An possible answer to swine and other Influenza’s? Sambucol

     Well, just recently was directed to this article: The article hi-lights the discovery of Israeli scientist Dr. Madeleine Mumcuoglu. Sambucol is an herbal extract from elderberries that contains AntiVirin, isolated from the black elderberry, and three flavonoids according to this article: (Study shows Israeli elderberry extract effective against avian flu). A quick perusal of shows a range of pricing with a top price of about $30.00 for 7.8 ounce bottle.

    Upon reading about Sambucol, it strikes me the amazing goodness of God, who has placed things with in nature that can combat things like viral infections.  Here is a product, in nature that really does fight viral infections. It is also interesting that in a day and age where the potential for disease and illness and the prospects increase for a global pandemic, a simple answer is found by an Israelite scientist.  God is good and He is faithful.  Learning of this just draws me to praise God.

Swineflu Health Alert: Responses to health concerns

     Most everyone should be aware by know of the ongoing concern regarding the H1N1 virus being described as a swine-flu. Anytime there is a prospect of a pandemic it is scary.  We all have choices when we hear these kinds of news reports and world news events. 

     We can ignore concerns and engage in no preparation or precaution.  This is not a wise course of action, for there will be times coming when varied plagues and illness become more rampant.  There will be plagues about the earth, it is just a matter of when. 

     We can become panicked and fearful.  Often when news of disaster, world health concerns, or other potential disasters fear easily takes hold.  Fear is a natural response to such news events.  The question is what do you do with the fear.  You can become obsessed and withdraw or you can use it to draw you to take steps for your safety. Our feelings of fear are always a signal of a need for action, the question is always about whether the fear is real or perceived. 

   Another natural response is that of becoming obsessed over the concern.  When there is concerns of significant magnitude it is real easy, especially in this day and age to get caught up in attending to every piece of news on these items.

   The best course of action is to simply take the steps ready to prepare for the eventuality and take reasonable precautions.  The biggest thing any person can do to avoid infection is to engage in frequent hand washing.  When in public, it is also important to avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth.   There are also vitamins you can take that can help prevent or minimize viral infection. This can include use of Vitamin D, heavy doses of Vitamin C, or other supplements.  There is information on the Internet that gives extensive directions for natural preventive supplements such as here:

     Times like this are also a good time to re-evaluate your spiritual status.  It is a perfect time to reflect on areas of your life to make changes. It is a perfect time to consider whether or not you have turned your life to Jesus the Messiah and accepted the gift of salvation. For those that have, it is a good time to pray and seek and follow any prompting God may be stirring in your life.  This is true whether this health concern turns into a global plague/pandemic or just is simply another wake up call. 

    As a believer in Jesus as Messiah and one who seeks to walk in surrender to the Kingdom of God, it is not easy.  At times like these, thoughts become focused on how personal plans can be undone by such concerns. Yet, not my will but God’s be done.  God is and remains in control.  Sickness, illness, plague, and death all are in the course of the human experience, yet ultimately God has greater in store.  Only in God through the work of Jesus as messiah is there any true peace and joy.  And this is a perfect time for the body of Jesus, those of us serving the Kingdom of God to reach out to others and point them to the truth of God’s grace.  It is a time to pray and a time to call others to turn from their selfishness and recognize that no one is capable of self-redemption. Redemption is only possible through Jesus.

     So in closing, this is a time of concern.  There is a real threat to health that may impact the globe.  This is a great time to see to taking precautions for this life and to evaluate your spritual health and status.  It is also a great time to find ways to reach out to those around you and it may be as simple as praying for the safety and well being of those you know and who are around you.  Above all seek what God would have you do in time like this, at whatever the cost to self.