Freedom House Update: Standing in the midst as struggle continues

Sorry for the lack of update on the Freedom House situation. There is ongoing need for prayer. The struggle continues with the City of St. Paul over licensing and zoning in order to fully operate continues. In a strange turn of events two weeks ago the City of St. Paul fire department came with an order to shut down as claimed not in compliance with zoning. There are 2 properties that constitute Freedom House, 1038 Auroa and 426 Oxford. There was some initial miscommunication related to that 1038 Auroa property that seems to have been cleared. However, the 426 Oxford property is considered zoned as a duplex at this time rather than Transitional Housing which was the zoning answer negotiated through reasonable accommodation. However, there is an apparent zoning code that indicates a duplex property cannot be “transitional housing” that had previously been not referenced. Verbal approval has been given to operate but nothing has been placed in writing. Things have progressed in negotiations to the point where city staff are coming again to look at the two properties on 3/19/12 @ 1:30 pm.  So please pray for the facility at that time in particular. Also noteworthy is that there is a hearing before the St. Paul City Council scheduled for April 4th at 5:00 PM. There is hope for resolution prior to that meeting but if not, we are trusting for God to bring things to a full resolution at that time.

In the meantime the houses are serving gentlemen and underway helping others. Currently the program is being staffed with people volunteering their time. There is a current need for volunteers for overnight and weekend shifts until funding starts coming in and can pay overnight staff. Please pray for God to raise up such volunteers be it one for each night until funded or a couple people managing multiple nights.

Also donations of funds is also critical as Jim Michaud and family have given everything to see that people are reached. There are bills that need to be paid, please consider giving a donation at You can also send a donation by mail to: Kingdom Pathways; P.O. Box 4125; St. Paul, MN 55104. You can also send questions to

Freedom House Update and Prayer Request: Urgent

Well just got the latest update and still more bureaucratic morass to go through.  St. Paul licensing only will license the property that meets there need for license definition at this point. So the 4 and 4 in the duplex are a problem as DHS has said no funding without board and lodge license.   This seemed a minor issue but now seems a major barrier as no way things can operate without full funding.  God has to work this out.  So please pray for this situation more.  Pray for Jim and Lori Michaud and family as they have to be going through intense emotions related to how much have given for this project and the barriers that keep being presented. God is faithful and His will be done.  He who promised is faithful but things are scary right now.

Prayer request: Remember Haiti as attention fades

Yes, the posts about stuff going on in Haiti have faded. There continues to be ongoing work and people being touched in amazing ways.  Please do go to   and read some of the stories of God’s working to touch peoples lives with love and aid in the midst of crisis. 

It is even know more important than ever to pray for those in Haiti as the worldwide attention fade.  Sure there will continue to be stories and news accounts of what is going on down there, but the attention of the people of the United States and world will move elsewhere. Haiti as a new story that becomes entertainment and something folks talk about or spend time watching has passed the climax post and will fade more and more into background.  The search and rescue is over and other matters grab attention.  As attention fades, do take even more time to remember the people and struggle in Haiti.  Pray for the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of the people and those serving them such as the Livesay family.  Remember that as many orphans have or are in process of leaving Haiti, there are now countless more.  Remember a city was essentially destroyed.  So please take time and remember Haiti and pray.

Prayer and Praise for New Joy Church Roger: Brian Sinclair called as pastor.

Well I thank God that the vote on Tuesday went as expected and Brian Sinclail accepted the call to pastor. It will be exciting to see how God moves ahead.  This part of the body of Christ has been through much and now entering a new and exciting phase.  So I just want to request ongoing prayer for God’s move in the church. It feels to me that New Joy and my life are at similar points and season.  We both are at a spring time with work to do to start moving in ways God leads.

Dear Father,

Thank you for calling Brian Sinclair and his family to serve you at New Joy Church in Rogers.  We thank you for what we have gone through, even the difficulty and painful times.  It is even in those times you taught us more of dependence on you and the depth of your love.  Guide our path and steps ahead as you prepare each of us to serve you in accordance with your will and what you have been preparing us for.  Continue to build us into what you desire.  Make your joy be full in each of our lives and overflow to the community around. May your light shine brightly in the area.  Open each of our eyes, ears, and hearts toward your leading and how you want each of us to impact others around us. Be our guide and Chief Sheppard.  And Lord protect us from the ongoing works of the adversary.  Let us continue to be united in your love and be able to stand and resist the ways the enemy seeks to drag us off course.  May we be about serving you and your kingdom not simply expanding a kingdom called New Joy Church in Rogers. Above all Lord Jesus, your will be done.   Amen.

Miriam Franklin Needing Prayer

Folks as you know the blog endtimes prophetic words is one link on my blogroll.  The site has often been a source of truth and discernment regarding many of the lines of deception that are out there and in particular exposing the New Apostolic Reformation.  Recently someone posted on the site the following:

Author: Pardner
Miriam WAS taking a break from blogging for a bit as she was tired. However her prolonged silence since then has not been down her to taking a long holiday. She was viciously attacked and seriously injured. The injuries sustained from this latest attack were and are VERY serious and will be long term unless a miracle happens for her. Pray for her.

This means that for now Miriam’s voice standing for truth has been quieted due to a serious attack and subsequent injuries. This woman clearly needs our prayers for healing and restoration.  Even more should makes all aware that when visit a site of someone blogging to take a few moments and pray for them in particular prayer for protection.  Also it is important to remember that God does work all things together for the good for those that love God.  This case is no different, God will work out what he will in this trial Miriam is going through.  Only God knows if her voice on the internet will be restored and when.  Whether she returns or not I am grateful to her website and stand for truth, even though I didn’t always agree with her thoughts on various matters.  Please keep this woman in your prayers.  Remember the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but spiritual.  As such, I also want to recommend prayer for whoever attacked her. Pray that they are turned to God as a result of these actions and however God leads. The words that come to mind are “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” 

One last comment and suggestion, stop by Miriam’s blog at and leave a comment of prayer and support.

Addendum: I know of no details. Just felt led to ask folks to pray.  One possible suggestion is that it pertains to issues with the Miriam Franklin is Rosalind Franklin of Diggory press issues.  The posters comments made it sound like it was a physical attack.  Regardless, pray for God’s truth and love.  Also remember judgment starts with the House of God.

Additoinal Addendum:  Pardner gave further update on the blog with the following statement:

Author: Pardner
In answer to somebody’s question, no, I wasn’t talking about a “mere” spiritual attack, nasty as spiritual attacks are. However, there’s no doubt the source of what’s happened to Miriam is the evil one, who seeks to rob, kill and destroy. And it’s also true that the physical things that happen in life impact spiritually, mentally and emotionally as well.

I also wasn’t referring to the numerous lies spread abroad by sick minds, some of whom dare to use the name of Christ beside their other false claims and boastings to give themself apparent believability – that kind of rubbish, distressing as it was and still is, would not have stopped Miriam so drastically.

Certain people hate Miriam because of her stand for truth, and for her showing up “Christian” cults and cult leaders, and these same people will do all they can to destroy her, however dirty it gets (and it is D-I-R-T-Y), and however many innocent and unconnected people to Miriam get hurt or put in danger as well as her in the fallout. They are EVIL.

Miriam rarely mentions her sufferings, as she does not want the focus there. She only wants the focus and glory to be upon God and His word.  Miriam has been in physical danger for her life for a sustained time now and she is still in danger. She has suffered much, particularly in the last few years, for her stance. As just one example from some years back, a pastor and some other “Christians” physically attacked her for speaking out about abusive behaviour in their church, and consequently Miriam was laid up in bed for a few months following that attack recovering from her injuries.  I can’t, and won’t, post all the details of what’s gone on more recently than that, but you must know what’s gone on is many, many times more serious and more vicious than that previous incident, making it look like a walk in the park in comparison. Pray that God would move on her behalf now in an amazing way.

General Prayer: On writing and managing blog, forum, and portal

Hey folks, if you not my posting original articles has dropped off as late. The main reason for that is I get to the point of getting overwhelmed with a project and distracted. Often get home with no real energy to write or when I sit down to organize an article realize it is becoming drawn out and then fail to get started. 

I need prayer for me to have the motivation and energy to write. Pray that God puts things in me to write that I will not be at peace until it is written. I have no shortage of material to write about. I know I need to find ways to write some simple, short, and helpful articles.

Also it is easy, when just writing on own with no deadlines, to keep setting things aside.  Pray for God to work in me for greater writing consistency as well.  I have found this to use the voice God has given me, just need to improve my reliability and get written the things God puts on my heart.

Pray for the forum that good, edifying interactions occur and that the discussions result in building up one another. Pray for God to draw folks to the discussion that will have needs met and be built up and help build up others.  Pray for folks to feel comfortable sharing what God has going on in their lifes.

As to the portal project, I have made little progress on that, and failure to do so means the porting of the Blog to keeps getting put off. 

Thanks for you prayers. It would be nice if you dropped a comment to let me know I can count on your prayers.

Step-mother update: Discharged from hospital

Well, yesterday Janie discharged from the hospital.  She had received news that the results of the bone scan were there was no evidence of bone cancer.  Her physician indicated that the course of treatment is 3 weeks of intense chemotherapy to be followed by a daily pill.  She was told by doctors that the prognosis is she has 2-10 years of life left.  We know ultimately that God is in control. None of us know how much time we have left on this earth.  Jesus return even can be soon. Jesus may return in that 2-10 years.  God can heal Janie to point of there being no need of the daily pill.  God’s plan in this will be made clear.  The enemy is already defeated regardless of any results.  So continue to pray for Janie as God leads.  Feel free to drop comments if God directs you to share anything even regarding your own struggles.