New moral trend: heteroflexible

I recently came across this column on what is and it really gives evidence to the slippery slope the morality of our society. The article basically discusses a trend of girls kissing girls to attract men. This practice is being called being hetero-flexible.  It displays the trend toward focus on sexuality and sex as recreation. And yes, men find women kissing women attractive, there is something about it that is alluring.  Perhaps the visual stimulation that triggers arousal.  This trend is a symptom of doing what want and need to do to get what you want, which in this case is sexual interactions and arousal.  There maybe some who engage in practice simply to tease. 

     Regardless, we live in a world that engages in recreational sex. We live in  a world where people exchange physical intimacy for true intimacy.  We live in a world where the lines of what is publically acceptable keep being crossed. It is the world we live in. It is a sad thing.  It is sad to see what  should be the culmination of intimacy between two people and what results in two becoming one, relegated to recreation and a focus on seeking after physical pleasure. 

    The behavior being called hetroflexible simply relegates women to being objectified.  For the women who engage in the practice, they perhaps feel power in being able to trigger arousal and attention, but it is fleeting. 

    So the final question is how does a Christian respond? While the behavior is a sign of moral decay, it is a sign of people really longing to be loved. It is a sign of someone chasing after temporary pleasures and power.  It is a sign of someone deep down needs to be shown the true love of Jesus that is unconditional and gets beyond the woundedness that stems from the sexual pursuits. A Christian, if aware of someone engaging in such practice can point out the negatives of the behavior but should never do so in a condeming way. It is simply unhealthy behavior that will it may bring a temporary pleasure, in the end just leads to emptiness.