Freedom House Update 2/1/2012: Progression with ongoing battle. Response of trust, obedience, prayer, and requests

The battle does continue with no resolution on licensing concerns at this point. However, there is a progression going on in the steps needing to be taken.  Currently one property has been approved for Board and Lodge license. The property that has not is a duplex. It is scheduled to have four per unit.  The city has stated that it does not meet requirements for licensure at that number.  The units are at that number at cities request according to zoning laws. Kingdom Pathways has sought to be submissive and obedient to all city requests.  Yet, they have refused licensure on that property due to the number per unit. The part that is hard to understand is that licensure law is written that is one building that has to be over four members not a part or unit, so it should meet requirement for being able to license the one property. However, the city has declined licensure and directed Kingdom Pathways to go through the appeals process.

The other end of things is the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services which requires funding in order to receive the Chemical Dependency treatment funds.  They have been insisting on the licensure for funds even though the city does not require the licensure.  Attempts are being made by the lawyer to negotiate with the state to take inspection reports in lieu of licensure but so far they have declined to accept that condition.  Please pray for a potential favorable outcome here and if not, pray for the movement in the process to those that will make a favorable decision in the appeals process.

It is worth noting that in the process Kingdom Pathways has sought to be obedient and submissive to authority. It has not sought to create publicity, nor find methods of exerting pressure by finding connected members in community to exert influence. Rather, the steps in the battle have been to obey, submit, and pray.

It is noteworthy that in the process, the six resident building has been approved for licensure by the city.  Also, Kingdom Pathways has received a U-Care insurance contract. There will be services starting.  The plan is to start staff receiving training and starting on February 23rd.

Now it is important to make people aware that the financial needs are ongoing. Director Jim Michaud has missed is own personal mortgage payment for the first time ever.  The family has literally given all and put total financial health at risk by taking on personal debt to keep buildings running.

In terms of need, there have been several mortgage payments missed on the two properties. Jim Michaud has been able to negotiate with the banks but payments are expected in February with no ability to hold back payments.  One building has a payment due of $1400 on February 10th. So donations are needed ASAP to be able to make this payment.  The other property has a mortgage due of $2200 dollars on February 20th.  Please go to and make a donation online.  You can also send donations to:

Kingdom Pathways
P.O. Box 4125
St. Paul, MN 55104

You can reach the director of Freedom House and Kingdom Pathways at

If unable to give please pray.  Also feel free to send an email with any encouragement or connections to the Kingdom Pathways email. 

Please pray for the obedience and submission to be honored with a negotiated resolution to the licensing issues on the duplex property. Pray for God to bring in donations. Pray for other preparations to start with things becoming operational by the end of February.

If you have considered donating but are waiting for the end result of the licensing please do not hold  back.  There are resources in place to start that will enable beginning but the biggest need is the financial resources, in particular with full funding not being in place for both properties.

It is also worth noting that the plan is develop multiple funding sources, as money from government is often fickle.  Yet, those all take time and need operations to be active in order to obtain.  Yet, God can and will raise up people to meet needs. So currently the steps on the path are to walk in trust and obedience.  The obedience it to both God and man (the established authorities) as go through the due process. The response has not been to go the way of the world but to pray, make requests known, and to obey. Please consider how God wants you to be a part.


For those awaiting new content that is not simply a Freedom House update, there will be a return soon to new content.  In the meantime please read an old post on God’s provision that is appropriate to this situation:

Personal Musing: Ten years ago July 17, 2010

Ten years ago today, July 17th, I married my wife. It was a small ceremony at the Chapel of Love at Mall of America. We had a big wedding in Brazil the following January. The wedding was for me an apex moment and culmination of growth and healing that occurred in the many years since. A lot has come and gone since that wonderful day ten years ago. One thing is certain, that through it all I still love my wife deeply and consider her a gift. The worst moments of the past ten years ultimately have drawn me closer to God and a deeper awareness of His love. There is no doubt in my mind that God brought us together.

Looking back on my life and not getting married until thirty-five. Not even dating. There were reasons behind my not dating. One reason was a distrust for women that stretches back to ways been treated by girls growing up and other distorted views. There was a lot of fear and anxiety and a lot of untruthful negative perspectives about women. And for what was not untrue, a recognition that for whatever hurt and pain and uncertainty that can come into play, that God has great reward for entering into the relationship.

Yet, in that anxiety there were certainly moments that could have asked a woman out and perhaps even fostered a relationship. However, there was always a part of how God created me that would just “know” that a relationship would not be right. Now perhaps it was fears talking, because I was absolutely shy and clueless. Perhaps there were things lost out because settled for unacted on infatuations and fantasies of the mind. Regardless, at some level, choices made were not just of fear, but a deep knowledge that something would not be right.

With my wife, I know God brought me and Liz together for His reasons and purposes. See there was no question upon the first phone conversation in my mind where things ultimately were headed. I just knew where the relationship would end up and followed it through to the point of taking significant risks, such has meeting her sight unseen.

One of the amazing things and difficult things is God did bring us together as complementary but opposites. She is strong in areas I am weak and vice versa. She is emotional and passionate. I am easy going. She is detail oriented, I am adaptable. No there are ways that we are alike with strong empathy and compassion for others.

So today, as July 17th has started, I am filled with love and gratitude and thank God for the blessings, for even the hard times and the pain. For in all this, God refines us and draws us closer to Him. So today I praise God for my wife and ask for her to be lifted up in prayer, as she continues to endure trials that leave me agonizing to stand in support. The trials do not present any serious long term harm, just ongoing difficulties that are difficult to endure, with no answer or end in sight.

Prayer request: Remember Haiti as attention fades

Yes, the posts about stuff going on in Haiti have faded. There continues to be ongoing work and people being touched in amazing ways.  Please do go to   and read some of the stories of God’s working to touch peoples lives with love and aid in the midst of crisis. 

It is even know more important than ever to pray for those in Haiti as the worldwide attention fade.  Sure there will continue to be stories and news accounts of what is going on down there, but the attention of the people of the United States and world will move elsewhere. Haiti as a new story that becomes entertainment and something folks talk about or spend time watching has passed the climax post and will fade more and more into background.  The search and rescue is over and other matters grab attention.  As attention fades, do take even more time to remember the people and struggle in Haiti.  Pray for the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of the people and those serving them such as the Livesay family.  Remember that as many orphans have or are in process of leaving Haiti, there are now countless more.  Remember a city was essentially destroyed.  So please take time and remember Haiti and pray.

Evidence of God’s provision in Haiti with the Livesays.

This missionary family and many others are in the midst of crisis. It is draining and difficult.  Tara is a marathon runner who now is running a different sort of marathon, one far more taxing than anything race she has ever run.  Tara and Troy are running the good race, shining the light of Jesus and impacting people with care and love.  Now certainly they have been drained and taxed.  They are going through the varied emotional responses that come with the psychological trauma. They are going through grief and the assorted symptoms that correspond with acute stress syndrome

Now given the difficulties and stress going on, Tara at her blog and on Facebook acknowledged that today was worst day for her emotionally. It included conflict with someone else with another agency trying to help there.  Yet, in the midst of the worst day for Tara, God showed His provision.  On their website they posted an article: Day Eight. In the article they report how eleven seriously injured people including Collette (a 7 month pregnant woman with a broken pelvis) came to be one of the first people sent by helicopter to the USNS ship Comfort.   They chose to leave on faith that they would find and get the  help needed, found the US camp, and had the patients sent to ship by Helicopter.  God provided and answered their step of faith. 

There are other stories of God using them to touch the lives of Haitians in their Short Stories  blog post. Some other areas of God’s provision include Troy being able to get a Coke when expressing a need for it.  The ongoing provision of fuel and supplies  has occured.  So God clearly has answered prayers. It is certainly God moving. There is clear ineffectual provision for varied US sources including boxes of blood pressure cups without squeeze bulbs and other factors.  God’s provision is ongoing and real.  So continue to pray for that provision and praise God for what He is doing in the midst.  Continue to pray for that ongoing provision.

NEWS AND COMMENTARY ~ Napolitano: Humanitarian parole granted to certain Haitian orphans – Breaking News –

Well we are seeing answers to prayers for the varied orphans in Haiti. See the article following this short commentary.  Late Monday, several of the Haitian orphans  have been granted immigration parole.  It sounds like manly the orphans that have been matched up with adoptive parents.  On the Livesay’s Facebook there has been mention of some even already having left Haiti.  God is showing self to be true and providing for these little ones.   Yet, do remember that the pain and devastation in Haiti remains catastrophic.  When one phase of the crisis ends  and the attention dies down, other reactions and levels of crisis occur.  Continue to pray for the children from Haiti and their adoptive families.  Pray that they work through the issues that come with adoption including attachment, medical issues, and a host of other things.  Above all pray that these children grow into being children of God’s kingdom.  

Napolitano: Humanitarian parole granted to certain Haitian orphans – Breaking News –

In a late development on Monday, the U.S. government announced it was granting humanitarian paroles to hundreds of Haitian orphans who were waiting to be adopted by Americans before the earthquake.

“While we remain focused on family reunification in Haiti, authorizing the use of humanitarian parole for orphans who are eligible for adoption in the United States will allow them to receive the care they need here,” said Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. The humanitarian parole policy will be applied on a case-by-case basis to the following children:  Children who have been legally confirmed as orphans eligible for inter-country adoption by the government of Haiti and are being adopted by U.S. citizens.

 Children who have been previously identified by an adoption service provider or facilitator as eligible for intercountry adoption and have been matched to U.S. citizen prospective adoptive parents.

Napolitano left the door open for other needy orphans to be considered for the humanitarian parole.

The Catholic Church in Miami has announced plans to launch a second Operation Pedro Pan, this time to house in South Florida Haitian children at risk. They have already identified three sites; two in Miami-Dade and one in Broward.

In the early 1960s, Catholic Charities took in Cuban children fleeing communism. Some 14,048 were spirited out of the island and into camps and group homes in Miami-Dade until they could be reunited with their parents.

DHS said U.S. citizens with pending adoption cases in Haiti should send the department detailed information about their cases to

Prayer requests and ways to tangibly help the Livesay family

Today at New Joy Church during the adult education portion time was spent in prayer for the Livesay family and their ministry in Haiti as well as the well being of their children who are now in Texas.  Please take time to pray, as the requests are ongoing. I know the Livesay’s did receive 10 gallons of diesel today. Also today some Doctor’s that are to be  helping run the Rescue Center arrived. Troy led a worship service today and have not yet read how that went.  Also included is information on how to specifically help the Livesay Family in a tangible way.

My requests for the family in addition to those listed and prayed for this morning in church are for God’s ongoing provision to the point even of supernatural provision.  Also pray that they are given strength and are able to demonstrate God’s peace and joy in the chaos around them. May they learn deeper what it means that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength.


Prayer Requests for the Livesay family and Haiti -January 17, 2010


for all He is doing

for prompt, safe evacuation of the Livesay children

for Heartline Ministries and its people who have sustained relatively minor damage, especially compared to others


Safety, provision, strength, stamina, wisdom

Children: Paige 15, Isaac 8, Hope 8, Noah 5 and Lydia 2 arrived in Waco TX Thursday evening. They are staying with their big sis Britt & her husband Chris; Tara’s parents will be helping to care for them there.

For parents and children as they are separated from one another

Daughter Phoebe 3 and niece Annie 2 are still in Haiti because they are not US citizens

For Jerone, their nanny as she cares for them and a couple other children o   

For US government to quickly make provision for children in the adoption process to be allowed to come to US. Adoption records were in a building now destroyed.

Troy is leading worship today at Port au Prince Fellowship.

Pray for the congregation and an outpouring of His Spirit


That they may show a tiny piece of the face of Jesus to this suffering and devastated nation and her

beautiful and resilient people. May heads be clear and tempers be calm and peace be known.

For the staff will stay strong and not allow fear or discouragement to creep in.

That they honor God by working hard to make a difference as they endeavor to be the

hands of Christ in Haiti

Praise that in God’s infinite wisdom and provision, last month World Wide Village partnered with Pure

Water for All to provide WWV with water purification systems. Each system is capable of purifying water for

up to 5000 people per day. Livesays are using it to purify water for their family and distribute to

others in the area.

Plans are underway to set up a medical clinic through the WWV Community Health Initiative

early next week to treat the injured.  

Pray they will arrive by Monday with doctors and supplies;

o    that they will have the ability to stay stocked up on medical supplies needed;

o    that they can keep the electricity on as there is no city power and getting diesel for

the generator is difficult to impossible.

For the people that will be specifically in place to pray with and comfort the dying at the clinic. For sufficient food and water for the children at the Maranatha Orphanage. For our nannies as they continue to give care to the children.

Praise that they were able to get cement, steel bars and other materials for rebuilding the walls of the creches.   Pray that cement blocks, sand and gravel will become available.   Also that trucks become available to remove the debris spread across the street.


For aftershocks to cease;

For sanity to prevail;

That God will be sought and found during this tragedy.

For those still trapped, those suffering with wounds (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and

those who lost loved ones

For those who have lost homes or have had them severely damaged.

For health, stamina and direction for the aid workers that have come to help.   The task is

enormous and it can at times be frustrating and for sure stressful.

Pray for ample supplies and that they be distributed quickly and safely to where needed.

Pray for the US Embassy employees who have also lost homes and friends are doing an AMAZING job on

little to no sleep and dealing with a lot of hostile and rude people.

For the aid workers and the teams of search and rescue workers to be able to do their job; for all people to

lay down their own fear and personal need and allow the help to get to the worst off. Pray that people will

think of others as best they can and that relief will begin to get to the places it is needed most.

For gasoline and diesel to run the generators and vehicles

For electricity and communication lines be quickly restored—cell phones, internet


(1/16/10) We are asking you to pray about:

•    The Rescue Center location. The damage is getting worse with each tremor that
we have. We need to make some decisions soon. The kids have been living and
sleeping outside since Tuesday night. We are thinking a new location that is not far away.

  • Infant formula and food for the kids
  • fuel for generator and vehicles
  • the kids in the RC and my kids peace in their hearts
    • some way to be able to get some Haitian cash. All banks and places we usually
      exchange money are closed.

Ways you can tangibly help the Livesay’s

 [From the blog of Christine Deadman Moers ] I know that many of us are in-real-life or cyber friends and readers of the Livesav family.

  • Tara and Troy have now been able to send five of their children to the states, to stay with their oldest daughter and son-in-law. Britt and Chris will be caring for them in a safe environment so that Troy and Tara can continue to serve the people of Haiti.
  • We will be helping and supporting the Livesay’s in Haiti by also supporting the Livesay’s in the states. Chris and Britt will need to provide for the added expense of having the siblings living with them. They are asking for monetary gifts. While we all have items we could donate, they are having to focus on giving the kids normalcy (buying the food items they are used to which will bring them comfort) and keeping things simple and organized. They will not have time to go through donated items. We can help them TREMENDOUSLY by giving them gift cards and cash.
  • You may make a tax deductible donation for the Livesay children via World Make sure you state that it is for “The Livesay Children” in the “notes” section.
  • You may mail gift cards, as well. Ideas for stores in their area are: H-E-B, Wal-Mart, Target.
  • Target and Wal-Mart gift cards can be sent ONLINE. You can do so to Britt’s older email address:
  • Britt does not currently have a PayPal account, hi the meantime, you can send it to my PayPal account at However, PLEASE make sure you clearly state that it is for the Livesay children, so there is no confusion.
  • You may also mail any monetary gifts, notes of encouragement or gift cards to:
  • The Livesay Family c/o Hill Shade RV Park 336 County Rd 90B Gonzales, TX 78629
  • These will then be forwarded to Chris and Britt. Their family has received quite a bit of media coverage, and this will give them more control of their privacy.
  • PLEASE feel free to link to this post:
  •  tweet it, Facebook it – whatever. Share it at church. Some people really are looking for a very personal way to connect. The Livesay’s do not want to turn away any help, but also have to put their children’s needs at a high level of importance. Right now they need quiet, time to process the trauma and time to adjust to a new country. We can give them that by helping to make up the slack in added expenses.


Update from Troy with Praise report from blog:

January 17, 2010

Report of Praise

All of our people are on the ground. Tomorrow is a go. I finally feel totally emotionally done … I think having one of my best friends (Dr. Jen Halverson) landing here is what it took to bring down the wall that is separating me from feeling things.

I just wanted to quickly report this great piece of news.

Lord –
We need you. Help the people of Haiti. Help them see pieces of hope in this nightmare. Help us connect with people on a personal level. Help us know what it is they need from you today and guide each person on this island that is attempting to be love today.

Some principles of God’s provision found in 1 Kings 17

In a previous post, there was a requested direction of prayer for the missionaries in Haiti for God’s provision but natural and supernaturally. The article and request referenced Elijah being fed by ravens and the widow with oil and flour that would not cease. Those stories are found in the Bible at 1 Kings 17. The passage points to certain principles related to God’s provision in the midst of suffering. The suffering in 1 Kings was a drought that was brought on as a consequence of the spiritual condition of Israel and to draw the nation back to God. On examining the chapter, there are a few principles that are applicable to today.

The first principle is that everything starts with obedience to God. In order for God to provide, we need to have two things operating. We need to listen and obey. Before we can obey, we need to be able to know what God desires. Knowing what God desires involves listening to God. It is having a relationship with the Creator of the Universe. Interacting with the Creator cannot just be a once in a moment thing. It has to be ongoing, moment-by-moment. We need to have our ears and eyes attuned to attending to Yahweh. It is in that ongoing relationship that God does make his leading and will known. Once we hear from God, we need to obey. Elijah obeyed God in declaring the famine. He obeyed God in walking in faith and following God’s direction. If Elijah had not gone where God directed he would have missed the provision of being fed by ravens or the source of water that was provided by the brook. If Elijah had not followed God when the brook ran dry, then he would never have met the widow that allowed God to give supernatural intervention. It is also to note, that obedience was not just an action from Elijah. The widow also obeyed God at the risk of her own life. She could not see a possible way to survive if she gave to Elijah her last, but God did provide.

The second principle is that God’s provision comes in many ways. God sometimes works using the natural, sometimes the supernatural. God is capable of providing in ways far beyond what our mind can even imagine. For Elijah God used first natural provision. He provided by ravens and Brooke. Yet, the time of that was limited. When that provision ran dry, God led Elijah to a place where He would provide supernaturally in response to obedience. It is interesting to note that when God intended to provide for Elijah supernaturally, he did so not in a way that blessed not only Elijah, but also in a way that blessed others as well. God’s supernatural interventions are not just for the needs one individual. When God gives supernaturally, it is intended to be used beyond self-interest. His supernatural provision is always done for his greater will and to bring Himself glory and demonstrate His love to others.

It is interesting to note, that even in the midst of God’s supernatural provision events related to the tyranny of suffering connected to the fall of man occurred. The widow’s only son became sick and died. Neither the widow nor Elijah understood that in the midst of His supernatural provision that such suffering was allowed. The widow thought that God was be upset with some sin she had committed. Elijah’s response was to cry out genuinely to God as to why and plead for the child’s life to be returned. God did restore the child’s life. It was something beyond understanding, but God intervened for His glory. His love and provision do not return empty, even amidst appearances, what we can see or understand. There will be times when in obedience and receiving divine intervention that are beyond human understanding. But God is always at work and will bring glory to His name.

The third principle is really that through it all God is the source of life. Ultimately, God restoring the child’s life really demonstrates that God is the source of life. He provided the oil and flour. Yet, God is the source. Now God has frequently used oil connected to the Holy Spirit, and bread in connection to the word of God. We are led and fed by the Holy Spirit and by the Word of God. In our relationship with God, both these sustain us each day. In walking in genuine response to God’s love and reflecting that love to others, the Holy Spirit and God’s word will never run dry. They are fuel to living and interacting with God. God brings us life. In however God’s provides in our lives and for whatever period of time we must remember that God is the source of life.

The fourth principle see at work here, is God’s provision matches our needs. Scripture is filled with God providing at an equivalent to what the needs are at the moment. God’s provision is not over and above what is needed, but rather what is needed, when it is needed. God’s provision here was what they needed each day. The same is true for Israel in the wilderness. God gave them what they needed, when they need it. Too often people teach and look to God to provide in ways over and above the actual needs. The view is that obedience brings prosperity in this world. Yet, biblically the example is that obedience results in provision needed at the moment. Actually, there is a difference between God’s provision and God’s blessings. God’s provision is given but at times he also gives blessings over and above. When he does bless, he does so always to bring himself glory. Yet, more often than not, what we expect is blessing in return for following God’s lead. Blessings come as God sees fit according to His purpose. Often our response is to demand blessings to meet our needs and desires, rather than looking to what serves God’s will and purpose in our lives and the lives around us.

So in looking at those four principles, the basic foundation is that God provides in such a way that serves His will and purpose. We do not always understand or see what is going on around us at the moment. We can easily get wrapped up in self and even expect what is beyond what God intends. He works in ways that we do not understand. When He gets involved supernaturally, it is always for His greater purpose with scope beyond the interests of one individual. Everything starts and stops with God. It is important to stay in the moment and continue to be in relationship with the Creator, obeying and following His lead.   God will provide. What we need to do is respond in obedience and keep focused on God over even our own wants and needs.  It is a walk of faith  to things that we cannot even possibly see a way out.  It is an attitude that will give of our last.  It is an attitude even of receiving others sacrificial giving.   Personally, asking a widow to give of all that she has left would be confusing and hard to walk in obedience, yet both Elijah and the widow obeyed.  God provided at their moment of need with what they needed.  In their obedience suffering still occurred, but God is always in control and brings Glory to his name and turned that of death to life.  He does so  in all our lives, be it in tragic circumstances such as Haiti, or other more personal struggles in our own day to day lives.  God is the same in all circumstances.

Haiti Prayer request: A prayer direction for Livesay’s and other Missionaries and Pastors in Haiti

As writing and praying and learning more about Haiti, God has impressed upon me a direction of prayer.  The Livesay’s have been protected and blessed in this tragedy and are able to be light in the darkness around them in Haiti.  Currently the country is running short on supplies.   Basic needs such as food, water, and power  will be soon lacking and becoming rarer.  So here is the prayer request as am feeling led by the Holy Spirit.  Pray for God’s supernatural provision for the Livesay family and other missionaries and pastors working on sharing God’s love in Haiti.  

God is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  God has given supernatural provision to those who are following Him for His glory.  There is the obedient widow who shared her last with Elijah and was blessed with provision that did not run out.  There is God bringing Elijah food by animals.  There is the oil that lasted far longer than should have in the days of the Maccabees.  There is Jesus and the feeding of the five thousand.   Troy, Tara, Heartline ministers and others serving Haiti will be in need of such provision from God.  Pray for God to work in these peoples lives to give such provision so that God’s provision and love can be seen in those around.  May the provision be not just for themselves and their own needs, but such that they can be a blessing to others as they walk in love and reflect God’s love in their actions.

Reflections 8 years after 9-11-2001


Well it has been eight years since the collapse of the twin towers in New York City. September 11, 2001 is a day that is now infamous. In terms of reflecting on what to write given this date my mind has been thinking about trials and spiritual warfare. Certainly the content on the blog reflects the reality that trials and ongoing awareness of spiritual warfare and spiritual battles. Certainly like on September 11, 2001 things can come unexpectedly and we can ignore the warning signs of trouble in denial. However, in praying about what to share as a reflection I believe it is time to share what was going on with me and my wife at that point in time. So enjoy this reflective testimonial story.

For us September 11, 2001 was a day not unlike any other day. The wife had called into work sick with a headache. She was still sleeping. I had gotten up and was going through my routine of searching the internet. Generally I was home during the day because I worked evening shifts. I was perusing the free for all section of forum. I had noticed there was a thread talking about collapse of two towers. MY first thought was it was a thread related to something to do with basketball. Eventually my curiosity became peaked and I opened that thread and learned of the attack on the Twin Towers and subsequent collapse. I woke my wife and turned on the television and saw the replays of collapse. My wife was filled with a sense of fear and ongoing darkness. Also at the top of our minds was what did God have ahead, would be able to have and raise children. A strong desire we both have to this day.

Well, I worked with finding ways to calm and comfort my wife and suggested we pray over the events and fears and sense of darkness. It was a battle. We sought God and asked him to reveal His love and truth, to perhaps give my wife a picture of God’s love and purpose. I don’t remember how long I prayed with her and over her and sought God. I know there was a deep sense of darkness that the wife couldn’t get through. Well God answered her prayer and gave her a vision. Now I will reveal what I remember of the wife’s report of the vision. Certainly details may be missing because neither of us wrote it down. I know the prayer over and over was to ask God to show her the light, to bring the light.

As praying this the wife said at first she just closed eyes and saw darkness, but eventually she saw light and Jesus came to her with the light. Jesus then took her away from the darkness to a place of light and rest. Most of our family was also there in that safe place of light. I think Jesus gave her direction of just calling on him to bring her to the safe place of light at anytime, but not certain of that as part of the vision at the time. The family that was in the vision included two children, the wife believes they were girls, but it was definitely two children. Then Jesus showed her the people in darkness. The darkness was deep and people were stuck in the darkness. I don’t recall if there were chains or not. I think there was but am uncertain. What there definitely was within the darkness was serpents speaking lies to people. All throughout the darkness were serpents speaking lies. There was directive to bring the light of truth to people. Now there may have been more details that I don’t recall but this was the essential point. The vision contained to things in my mind, a promise to us of two children., a directive that God’s safety and peace is just a prayer away, and that darkness is indeed foreboding and I believe even fueled by the deceptions of serpents in the dark.

We are at an ongoing war, there is always for believers the place of rest in Jesus and is accessed through him. Darkness seeks to engulf all but cannot extinguish the light, because the light is Jesus who can always bring us to a safe place and will take or burdens. Yes, trials come, towers fall, darkness spreads. Yes, evil is at work. Yes there is pain and suffering. Yet, there is not one thing in all that darkness that can overcome the light of the world and God’s love for us. He cares enough even in the midst of a dark time of great fear to give us a promise. Yet, God not only gave a promise but made clear the urgency for bringing the lost out of darkness.

A safe place of light

A safe place of light

Now eight years have passed since that time. We have not reached the point of having children yet and have had struggles and periods of darkness engulfing our marriage. Yet, God’s light remained faithful, even during our times of greatest struggle and darkness, Jesus was ready to bring us into His light. There is always hope in Jesus at the worst of times. The serpents in the dark seek to bring destruction and like Wormtongue in Lord of the Rings say things that blind us to the truth. Jesus cuts through all the fog of darkness with His light. All any need to do is turn to Him in surrender and ask to be brought out of darkness. Jesus is faithful and will gladly take any of us out of the darkness.

Now that does not mean suffering and trials and difficulties won’t happen. In fact they will, not only that but there is an enemy at work looking for any opportunity to bring destruction. We need to not be caught sleeping and ignoring warning signs. The enemy will use whatever weakness we have to bait and entrap and seek to gets us trapped in the dark and off of God’s path. Yet, no matter how deep of darkness we get Jesus can and will bring us back to the light. In fact, as a pastor from my childhood used to say, God sends his sheepdogs after us to bring us back.

Christian Poetry: Who am I? by Kris Blake

My mother recently wrote a poem that I consider to be in the form of a Psalm.  It really stresses our identify in Jesus and God being mindful of us. It reflects on who we are to God.  Please read and pass this on!  


Who Am I?

Postby Kris Blake 

Who am I that you placed a cup before me?
Who am I that when I was hungry that you fed me?
Who am I that under your wings you hide me?
Who am I that when I was naked you covered me?
Who am I that when I sleep you guard me?

Who am I that you carry my burdens for me?
Who am I that you place a banner over me?
Who am I that you built a tent to shelter me?
Who am I that you put your cloak upon me?
Who am I that you put a shield around me?

Who am I that you bind my wounds for me?
Who am I that you mend my broken heart and uplift me?
Who am I that when I fall you pick me up and hold me?
Who am I that when I cry my tears are gathered for me?
Who am I that you sit down beside me, and you whisper that you love me?

Who am I that you clear the path and go before me?
Who am I that you wrote down your story for me?
Who am I that you open the doors for me?
WHo am I that your right hand is held before me?
Who am I that when I run the race you are cheering for me?

Who am I that you build a fire to warm me?
Who am I that your wind blows all around me?
WHo am I that your oil runs down upon me?
Who am I that your water washes over me?
Who am I that your table is prepared before me?

Who am I that you keep thinking of me?
Who am I that you looked down and saw me, and then you chose me?
Who am I that you listen to me?
Who am I that you delight in the fragrance of me?
Who am I that when I knelt down you put a crown upon me?