Inaguaration Day reflections

Today is a momentous day in the country of the United States of America. He is a day where a black man takes the seat of power in this country.  It is a day where many are filled with hope for the prospects of political change. The country is in perilous economic times, still faces threats from terrorists, and has many other issues facing it ahead.  A lot of people are looking to this man and hoping he can bring the political change promised that betters this country.  Sadly, the hope is on politics and man, which ultimately will falter, as all political saviors do.  It is actually heart-breaking to see all who place their hope on the political.

We are undergoing difficult times.  Only God knows where things are headed.  The question in this time is what are you depending on for hope.  Do you hope in a man and the political systems? Do you hope in your own strength and wisdom?  What are the foundational hopes of your life? Personally, the foundation hope of my life lies in Jesus as Messiah.  Hope in Jesus is about moving beyond my own selfishness, whereas looking for political answers is looking for someone to give political answers to my needs and wants.  Surrender to Jesus is ultimately moving beyond my own needs and wants. Now, certainly there has in the past and will come politicians who ask for us all to move beyond self, but without Jesus no one can ultimately separate from self, and focus on others. Selfishness ever abounds. Even accepting Jesus as messiah and as the answer to transcend my selfishness, it is an ongoing process of seeing less of myself and more of God working through me.

Now, I encourage all believers in Jesus as Messiah to pray for what is to come ahead.  Whether the condition of this country improves or continues to degrade, Christians are to pray, and it starts with the leaders.  God will do what God will do.  Pray for all those in authority, even if you strongly disagree with the observed political directions.

So, in summary today is a today of hope and a new man is in charge.  The question is what are you doing with that.  Holding on to hope in a man, bemoaning the positions of the man entering the seat of power, or submitting to God regardless of who is in power?