Video Selection: Everlasting God- Lincoln Brewser

During the worship time at the AACC National Conference the song Everlasting God was frequently a part of the worship.  Unfortunately there is no  online video of Michael O’Brian playing the song to give you full flavor but wanted to share a video of this song.  May you be blessed and enriched as it speaks to the surety of God and his ability to touch us in our frailties. 

Question of week 10-1-2009: How big is your view of God?

This question comes as a result from reading the first chapter of Francis Chan’s book Crazy love.   Do we really appreciate the full extent of the bigness of God? The answer should be no.  We all to often accept a limited view of how great God is, one that our mind can wrap around.  God uses words and constructs to describe himself that result in paradox for the human mind.  How can God be future, present, and past tense at once for example?  Really we each have a rather limited perspective on God that reflects us and not God.  The limits to the understanding of  God comes from our limited mind.  We just cannot adequately describe God or fully understand. The understanding we have comes from how God has reveal himself to us.  So the question of how big a view we have of God ultimately turns to how have we limited our understanding of God.  How often do our thoughts make God after our own image and constructs verses truly understanding God.  Are we more able to accept a God that we limit to the constructs of our own understanding?  Do you believe you fully understand and grasp all there is to know of God? I know I do not, but yet it is easy to settle into our systematic views of God and be comfortable in our understanding. I got news for all us, understanding God was never meant to be comfortable.  Relating with God is not meant  to be comfortable.  Not once in any personal encounter with God was anyone left with any comfort.  So the question remains, how big is your view of God?