I-Phone Application Review: The Wave Study Bible

Recently I had an acquaintance from an online Christian forum make me aware of a new I-Phone application. The application is a study Bible application that is being called “The Wave Study Bible.” The name appears to stem from a word picture used by Dr. Noel and Dr. Denise Enete in their book “How to Read the Bible So God Speaks to You.” Reading the Bible is compared to learning to surf a wave through proper use of skills. The Wave Study Bible is promoted as a tool that can help you get the most out of reading the Bible. The Study Bible does include experts from the book authored by the Enetes that encourages a four step approach to reading the Bible: looking at facts, finding lessons, personally being challenged by the lesson, and responding to the challenge. Providing this information along with the study Bible certainly helps promote reading the Bible in such a way to grow in relationship with God. Now let us look at how it is set up as a study bible application.

The Wave Study Bible can be downloaded free of charge. It comes with the original Greek, King James Translation, NET version, and God’s Word Translation for no cost. It has an array of other translations that can be purchased for $14.99. Currently available for purchase are New American Standard Version, New King James Version, New International Version, New International Reader’s Version, and The Message. A feature of the original language version of Greek is that you can select a word in the Greek and learn the definition of the word in English and the function and tense of the word in the Greek. Using the search feature it is very easy to find other occurrences of the word. The Wave Study Bible also allows you to engage in parallel study and are able to compare translations side by side using the landscape mode on the I-Phone. The Wave Study Bible does not come with any commentaries as their goal is promoting independent study of the Bible. The Wave Study Bible does include a share option which basically involves emailing a passage or one of the Bible tutor selections which are experts from the Enete’s book.

In terms of overall functioning of the application, generally it is rather intuitive. It does include some small pictorial tutorials to explain tips and tricks that might be missed or confusing. Personally, I found the original language feature to be outstanding and of most benefit. It saves from having to do an online search of the Greek and makes it quite easy to examine additional uses of the word. The search features are intuitive and easy to use and you should be able to easily navigate your way to any passage or book of the Bible. Obtaining other translations is also easy to do. The Wave Study Bible definitely is an easy to use tool that can help a person effectively study God’s word independently. The bookmark and history features can be helpful to quick returning to a particular passage.

The only real critique I have of the Wave Study Bible is that it relies heavily on color backgrounds to differentiate one translation from another. Now for most people the color backgrounds would provide no difficulty but for any potential user that has vision problems would likely be unable to use the application in the current form. Other current downsides are the limited number of available translations and the lack of the original Hebrew. Additional offerings and the addition of the original Hebrew are projects that are to be included. It is not clear if the application will be available to other smart form platforms. If the application is not ported to the other platforms it would be a loss.

Prior to the development of this Application the YouVersion I-phone application was the most comprehensive. There are distinct differences in the two applications and personally found The Wave Study Bible to be easier to navigate and move from passage to passage. The YouVersion application involved a few more steps to navigate to passages or even download translations. The YouVersion application though has significantly higher number of applications available including some in languages other than English. In addition, the YouVersion application allows for online use of multiple translations without needing to purchase them. In terms of choosing between the two applications, currently the Wave Study Bible is being used more as it handles more smoothly and offer features not found in the competing application. Overall, it is worthwhile to download and use The Wave Study Bible as it will enrich your study of God’s word. If you have another application you will decide for yourself which you will use more but I anticipate that the Wave Study Bible would be utilized more frequently. I-Pad users in particular would find a lot of benefit to using this application as the features would be highlighted on the larger screen (with the exception of the low-vision issues.)