Prophetic Vision: A Vision of Crown given to Kris Blake

So time ago, I don’t recall when, my mother received this vision from God.

Vision of Crowns……… 

I was outside my house, just before the sun rise and my eyes were drawn to the most spectacular array of light and color I’ve ever seen. As the sun erupted over the horizon, the colors became even brighter and more beautiful.   

Suddenly I noticed some peaks of gold, and to my amazement they began to rise. I saw they were crowns of gold filled with precious gems.    Each one was different, and had been uniquely and intricately designed. There were so many of them they reminded me of balloons rising in the sky. 

As the sun kept rising, I noticed there were also areas of shadows and darkness. In the shadows a man had built a thrown, and was sitting on it. The light over the throne was artificial light, and dull compared to the light of the son.  

When the man saw the crowns, he wanted them for himself. Even though he called all the armies in the world, and exerted everything at his disposal, he could not have the crowns. These crowns belong to the sons and daughters of the Living King.