

I just wanted to quickly report this great piece of news.

Lord –
We need you. Help the people of Haiti. Help them see pieces of hope in this nightmare. Help us connect with people on a personal level. Help us know what it is they need from you today and guide each person on this island that is attempting to be love today.

Prayer request update: Livesays children + prayer request for children in adoptive process

The children have successfully left Haiti and are own the way to the United States. There children are Paige 15, Isaac 8, Hope 8, Noah 5 and Lydia 2)They will be cared for by their sister and grand-parents.  Still need pray for one daughter (Pheobe 3) and niece (Annie 2) who are still in the adoptive process and do not have passports as of yet.  Work in being done to expedite the adoptions. 

So please pray for the many children that were in process of being adopted, that the adoptions are able to be expedited.  Pray for the families of those children that they have a sense of God’s peace in the midst of the trial.

Let me end this by re-posting Tara’s comment from their blog:

Overwhelming Sadness – Overwhelming Gratitude

Last night I took five of my kids to the US Embassy to get them out of here so I can be of some help to Troy and the two ministries we represent in relief efforts.

They left me at midnight (or close to it – time is fluid and I feel a bit crazy). They left with two adoptive moms we love. Paige was a rock. Pray for her fifteen year old heart to be strong. Noah was very upset as was Lydia. Isaac asked, “Mom, is there any place to get a good haircut in America?” 🙂

They were taking anyone with a USA Passport to a cargo jet to board to an unknown location in the USA. I prayed for them and sent them off. This morning I was resting in the courtyard of the US Embassy waiting to be picked up when I heard Troy yelling at me from the gate telling me our kids are in New Jersey. THANK YOU to many of you that prayed they would get out. They are now going to be cared for by our oldest daughter and her husband and by my parents. I know God will heal their hearts and minds. Thank you God that my kids are on their way to respite and love and care. I pray that for all the frightened children in Haiti.

Many people were angry at not being able to bring bags. I got very angry listening to that as CNN inside the Embassy droned on and on about all the trapped all the dead all the hurting. I think a bag of possessions is hardly something to fight over. There are lives hanging in the balance and there is no end in sight.

The US Embassy employees who have also lost homes and friends are doing an AMAZING job on little to no sleep and dealing with a lot of hostile and rude people. I was blessed by watching them work. Pray for these employees.

Today we are beginning to prepare for mobile medical clinics and try to discern a safe and smart way to begin to do this in our area.

Haiti is disorganized and without infrastructure on the best day. For the aid to work and the teams of search and rescue workers to be able to do their job there is going to need to be a major effort of all people to lay down their own fear and personal need and allow the help to get to the worst off. Pray that people will think of others as best they can and that relief will begin to get to the places it is needed most.

Avek Jezi,

2010 Objectives and Prayer Requests

The purpose of this article is really to put down the things that God is doing in my life and the areas where hope for blessing and productivity. In this article, first I will list me objectives and desires for 2010 and then a list of general prayer requests. Feel free to contact me personally if you want any further details.


Grow in my relationship with God and show love that is more complete.

Follow Gods leading over my own ideas, wants, or desires.

Be intentional in actions and choices.

Grow in showing, speaking, and reflecting God’s love in relationships around me.

Be productive at current employers. I am working for two employers, one doing crisis evaluations at a local hospital. The second is providing counseling/psychotherapy services at a local clinic. These employers provide a sound base and I want to do my best to glorify God at the places where I work.

Establish private practice. This is a key goal for the year ahead. It requires lots of steps and investment in time and money. It is one thing that really is at a beginning.

Find ways to serve God in the church congregation he has placed me. My heart right now is to be involved in some way or fashion with Men’s ministry. Currently waiting as the church and pastor know my desire to be involved in some way.

Write more intentionally and with greater consistency.

Completed planned article series such as Foundations of Strong Delusion.

In God’s time, work on becoming a father with wife.

               Prayer requests:

Brother and his family: Pray for strength, comfort, and healing. They have undergone a long ordeal of loving and caring for someone who is dying, Nancy Kimmey. The trial the have gone through during this time has been extremely difficult on them all. Pray for a sense of God’s peace during the time and that they come through the ordeal ultimately stronger and that their mourning does turn to dancing as the ordeal brings them a taste of the Joy of the Lord.

Mother: As posted on the blog before she has encountered vision lost and diagnosed with rod dysphasia. She is moving in to a new time of life. She is a strong, independent woman who know has to increasingly depend on others. Pray that she grows in being able to reflect God’s love to those that assist her. Pray that her eyes, ears, and heart be opened to see in new ways God’s glory and find ways transcending beyond self to communicate and give voice to what God stirs.

Father: Pray he gains sense of God’s leading and direction. Pray for strength and faithfulness in following God’s lead beyond own ideas of what God is leading. Pray for God ordained appointments while waiting on God’s move and direction. Pray for God’s directions to be clear and that of self to become small. Pray for provision to do what God calls and directs.

Step-mother: Pray same as above but in addition continued strength in battle. She had a victory over cancer, yet the battle continues as she has three lesions in her brain and will need further prayer. Pray for discernment and for any root cause of the cancer to be dealt with and disabled in prayer.

Step-brother Tim: He has been serving God in mission field. Pray for His service to be rewarded with fruit, whether he sees fruit or not. Pray for Him to be further built up, rooted in God’s love, and able to share God’s love with others. He is leaving on January 12th for a 2 month stay in Mexico helping build a church. He will return to North Pole, Alaska to serve an outreach radio station.

Wife: Pray for God to continue to work in her life with restoration and healing. She is working on losing weight, a difficult battle with medical conditions that complicate. Pray for strength to continue to fight the battle. She desires that we try and have a baby before the year is out, so pray for God’s will and leading on that front in His time. Pray for strength, as she is often tired. Pray for her to find joy at work, as the job is tough for her and stressful. As she is at work, pray for God’s light and fragrance be evident to all around her.

Mother-in-law: Pray for her to grow deeper with God. For her wounds to be filled with God’s love. Pray for her to be filled to the brim with God’s love to touch those around her with love both in terms of family and those around her in Maceio

Father-in-law: Pray for God to touch his heart as he serves and loves others. Pray for God to touch whatever wounds are within his heart and to see fully God at work in those around him.

Brother-in-law Lon and his family: Pray for strength, wisdom, and guidance. He is pasturing a church in Maceio, Brazil. He is pulled in many directions and the church needs to move from dependence on Him and grow in dependence on God. Pray for all of His family to grow in loving God and others. Pray that the pull and desires of self and world diminish and appetites for the Kingdom of God grow.

Brother-in-law Leo and his family. Leo is not following God and walking in the darkness. He is ruled by lusts and pride. Pray for God to send the Holy Spirit to convict and draw him to repentance. Pray for his wife and daughters, that in the pain and heartache of betrayal that they get drawn into deep relationship with God and his love. Pray for their wounds to be healed and for their hearts to be touched with the love of God.

Other family members and friends: Pray for God to move and touch them where they are, in their pains, struggles, joys, and journey of life. Pray for God’s love to be made clear and deeper in all, whether they know God or chosen to walk away from God.

Pastor Brian Sinclair: Pray for wisdom and strength to lead New Joy Church with the vision of God. Build him up with words that build up the congregation in the faith. Pray for protection for Him and His family related to the wiles of the enemy.

New Joy Church: Pray that ultimately God brings a work that frees His New Joy amidst the congregation as the church becomes further rooted in the truth of God’s word and obedient to His call. Pray for wisdom, clarity, and vision for what God has ahead. May ideas of self be clear and reduced and may we all hear and see what God is directing.

Steiger International: Pray for God to continue to use them to reach those in the darkest places of the world with the Gospel. Pray for protection, wisdom, guidance, and provision.

The Livesay’s and Heartline Ministries Hati: Pray for God to continue to reach others with God’s love in gospel in that poor and hurting country. Pray for provision, wisdom, guidance, and protection.

The Hensel’s: Pray for God to grow the new Ministry and to touch the lives of the people where they are serving. Pray that they are able to help build others in the faith and draw others unto salvation.

The Gross family: Pray for God to bless them as they serve God. Pray for healing, strength, and renewal.

Simeon’s Cry: Pray that God uses them mightly to reach Jews and Muslims for Jesus. Pray for wisdom and open eyes and hears to see and hear what needs to be seen and heard. Pray for continued and ongoing discernment.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem: Pray that those of the nation of Israel grow in awareness of the Gospel and be brought to true wholeness as the recognize Yeshua as Mashiach.

Pray for Missionaries the world over, that they are able to draw others to turn from self to God and bring in a fruitful harvest.

And the requests for self: Pray for wisdom and guidance. Pray for ongoing growth in voice. Pray for growth in intentionality and consistency. Pray for God to draw those that he wants to use me in their lives to draw them into greater peace, learn of God’s peace, and receive restoration of heart and soul. Pray that I grow in loving God and others deeply. Pray for the blog and forum, that is serves to build others up, spread the light of the Gospel, and as led expose the workings of darkness.

    Prayer for 2010

Lord Heavenly Father, you who are the beginning of all things, you who set all things in motion. Touch the lives of all who read this that they may grow in knowledge of you. May each person who reads this blog grow in his or her response to you. May their walking in love of God and others be deeper and clearer. Open the eyes, ears and hearts to greater knowledge of Your love and your ways. Bring people into a greater sense of Your Peace and Joy. Heal the wounds of the broken, set the captives free, bring restoration to those in need. Transform each of our lives to reflect you greater. Bring us into greater awareness of our own sins and selfishness and help us to walk in repentance. Make clear to each one of us the areas of refinement you are leading in for this year ahead. Bring forth fruit as people serve you in love. Bring wisdom and discernment. Open eyes and ears of each to the ways accepted or walked in not of you. Expose the deceptions that have been embraced and the roots of the deception. Build each of us up in You. May your Kingdom grow and expand and be more visible to each of us. Help us to forgive as You call us to forgive. Help us to love as You call us to love. Bring the prosperity of further knowledge of your love and pushing forward in your ways grow with eyes toward treasures in heaven and not on the ways of the world. Thank you for the provisions that will come in the year ahead. Give each person the wisdom needed to make the choices as they come. Give strength, peace, and comfort in suffering. Give light and hope in darkness. Give clarity in fog. Give strength and direction in waiting. Pour out your love and light as all who serve you. Build what you have established, break down all that is not of you. Bring forth your harvest and fruit. Lead us in the sure path and sure ways and help us to return when we stray from your path. We thank you Father for all that you have done, for your gift of Salvation through Jesus, our messiah. Thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit and the ability to draw near to you, as you are on the throne. Thank you Jesus for Your love and mediating before the throne on our behalf. Thank you Holy Spirit for your ongoing presence even if at times we are muted in awareness of Your presence. We look forward to all that is ahead in 2010 and we thank you for what you have worked in our lives up to today. Above all, may Your will be done in our lives here on earth, as we seek to serve your Kingdom. All glory to your name. Your will be done. Amen!

No Longer Music: On church planting tour to Middle East

Hey folks, really neglected to inform readers of what No Longer Music is currently up to.  They currently have started a new tour to middle east and doing some church planting.  In order to find out more about their ministry see this post:

An update on their current tour can be found here: They can also be followed on twitter via the account: adpierce.

For more information on the tour objectives please go to this site:

Keep this ministry and thoughts and prayers as they are under a ongoing spiritual battle.

Here is a list of the current prayer needs for Steiger International, even beyond the No Longer Music Church planting tour:

Current Steiger Prayer Needs   

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for praying for the needs we have in Steiger. We would encourage you to fast a meal and pray through the needs listed below. If you know of someone who would like to partner with us in prayer please send us their e-mail address. If you have recently posted a prayer item that God has answered, write us back to let us know what God has done!

Here are the prayer requests for this week:

1. Praise God that most of the money for the No Longer Music tour has come in!  We are still about 4,000 US Dollars short, so pray that the rest of it would come soon.

2. Please pray for Drew Wade from Australia and Christian Faber from Sao Paulo, Brazil.  They would both like to work in our International Office in Karlsruhe, Germany, but both are having difficulty getting their visas.  Pray for supernatural intervention and favor in the eyes of the officials.

3. Please pray for Davor Edelinski and his family, who may need to leave the apartment they are living in.  Their landlady said she is leaving her husband and may need to move into the house where they are living.  The three room apartment they have now is priced under market value and they don’t have enough money to pay for a similar apartment.  Please pray that God would make clear where He wants them to live, that He’d provide for their housing and cost of living needs, and that they would be witnesses to their landlords, who are going through a difficult time. 

4. Pray for the NLM promoters and local teams in the Middle East, Croatia, and Finland.  Pray that God protects them and gives them favor with city officials and the media.  Pray for good weather for the outdoor shows and that God puts His angels around the stage and keeps people away that would come to cause trouble.

5. Pray that there is a great response to the NLM concerts and that hundreds come to Jesus.  Pray that we have wisdom on how to support those who respond in the Middle East and that the new church is firmly established.

6. Pray that David Pierce and the whole NLM team would be bold and courageous for Jesus and that everyone would stay healthy and safe.  Pray for team unity and wisdom in every situation.

7. Pray that David Pierce will know how to end each concert, what message to preach, and the best way for people to respond. 

8. Pray that all the NLM gear clears customs easily in the Middle East, that the drivers will have no problems at any of the border crossings, and that the van doesn’t break down.

9. Pray for Derek de Glymes who is at Free Zone, a Christian music festival in Sweden.  He is an American currently volunteering with Steiger in Germany.  He is running a Steiger booth and speaking there.  Pray for the right words as speaks and good connections with people he and the rest of the team meet at the booth. 

10.  Please pray that God would open up an opportunity for NLM to play in a club called Mochvara (“Swamp”) in Zagreb, Croatia.  The city square concert location had to be changed due to lack of money, but this location is even better and would reach more of the people from the underground scenes.  Pray that God would touch the hearts of the club owners and that they would let NLM play in their club. 

11. Please pray for the SHIFT Discipleship School from Steiger Minneapolis.  Pray that the Lord would give the leaders wisdom and discernment as they organize the curriculum, staff, and living situations.  Also, pray that He would lead the right students to the school.


Prayer requests and Answers: Our God reigns: Janie Blake Cancer free!

God is good all the time!

God is good all the time!

Well just got report back from Janie and my Dad that Janie is cancer free.  This is evidence that God is indeed in control and His purposes and will, will stand.  I believe God used the physical tools such as chemotherapy and the supernatural to heal Janie from Cancer.  This also shows that God is not yet finished with how He intends to use Janie in the lives of others.  God made Janie promises and He delivered. 

Now there may be some out there who will readily dismiss any supernatural working in this matter, but I know this not to be the case. Is there “evidence” of supernatural healing versus the tools of modern medicine, not directly. It is all a matter of perspective.  I do not believe Janie would be Cancer free without divine intervention.  The simple fact is that Janie is now cancer free and pray for God to set the path for what remains ahead for my dad and step-mom.   

In terms of ongoing prayers for members of my family here are the following concerns:

My mother, Kris Blake:  She is facing visual decay with rod dysphasia vision problem that restricts her ability to see in the dark.  Pray for God to guide her on the path.  I pray that she may see in ways that she has not seen before. That whether or not the visual decay is reversed, that she may see with clarity and be able to speak forth and share all that she sees. 

My wife: Liz Blake:  She is on the course of going through some emotional healing.  Pray for her deep heart wounds to be healed.  Pray that she makes it through her journey with a greater focus on God and greater intimacy with God as Father so that she may truely know him.  May this process draw God’s song from within, out toward others.  As the internal is healed and revealed may the changes be evident physically.

For my brother and his family: Rob, Mary, and Anant Blake:  Pray that they are given strength to endure the trials. Pray that God’s love pours out from their midst and serves as a healing balm.  May the tears of suffering sooth the recesses of pain and may the sorrow lead to joy.  May they be able to show God’s love to young Anant and may he be a vessel spreading God’s love and cheer so that all may love to God and declare that He is good. May Anant’s very presence draw people to the love and joy of the Lord.

For Nancy Kimmey:  Mary Blake’s mother who is struggling with matastesized breast cancer logged in her bones.  Pray that the love of God enfold her broken heart.  May she be given moments of clarity admist the pain and fog that she may see and taste that God is good.  May she see that God has always been faithful. Holding her heart in His hands.  He has seen her great sorrow and brokenness and His love for her is unfaded. May even the light of a child give her strength and comfort and may she find that her true rest is in Jesus.

Pray for my uncle Fred Friswold:  He recently had a relapse of testicular cancer.  He has a heart that is failing.  I pray that he receives a touch of God’s love.  In the journey ahead may he see God’s love and truth. May he see the permance of God’s salvation in contrast to  the temporary satifactions of this life.  May he draw close to God truely, and may any barriers to the Gospel of peace in his lift quickly fade and may God’s peace rule his heart.

For my mother-in-law:  Sonia Bezerra Almedia that God may see her through the minor health issues that seek to drag her down. May she always have strength to serve God and serve him with love. May His love, grace, and truth continue to flow from her. May she be an ongoing vessel sharing the bread of life and living water with those around her, wherever she goes. May her heart wounds be filled with God’s love and truth.

For my brother-in-law Lon Davisson Almeida: May God use him to draw others to the Gospel. May the church he has been called to lead Fellowship Macieo be a place of truth, grace, and peace.  May God’s love sign forth. May any barriers of the Gospel be torn down and may God’s work be accomplished. May he and his family be protected from the wiles of the enemy. Keep him and his family on the true path and may they not stray to the left or right. 

For the rest of extended family who have employment, family, and various other concerns.  May they be drawn to seek after the one true God in the midst of any storm.  If their eyes are blind to the Gospel of God’s true peace may their eyes be opened.  May God move in their lives through the storms that come and may they see God in the midst. 

Finally pray for me:  Pray for this blog, that I can communicate in a clear manner that shines the light of truth and ultimately draws others in to a sound, deep relationship with Jesus the Messiah.  May God’s will be done on the path set before me and may God’s directions be ever clear.


Sadly the cancer returned and she did 12/29/2010. Yet, God is still worthy of praise.  What was but a moment is now eternal.  Healing in this life always temporary, God’s setting all things right is still to come.  Praise God for His answer and for How he works all things out according to His purpose and His glory.