Thoughts on caring for those in Haiti

My heart goes out to the people in Haiti.  It was a tough day of assessing the damage, trying to account for those lose, and simply dealing with the emotions of the catastrophe.  It is a time for prayer and a time to give.    Be careful of who you give money to though.  Giving to is one safe place to trust with money for aide.   However you give, make sure you do so with credible sources and research who will use money to help those that need it most. If you are looking for updates from the Livesay’s please go to as no longer going to re-post tweets or Facebook posts.  In terms of direct donations to the Livesays and Heartline ministries please go to  and donate.  They are asking for each person to give at least five dollars and church organizations to give at least ten dollars.  This is a trustworthy place to send donations that will impact people directly in Haiti.

In terms of prayers, pray for peace of mind.  Pray for the lost to be found. Pray for provision.  Pray for God to be revealed and made known in the midst.  Pray for safety for all.  My understanding from the Livesay updates is that there is an overwhelming amount of fear going on.   All there need to have a sense of God’s peace and to find strength beyond themselves. 

The  amount of stress and agony they are going through is beyond my understanding or experience. My heart though grieves with and for them.  Now there has been encouraging news of many people found safe, some miraculously.  Many are still missing, many who have served God and the Gospel and let their light shine before the poor in Hati, reflecting God’s love.  Some will be found, some were called home.  God is in control.

It is not for us to understand during these times. But to act in faith and bring glory to God.  The bible indicates that strength and peace are found in moving beyond self and turning to God, even to the point of rejoicing in such trials.  It is beyond the human mind to grasp.  Yet, peace and strength are found in rejoicing and praise.  Fear is driven away by faith in God and His purposes, especially when we do not understand.

Sadly, there are people who are using this tragedy to make ill-found comments.  Pat Robertson has made the news laying blame for what happened and the struggles of Haiti with a pact with the devil.  It is unwise and the experience of an earthquake is not triggered by Haiti’s history. It is more a reflective of Matthew 13:8 “there will be earthquakes in diverse places.”    Now the poverty of Haiti certainly may be a symbol of the destruction that sin and selfishness can bring.  Yet, to bring blame for the tragic disaster on Haiti’s history really comes from a distorted view.  Certainly in times like this, there are people who feel a need to say something and ultimately say and do things that ultimately do no service to the Gospel.  

In closing, make sure and take time to pray for the people in Haiti.  Pray that many may find true peace in the midst of the tragedy. Pray for God and His love to be evidence in the midst.  Even take time to pray for people in your own life that may be going through struggles.  They may not be of the readily evident force of trauma as can be found in Haiti, but they may have things going on in their lives equally as devastating.  So as you pray for Haiti also pray for those encounter diverse trials and tribulations.