Peace on Earth Goodwill to Humanity

Christmas and all the trapping of the celebration have come and gone. Gifts have been given and received. Carols sung. Time with family and relatives spent. Countless sermons preached on the various elements of the story of the birth of Jesus. For this writer though, it all boils down to reflecting on what the birth of Jesus means. More particularly, the reflection of what the Angels announced to the Shepherds. The angles announced that Jesus came to bring peace on earth and goodwill to men. It strikes me that the people at Jesus time missed the meaning. They expected Jesus to come as a conquering hero and bringing all things under his reign. He would bring peace by re-establishing the throne of David. Here is the amazing thing. The depth and true meaning of peace is a common element to life in Israel. The Hebrew word for peace, Shalom, remains the common greeting. Perhaps with the daily greeting of peace the true meaning of the word gets lost. At the same level, has the gift of Jesus sacrifice at the cross so common a reference that we lose sight of what the gift truly means?

Jesus coming to earth did bring peace on earth and goodwill to men, just not in the way people expected. The Hebrew and Greek words for peace point to wholeness. Peace is not about the absence of conflict or suffering rather it means being complete, whole. The gift was Jesus that we needed because since the fall, when humanity made a choice not to be dependent on God for knowledge of right and wrong, humankind has not been whole. True wholeness comes when we are in fellowship and at peace with God. Any peace without being at peace with the Creator is limited and impotent. In order for the restoration of all of creation, first the debt of turning from God had to be paid. Jesus paid the price and made a way of reconciliation with God. That way established through the sacrifice of Jesus. His death and resurrection set all things right for those who choose to walk in the way. The way is a way of giving of self in whole, for only by whole surrender is true wholeness found. This is the meaning of peace on earth, goodwill to humanity. Jesus reconciled us with God enabling humans to be in right relationship with God and thus whole. This option is of benefit for all and is good news for all to embrace. For there is nothing to anyone needs to do to be right with God, other than surrender to God. It is noting earned by merit, it is simply a benefit received by turning from self to be in relationship with God.

Here is the difficulty though, while all should embrace the good news it falls short of expectations. Jesus life resulted in death because of failed expectations. People reject true peace today because of failed expectations. People expect a loving God would do away with all suffering and strife. What people fail to understand is that you cannot have peace without surrender. True peace is readily available to all who are willing to stop fighting and striving for self and return to listening to God and following His ways. His ways are good and simple. We are to love God first and then love others. Simple to say yet very difficult to do, as it is far easier for each person to focus on self. The path of true peace though comes with ever growing in loving response. In addition, as we love, we help generate true peace and goodwill in the lives of others, as we reflect the light of God’s peace and spread His goodwill. So if your desire is to see more peace, and less conflict in this world. It all starts with yourself and being at peace with God. Any other peace is faulty and temporary. Remember it all starts and ends with Jesus. His surrender leads to our surrender and by which comes peace on earth and goodwill to humankind.

News Commentary: Fort Hood shooting- Things done in the name of god.

Well the news is filled with stories of the tragic shooting on 11/5/2009 at Fort Hood in Texas.  The current numbers stand at 13 dead and 30 injured. This tragedy has capture the attention of many in this country.  It is a sad, sad story.

The internet is filled with descriptions of the alleged shooter, Major Nidal Malik Hasan.  He was reported to be calm and methodical, shouting “Allahu Akbar!” (god is great) before engaging in his shooting spree.  The Washington Post reported he had made several attempts to be discharged from the army and avoid being sent to Afghanistan. He did not support the conflicts in Iraq or Afghanistan. He also was reported to be of the Muslim faith.  The article also reported he had been investigated for a while based on online comparisons of Islamic suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots. The article printed this quote:  “To say that this soldier committed suicide is inappropriate,” the posting read. “It’s more appropriate to say he is a brave hero that sacrificed his life for a more noble cause.”  

For me this tragic shooting  brings a couple thoughts to mind. The first is the sadness over what people do in the name of god while serving their own agenda.  Clearly Major Hasan had significant personal issues. He appears to have turned to principles in Islam as a defense for the rightness of his actions.  Such actions certainly are not something the one true God would desire. However, many times even those of us who follow the one true God, do things in His name that are not consistent with what God desires.  We often substitute our thoughts for God’s thoughts, and our desires for God’s desires. 

The sad thing is that for those that do not follow the one true God and miss the truth of the narrow path, the end result one way or another can lead to destruction.  Major Hasan made choices related to his desires and fueled by his concept of god, based on Muslim theology.  He felt a need to destroy to serve god.  It is a sad and tragic but happens all to frequently.

Now, an important thing to note is such a tragedy will be used to push the false peace of “tolerance.” The argument may be made if Major Hasen was never harassed for his Muslim faith, this incident would never have happened. Such incidents will serve to give folks impetus to encourage tolerance laws that would serve to restrict those who take an exclusive view related to truth and relationship with the one, true God.  Yet, such laws are a matter of time, if not this shooting by Major Hasen, it would be some other incident. 

What happens politically will happen sooner or later, it is nothing to fear. Rather, those of us who follow the one true God, need to find ways to reach out to those around us lost in love and examine whether we input our own agenda and be following our agenda in God’s name.

In closing this commentary, I want to encourage people to pray for the victims and victim’s families.  The shooting is tragic. Yet, find a way to reach out in love to others, and reflect the love of the One True God.  I also want to encourage people to examine their relationship with God.  Do you have the true peace, that which comes from surrender to the One True God? If not, today is the day to reconsider, as none of us can know when we may be at the receiving end of someone making destructive choices.

News Commentary: President Obama’s Cairo speech-a shape of things to come

On June 4thPresident Obama gave a speech in Cairo that clearly is signs of things to come. Here is one location of the full speech:   The speech as a whole really does reflect the way things are moving towards a view of the world as interdependent and with a tone promoting “moral inclusivity” and tolerance.  The end of his speech really gave a summary of the President’s view point. 

It’s easier to start wars than to end them.  It’s easier to blame others than to look inward.  It’s easier to see what is different about someone than to find the things we share.  But we should choose the right path, not just the easy path.  There’s one rule that lies at the heart of every religion — that we do unto others as we would have them do unto us.  (Applause.)  This truth transcends nations and peoples — a belief that isn’t new; that isn’t black or white or brown; that isn’t Christian or Muslim or Jew.  It’s a belief that pulsed in the cradle of civilization, and that still beats in the hearts of billions around the world.  It’s a faith in other people, and it’s what brought me here today.

We have the power to make the world we seek, but only if we have the courage to make a new beginning, keeping in mind what has been written.

The Holy Koran tells us:  “O mankind!  We have created you male and a female; and we have made you into nations and tribes so that you may know one another.”

The Talmud tells us:  “The whole of the Torah is for the purpose of promoting peace.”

The Holy Bible tells us:  “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”  (Applause.)

The people of the world can live together in peace.  We know that is God’s vision.  Now that must be our work here on Earth.

Thank you.  And may God’s peace be upon you.  Thank you very much.  Thank you.

Now the reader may examine those remarks and conclude that the goals President Obama is proclaiming are wonderful and is a worthwhile cause.  He after all is talking about peace and tolerance and not fighting.  However, the peace he is advocating is not the peace of God and is momentary and fleeting.  He in essences points toward a “new spirituality”, one that transcends all religions and is what all religons point toward. 

The peace President Obama advocates is based on the concept of interdependence, that we are all connected.  He indicates that humanity has the power to shape a world we want, and to do so me need to be tolerant.  The real evil will become any thought, any religion that elevates itself over others.  He offers the premise that God’s vision is for humanity to live together without conflict. This however, is not God’s vision.  God’s vision is for people to come to true peace through the Gospel.  Peace through tolerance starts with a setting aside of own ideals and accepting that of another.  It really comes down to a subjective stanard that indicates that what one believes is irrelevant, what is important is that we just all get along.  In order to get along we have to accept that there is no objective truth and whatever anyone believes is ultimately only relevant for how what they believe helps them.

Now, having said that, this does not preclude any value in tolerance.  We can all stand to be a bit more tolerant, and the church as a whole needs to focus more on the grace of God and the truth of the gosple rather then the different theological views.  And any conflict should serve the purpose of each individual being able to examine self and see where might have strayed from truth.  However, President Obama advocates tolerance without objective standards as the means of peace. 

Peace through tolerance is a false peace and it fails to recognize that any peace really comes down to surrender.  The question ultimately will be to whom do you surrender.  The path of President Obama, Javier Solona, and the United Nations is that of surrender to the governmental authorities and the push is toward a form of globalization by which there is one authority to which all must surrender.  According to Christianity, the one we must all surrender to is Jesus the Messiah, the King of Kings.  We surrender by accepting his gift of salvation and following Jesus.  The only true peace comes through surrender to Jesus, and while this is easily stated it really is hard for people to do.  We want to live our own lives, our own way, and have some perception that we have a special role in contributing to the world, even if it is simply raising a family.  God’s vision is not people living together in peace, it is people turning from self, and coming to peace through Jesus. 

Sadly, though most people will not recognize the need for the true peace found in Jesus. Most will ultimately pursue and accept this new, worldly standard of peace which involves tolerance and surrender to the government.  A time will come that when those who do not accept this viewpoint proffered by President Obama will lose their life.  It will happen, just a matter of when.

President Obama’s speech really is a foundation of things to come.  The things coming ahead are setting the foundation for the New World Order and the one who will set himself up as the saviour of humity.  This path is a path of deception and will lead to destruction of many. So be wary, for while what is advocated may seem high ideals, they are but a falsehood.  Yet, what President Obama has said, while based on falsehood truely is the shape of things to come, the world is pursuing this path.

Guest Movie Commentary: Knowing

A frequent contributer to the comments section at Constance Cumby’s blog who goes by Bella wrote this commentary on the movie Knowing.  Personally I haven’t watched the film but found what Bella had to share about what observed in the movie to be sobering.

The Movie “Knowing”
by Bella

The movie is quite well done and I can see why it is popular. It is an edge-of-your-seat kind of film. Dealing with some underlining fears we have and questions we ask.

Some film critics have called “Knowing” a merger of the occult and sci-fi.

I have seen Knowing. It was suggested to me by some of my fellow anti-occult researchers. They advised me to see it based on its twisting religion into the occult.

This movie is a good preparation to understand occult concepts.

Let me start with this. This entire story I have already read about in various different occult books in different forms. I could tell from the first few minutes what was going to happen in the entire movie, because I have heard this same story many times within the new age/occult. The basis of this idea of this story comes from a popular concept that humans were brought here by aliens from another dying planet and that Adam and Eve were placed here by them. The aliens keep watch over us to help us evolve through our reincarnations. Other occult teachings say we just evolved here, but with the help of these same entities.

Angels/Aliens/Space Brothers/Spirit Guides

I want to clarify what whispering entities were. They represented aliens (better describe in the occult as “space brothers” or spirit guides). They are angels that are the watchers of this planet and its evolution. The space brothers/angels/aliens help the earth evolve. They act as spirit guides to those in the occult. We know them as demons. They call them angels and admit they are fallen angels and include Lucifer as the leader. The difference is the occult teaches they are good and misunderstood by man. They say major religions have wrongly twisted the Morning star, the Illuminated One or Lucifer into a source of evil. They only want what is best for us to live in a one-world-order of peace. They teach we as a planet are going to destroy ourselves but they will come forth and guide us to how to become a united loving world. It is also taught they can remove a select few to a new planet if necessary. The space brothers can appear just as the movie showed, very Aryan. This is the common description of how they take form. When they shed their false skins you can see they are just spirits that even have wings. This is a symbol of the fallen angels that guide this planet. They glowed with light, as Lucifer can appear as an angel of light so can his other followers.

Picture of Ezekiel:

The picture or story of Ezekiel is very common among those occultists that hold this view like Shirley McClain as proof of extraterrestrial life. But as you did deeper this extra terrestrial life in the deep occult teachings they explain them as truly the angels that guide this planet and call them by name Lucifer and the fallen angels. They say their fall was a sacrifice for man, because they are higher evolved beings then humans. They travel by space ships. Maitreya the supposed “Christ” that will come with the “space brothers” is said to arrive in a space ship. This has been my great concern that we will see the false “aliens” at some point to help unite the world for our good. They are our “saviors”. Bringing us truth and knowledge.

Holy Ghost Whispers:

The Holy Ghost whispers but not in this evil way this movie portrays. Remember the demons whisper too. Lucinda took her own life because of these entities. The Holy Ghost does not torture us in this way by forcing His whispers on us. The whisperings were from evil sprits. The proof is that they were terrifying everyone and only creating fear and darkness until the end when the characters submitted to them their free will. Then is when they appeared good…

Auto writing:

The scenes in the movie where two children were hearing whispers that changed to auto writing. Auto writing is a trance like state or semi trance state in which the writer has no idea what they are writing. This state is often reached by meditation but sometimes is spontaneous or has to be developed over time, depending on the individual. There hands are forced to write down what they are being told to write. In the movie the children were so over-taken by these entities that they were forced to write these numbers to the point of even carving them with their fingers till they bled. This is again a very good example of possession of demons and not the Holy Ghost. This is a common occurrence in the occult. A high amount of their books are written via auto writings where the author has no idea what they are writing down. One examples of today, Neal Donald Walsh’s “Conversations With God” series. Demons communicate via auto writing as commonly as they do with inner voices as they did in writing the book “The Course in Miracles” by Helen Schucman. It was written via the inner voice dictation.( this is the course Oprah is pushing) The original writings of the occult when it was brought out of the public all the books were written through channeling of these “space brothers” that dictated what was to be written. This includes the authors Helen Blavatsky and Alice Bailey.

Spiritual Stones:

Polished basalt stones appear to have been used in the film to amplify the voice of the “whisper people”. They also helped the characters recognize the location where the aliens would land and know that the “whisper people” had been in a location, as they would drop them off. Stones and crystals are used heavily by occultists and are believed to have various spiritual powers and associations. Basalt is associated with the underworld being black and volcanic in origin, making it an obvious symbol of Satan. The film twists this symbolism into something good and symbolic of salvation.

Indigo/Crystal children:

It is taught now in the occult about the amount of children being born with psychic gifts. These children have gifts of prophecy, auto writing, channeling spirits, hearing voices, seeing visions etc. They are considered to be the ones that will follow the doctrines of the occult and help create a world of peace following the “space brothers” and what they teach. There are books that show you how to help them. What is interesting is that fact that they admit these children are strong willed and will not listen to authority. They say this is a good thing. They run to a beat of a different drummer and will tear down the old religions and build the new one-world spirituality.

Destruction by fire:

The occult teaches that the world was destroyed by a flood by the “Space brothers” now it will potentially be destroyed by fire. But we have a means of escape if we listen to them. They are teaching us now through writers that are teaching these things to the mass public even on Oprah. They teach we can avoid Armageddon if we listen to the space brothers and follow their advice.

The Locket:

The locket is given to the Father of the boy from his dead wife. It was inscribed with a statement about being together forever. This could be taken that they will see each other in Heaven. I wonder though if the meaning was occult in nature. The occult does teach that families do stay together within the occult for they keep reincarnating with loved ones. You are drawn to each others as soul mates and family relations continue just in different forms. Some times the parent becomes the child or grand child the spirits change from male to female in different incarnations etc. These souls keep working things out together life after life in groups. I think that may have been what was implied over seeing their family in Heaven.

Gospel Doctrines in the Movie:

In the movie there is Zero teachings of God except by the Pastor’s family and it is weak in doctrines so it leaves a gapping hole of the intent of what they really believed. Many Christian Pastors are teaching occult concepts now. So the wording was ambiguous New age/occult are replacing atheist views, so it is hard to tell what the lead character’s Father really believed anyway. Nor does it matter, for the intent of the movie was not to bring you closer to God as we know Him but to make you more acquainted with the doctrines of the occult, which it did very well.

Garden of Eden end:

The two children were dropped of on one of the many worlds that was talked about in the beginning of the movie that can hold life. The tree in the end was the symbol of the tree in the Garden of Eden. If you noticed there were many space ships dropping off children. They would not take adults. Why? Children are the occult’s future. They are waiting for the old ways and views to die off and only have the new teachings of the “ways” of the space brothers, their doctrines and teachings. The only ones they saved were the ones that hear the “call” this again is an occult use. The call is the awakening to hearing and understanding the entities whispers and if you notice they could only go “if” it was their free agency. It is taught in the occult you must submit your free agency to these entities for them to have control. Lucifer is bound by that law. They did not take a whole righteous civilization only children that heard the call and that were teachable by them.

This movie is a great indoctrination into many of the teachings that are becoming popular today. The merging of angels, demons into aliens seems to be a big goal at this time. They want us to look at demons as wise more advanced entities from other planets. It may appear as sci-fi and just a fun movie and have religions symbolisms, but that is the great deception. This is how they are slowing boiling us as frogs, introducing us to these concepts via an fictional film, yet much of the data is not fiction but doctrines preached and already written down by demons within occult writings. They are taking all we know as good and calling it evil and all we know as evil and calling it good, then twisting and redefining everything to fit their own meaning. They are merging Christian teachings with the occult. That is why so many recognize truths in this film. They are just twisted into a new meaning preparing us for what is to come and what is going on now.


Commentary: Nightline Faceoff Debate-Does Satan exist?

Well if you haven’t watched the Night-line Face of debate on does Satan exist, do so it is worth your while.  The debate is on-line at ABC’s website here:


The debate participants were on one side Mark Driscoll, Mars Hill Churchand Annie Lobert from Hookers for Jesus.  The other side consisted of  Deepak Chopra, New Age author and  “Bishop” Carlton Pearson, former word of faith pastor who now teach “inclusive gospel” and no longer pastors a church.


The exchange was definitely interesting. Before getting into what the two sides presented, in observing the debate it definitely felt like a battle between light and darkness.  The last word went to Deepak Chopra who used some ancient Essene quote extolling being “totally filled with a presence of love” that Deepak stated that he wanted that kind of intoxication of love.  It felt like the presentation of the debate wanted to give more merit to Chopra and Pearson’s position.  However, that is not a surprise since the media in general only talks about Christianity or Christian themes when it can shed negative light on beliefs. However, it is worth examining what each person added to the debate. I will discuss each in the order that they presented there thoughts.


First of all is Mark Driscoll.  He did present the Gospel in a straight forward manner.  He illustrated that evil exists because Satan and people choose to rebel against God and that Jesus came and took on the guilt and shame and paid the consequences of sin.   He provided many sound rebuttals to comments made by the other side, rebuttals that usually led to avoidance and tangents from the other side. He chose to close with a reading of the word of God which presented the Gospel view of the topic, and definitely felt the Spirit of God as he read the Word of God.


Second is Deepak Chopra. He basically engaged in espousing clichéd platitudes that seemed to be the buzz phrases for his point of view.  He basically indicated that evil exists because we all have a shadow and that if we get right with self and get in touch with our divine self, everything would be okay.  His answer for the ever escalating presence of evil was that has change happens there is fear and has fear grows so does violence.  He also suggested that Annie Lobert’s experiences were of self and the dark dungeon she had herself involved in.  Deepak emphasized over and over that everyone has experience and their experience is valid for them.  He indicated that he trusts his spirit over his mind.  He also made a big point at de-emphasizing belief.  He indicated that if something is real, you do not need to believe.  Deepak also claimed that his views were more in line with the scientific facts.  He indicated that creation consists of evolution and entropy, with evolution always slightly ahead.  Deepak came off as arrogant and prideful, constantly referring to people with other beliefs not inline with his thinking as primitive whereas he is enlightened.


The third person to engage in discussion was Annie Lobert, a former prostitute is reaching out to share the Gospel with other prostitutes. She was there basically to share her story. She reported how she had personal contact with demons.  She seemed out of her element in the conversation, especially when the other side basically explained as what happened to her as being self-created.  Her main message was that demons do try and influence people and are very active.  By the end of the debate, Mark Driscoll tried to help her share her story and what it meant. She was in tears at the end of debate and emphasized that because she knows the reality of evil, she knows the truth of God and Gospel. 


The final person is Bishop Carlton Pearson. He emphasized he used to teach the Bible and use his past as a reason to have “authority” on the subject.  His main point is that we create what we want to create. If we want to believe in demons, we create them.  He made attempts at painting Christians as hypocritical for not being “legalistic” and caring more about money or appearances.  He initially referred to having a belief in an omnipresent, omnipotent, lustful Satan.  When corrected, he changed his statement to “almost” omnipresent, omnipotent.  He clearly expressed belief that the Bible and stories related to Jesus and Satan as being simply myth.  He brought up several times the “eternal torture” as being something in his mind that a loving God should not do.  He definitely spoke of from a morally inclusive point of view with a relativistic view of truth.


The debate in total showed the clear contrast between the Gospel of Jesus through the Bible and gospel of inclusiveness. On one hand, you have Satan existing due to rebellion and seeking to destroy others and the other, you have evil as a shadow part of self, that if manifests is self creation.  You have one side that looks to depend on Jesus as an answer for selfishness, the other which looks to elevate self.  One side finds peace in Jesus. The other side finds peace in tolerance or inclusiveness. The question is, what side to you lean toward? 

St. Patrick’s Day reflections


Today is Saint Patrick ’s Day, and ias such is an excellent day to reflect with gratitude on the role of Ireland and Patrick in spreading the gospel.  Any study of the history of Ireland leads to the role of Patrick and his spreading of the gospel.  He took on the dark paganism of the Island with the truth of the Gospel.


Ireland became a place that sent out missionaries to other nations, the chief export you could say was Christianity.  Much of Europe had the Gospel presented to them at the hands and writings of the Irish.  God truly used and blessed the land and the people as God remained central.


Today’s Ireland is a much different story.  Many people look to the old Celtic paganism.  Beyond, the paganism though, Ireland has become a point where people are promoting the New World Order and new religious mindset that suggests that what you believe does not really matter, just as long as you work toward the greater good of mankind.  Such thinking is promoted by the likes of U2’s Bono and being born out of the violence that Ireland became mired in for decades.  They have moved from being a launching pad of promoting the true gospel of peace to a launching pad of a false gospel and false peace of tolerance.






Super Bowl Sunday Reflections

      Today is Super Bowl Sunday. It is the Sunday of the biggest entertainment spectacle of the year in the United States.  The game is one where companies pay the most just to advertise their brand during the game.  Families, friends, churches all get together for the game even if they have only a casual interest in the game.  The game and yes even the commercial’s are enjoyable, but recognize that after tonight it will be over, another Super Bowl come and gone, another winner declared for a year, interesting or horrid commercials talked about for a day or two, and then it is over.


    This year, many folks will be seeking to be entertained, for the country is in a dire place.  The economy is shrinking, people are losing jobs, it is a tough, dark world that for all the political promises out there does not appear to have hit the bottom yet.  Many hurting people are out there, getting a temporary distraction by watching the game, perhaps also imbibing in alcohol as a further way to distract and forget about the tough times.


    Yet, ultimately, the distractions are just temporary.  The economy will still be in bad shape and getting worse tomorrow.  Political promises will still have an appearance of wisdom but ultimately be about pandering and shoring up power.  The distraction will fade and nothing will be different, other then stories to tell about the football game or the commercials.  The sad thing is, for many people this day is the highlight of the year.  A grand spectacle that last but a moment and is over, that we people with our selfishness, settle for the temporary and constantly look for the next distraction. 


   Well, there is a more permanent answer, and it is not a temporary distraction.  Rather, no matter what is going on around you, you can have true and perfect peace which starts with getting right with God.  The only way to get right with God is by surrender of self.  It is accepting the gift if Jesus taking the penalty for all the selfishness.  It is turning all over, and in so doing, true peace will come. 

At the Cross by Michael J. Boss

Recently been in touch with an old friend and he made me aware of a video he had uploaded to It is a simple and powerful song that I hope you will be blessed by viewing. It also points to a powerful testimony of a young lady who was suicidal and turned to surrender to Jesus. The song definitely points to the True Peace only found in Jesus.


He also has an itune or rhapsody downloadable tune  that is amusing for both adult and children.

Fun Song For Kids and Adults – The 12 Dismays Of Christmas

You can download this song on Itunes or Rhapsody.

Here’s the link to Itunes:

News Commentary: Learning from the Fall of Jeff Dubay

     In the Twin Cities, news recently broke of sports radio personality Jeff Dubayrecent arrest for drug possession. Initially there was misunderstanding regarding which drug he was charged with possessing, it ulitemately ended up being crack cocaine.  Yesterday, Jeff Dubay was terminated from KFANand will no longer be heard on the airwaves.  This incident followed Jeff Dubay taking a leave during the summer. Upon return we learned his wife was divorcing him. Perhaps many suspected he had gone to treatment or a connection to drug or alcohol, but it was all speculation until recent events. 

       The story of the fall of Jeff Dubay is really no different then many other stories.  Jeff Dubay simply is a man whose profession was entertaining the public, and as such, his fall became public.  So the question is why, is there something inherently broken in Jeff Dubay?  He had everything and lost it all do to drugs, how could he have let that happen?  Well, Jeff is really no different than any of us.  Ultimately he found that upon getting all he wanted (the wife, the house, the boat, the cabin, Gopher’s Hockey championships) it in the end meant nothing.  At some point, be it triggered by stress at home or triggered by nothing Jeff Dubay turned to crack cocaine.  Again, no different then any of us. It is very common for people to turn to alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, sex, television and so on to cope.  We settle for something that medicates temporarily when what we wanted ends up not fulfilling the emptiness.  As it says over and over in Ecclesiastes, “All is vanity, a chasing after the wind.”  Mr. Dubay had expanded his kingdom and within the perspective of this world had set himself up to have a nice life complete with all the toys. 

      Some may point to and argue that some people just cannot handle stress.  Some people are just genetically predisposed toward addiction.  Jeff has let known on air that he has ADHD. So, Jeff clearly had to be a broken person in order to make these choices.  However, these choices are made frequently by people without any broken part.  It may be easy to focus on how Jeff’s brain might work differently as an excuse, but it really comes down to making a choice.  However, more and more in society, excuses are looked for regarding destructive choices.   Jeff Dubay is no different then many people and ultimately we all can easily make destructive choices when faced with meaninglessness or even a threat of losing part of our own kingdom. 

       Some may be thinking, how could Jeff Dubay have possibly returned to the drug after treatment or even put himself in such a position.  The fact is, once an addiction sets in, reason leaves the door.  The compulsive methods of coping are traps that once hooked, people have trouble getting free.  Actually, any sin, be it compulsive or not, is a trap.  It takes daily fighting the battle and resistance in order to become free.  And freedom apart from the grace of God comes very difficult indeed.

    Alcoholics Anonymous recognizes the role of faith in recovery, but falls short by relying solely on faith.  It doesn’t matter what you believe in, just believe in something outside yourself.  As long as you confess, repent, and reconcile it does not matter what Deity you have faith in.  However, there is really only one to truly have faith in,  Jesus the Messiah.  Faith in anything but Jesus will fall short and ultimately one form of false peace is traded for another.  True peace only comes through true reconciliation. True reconciliation only comes by turning to the one and true God.  Our sins and addictions have consequences not just in this life.  Jesus paid the dept.  He took the punishment.   He can set us truly free from all that ensnares.  However, we need to submit by an act of the will and accept Jesus covering for our imperfection and selfishness.

Now, it is public knowledge that Jeff Dubay is not religious. He has talked on error of his thoughts that it is all about individual strength.  His lack of religious belief was discuss many times in his buying his on air partner a Jesus bobble head doll.  So, given that Jeff Dubay doesn’t not yet know Jesus, I pray that God reveals himself to Jeff as he goes through this time of brokenness.  Jesus is the true answer for freedom and reconciliation.  Now, turning oneself over to Jesus and surrendering to the King of Kings does not mean that life will always be easy and there will be no suffering, rather it means that in spite of any storms around us, we have access to true peace.  True peace rests in being right with God and knowing that what lies ahead transcends any current circumstance.

News Commentary: The Stock Market drops, related Economic Instability, and Connections to the Future

     Well, today the market takes a big drop in spite of the governments “rescue” plan passing last week. The question is why the big drop.  Here are some answers: The economies in Europe and Asia are also showing signs of trouble, rrecognition that the “rescue” plan provides no immediate answers, news beginning to spread of corporate downsizing in varied sectors, and other varied other pieces of news on economic fronts.   

    The fact is there are no easy answers to the economy right now.  The “rescue” plan does nothing to solve any of the difficulties out there.  A piece of positive news is the Bank of America settlement which will re-negotiate mortgages for several holders of bad mortgages without additional cost.  The question is will the market correct it self or simply have a grand fall?  Time will tell. 

       In reflecting about the market it is fueled more often by emotion then sound logic and investment principles.  At some point the collective mood will reach such a point that the global economy will collapse. We do not know when this will occur, but by the very nature of economic forces and total bottom will be reached at some point when all ways of reviving and boosting the economy falter.  It is the consequence of unbridled greed and the ever chasing after more. 

     Each individual when facing such times of uncertainty need to examine themselves.  What are you depending on.  Is your security in life dependent on the whims of the financial markets and the acquisition of wealth and goods?  Or is your security found in something more? True security and true peace is found only in Jesus. Faith and dependence on Jesus does not result in the absence of bad times, but rather the ability to stand with peace in the midst of storms.

    A time is coming when there will be promises of coming together and moving beyond the constant need for more.  A time is coming when there will be one who promises the world and offers tidy programs that will appear to answer all.  The plans will be as faulty as the governmental attempts at financial “rescue” but very few will recognize the truth.  This man will offer peace and tolerance and sharing and other concepts but the peace will be insecure and faulty.  And this man will exhibit the true nature by exerting all worldly power for his whims.  In contrast, the true messiah points each in the direction of serving others and reaching out to those in need, not because me must, but because of God’s love.  

     Now the time may be soon that such things happens, the time may be coming, or the time is yet a ways off. God only knows, but each person needs to be ready and find what things get in the way of a relationship with the creator.  Each day that goes by, the time is ever shorter. Today is the day of salvation.  Submit to the King of Kings and accept the gift of having the price for your own selfishness paid by the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross. Today is the day.