Freedom House Update and Prayer Request: Urgent

Well just got the latest update and still more bureaucratic morass to go through.  St. Paul licensing only will license the property that meets there need for license definition at this point. So the 4 and 4 in the duplex are a problem as DHS has said no funding without board and lodge license.   This seemed a minor issue but now seems a major barrier as no way things can operate without full funding.  God has to work this out.  So please pray for this situation more.  Pray for Jim and Lori Michaud and family as they have to be going through intense emotions related to how much have given for this project and the barriers that keep being presented. God is faithful and His will be done.  He who promised is faithful but things are scary right now.

Freedom House UPDATE: Progress and Praise but Urgent Funds Needed

    Well first the good news, the approval has been granted for 14 beds in the two facilities and the proper zoning to get funding. So the green-light has been given to get things off the ground for the Kingdom Pathways facilities known as freedom house; this was aided by a Property and Zoning Lawyer Mark Theiroff who offered assistance pro-bono. This has had a difficult start and long process of getting through approval and red tape. The owner and found Jim Michaud and his family have given everything to keep things going during the past year. They have nothing more to give. Let me highlight the intent of the program and ministry.

The facility are board and lodge residential facility providing Christ-centered treatment to homeless men who have substance abuse issues. Christian principles and building of personal mental health skills are part of the treatment approach. The program seeks to draw from churches in the area to connect with these individuals. It is something I have committed my time and resources to helping once underway and have prayerfully served on the board of directors during the past year. This outreach is long needed and brings together a variety of people. This facility serves the Frogtown area of Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Personally, I have known Jim Michaud and his family for many years and there is a reason God put us together for me to have a chance to help these individuals and staff. Jim has taken up and given all they have to the poor. They have no further resources to give of their own. Now they need assistance from others. It was harder to ask for money for them when going through the bureaucratic red tape. So now is a critical and awesome time. The red-tape is finished and now resources are needed. I will share the breakdown of what is needed but the amount of resources needed for January and February is $17,500. Please prayerfully seek God about what you might be able to give to this ministry. Consider even having Jim Michaud come speak to your church in MN about this opportunity. Also please pass this on to other people or print it off and provide it to them.

Here is the breakdown of the $17,500 provided by Executive Director, Jim Michaud:

One Time Expenses:

* Board and Lodge License Fees: $1,450

* Commercial Dishwasher Purchase and Install: $4000

* Commercial Sink Purchase and Install: $1000

* General and Professional Liability Insurance Down Payment: $700


Monthly Expenses: (Need Help with January and February)

* 426 Oxford Mortgage: $2,200

* 1038 Aurora Mortgage: $1,400

* Debt Payments: $1,100

* Household Insurance for both properties: $240

* Gas and Electric for both properties: $925

* Phones and Faxs: $240

* Trash for both properties: $120

* Water for both properties: $260

* Comcast for both properties: $229

* General and Professional Liability Insurance: $150

PLEASE, help us with these interim costs. Feel free to send this to any and all you feel led to send this to. We NEED your help. All payments will be tax deductable, reported to, and reviewed by the Freedom

House managing board shown on the website. Donations can be made on-line at, or sent to Kingdom Pathways, PO Box 4125, St. Paul, MN 55104.


You can contact the ministry owner at:

Rev. Jim Michaud

Exec. Director, Kingdom Pathways, 501(c)(3)

Ph: 651-387-8393

Fax: 763-862-5336


Thanks for your consideration. Feel free to contact me if have any questions or as feel led.



Freedom House Update and Prayer Requests

Well on 11/22/11 the request for zoning change went before St. Paul zoning commission. Things were moved to a meeting on 12/8/11 mainly due to some negotiations with St. Paul Planning committee to reduce the planned number to be served and be more in line with St. Paul zoning.  Things are still a ways off from accomplishing.

In the meantime the homes are providing housing to some folks with limited staff and treatment.  This is without any current funding source.  The owner has given all to this ministry and outreach and is beyond own resources.  Currently there is need for ongoing support as things like mortgages, utilities, and insurance need to be paid.  So please consider donating to the ministry. On-line donations are available at There is also an address provided if do not want to use online services.  Please prayerfully consider helping out.

Just a reminder of my involvement. I am on the board for the ministry and will be responsible for developing the mental health components to this Jesus Christ centered outreach. 

The purposes of the outreach is to help homeless males who have substance abuse and mental health issues obtain treatment and freedom.  If everything works out with zoning there are two homes that will be approved for six residents each. In addition there will be outpatient services as well. 

So please keep this ministry in your thoughts and prayers and please prayerfully consider giving financial aid as Jim Michaud has literally given all  of his own resources.

Ministry Spotlight and Urgent Request: Freedom House

I am on the board of a local ministry that is focusing on helping those chemically dependent with housing issues. It is a Christ-centered ministry that is looking to provide a unique Jesus Christ gospel-centered approach to treatment. The owner and his wife have given all they have to give to get things going as awaiting approval for funding from state to provide treatment/services. They achieve this but now have face another barrier of needing to undergo a zoning change by city in order to operate.  The changes will not happen before the end of the month so they ministry needs basic funds in order to operate this month.  Please go to and check out the ministry. Feel free to ask me any questions. My responsibilities are to oversee the mental health components of the ministry. The current staff are operating on a volunteer basis until state funds come in. Please prayerfully consider giving to this ministry at this time.   Included is the donation letter written by the ministry owner:

To Whom It May Concern,

Kingdom Pathways is a fully published and audited 501(c)(3) and

described in detail at

Kingdom Pathways is a multi-church outreach to the homeless, helping the homeless in practical

ways as described at Kingdom Pathways gathers multiple

mainline Christian churches together to do bind together in spirit of the

prayer of Jesus in John 17:20-23.

Kingdom Pathways is currently approved for funding through the State of MN,

awaiting a zoning change, and is currently experiencing grave financial

difficulty in the waiting. The difficulty is in paying the basic housing bills

in waiting for the new funding.

Electric and Gas, food bills, phone, household insurance, water, trash, van

insurance, and mortgages all need to be paid in the waiting. Please consider

assisting us.

Kingdom Pathways founder Jim and Lori have given ALL their savings, ALL their credit, and ALL

their hearts to see this succeed. The board that meets regularly to support this

ministry is impressive. See the picture and bios of the team on the website homepage at

Blessed and Grateful,

Rev. Jim Michaud

Exec. Director

Kingdom Pathways, 501(c)(3)

Addendum: Just read rest of board member email and found this piece:

We have a public hearing for the zoning on November 10th, 3:30PM. Please rally
whomever you can to support us on that day in the St. Paul City Council
Chambers on the 3rd floor of the City Hall/Court House Bldg., on the corner of
Wabasha and Kellogg.  (Change of
Non-Conforming Use Sober Housing to Non-Conforming Transitional Housing, which
we have been for 4 years).

Evidence of God’s provision in Haiti with the Livesays.

This missionary family and many others are in the midst of crisis. It is draining and difficult.  Tara is a marathon runner who now is running a different sort of marathon, one far more taxing than anything race she has ever run.  Tara and Troy are running the good race, shining the light of Jesus and impacting people with care and love.  Now certainly they have been drained and taxed.  They are going through the varied emotional responses that come with the psychological trauma. They are going through grief and the assorted symptoms that correspond with acute stress syndrome

Now given the difficulties and stress going on, Tara at her blog and on Facebook acknowledged that today was worst day for her emotionally. It included conflict with someone else with another agency trying to help there.  Yet, in the midst of the worst day for Tara, God showed His provision.  On their website they posted an article: Day Eight. In the article they report how eleven seriously injured people including Collette (a 7 month pregnant woman with a broken pelvis) came to be one of the first people sent by helicopter to the USNS ship Comfort.   They chose to leave on faith that they would find and get the  help needed, found the US camp, and had the patients sent to ship by Helicopter.  God provided and answered their step of faith. 

There are other stories of God using them to touch the lives of Haitians in their Short Stories  blog post. Some other areas of God’s provision include Troy being able to get a Coke when expressing a need for it.  The ongoing provision of fuel and supplies  has occured.  So God clearly has answered prayers. It is certainly God moving. There is clear ineffectual provision for varied US sources including boxes of blood pressure cups without squeeze bulbs and other factors.  God’s provision is ongoing and real.  So continue to pray for that provision and praise God for what He is doing in the midst.  Continue to pray for that ongoing provision.

Ministry Spotlight: Tara Livesay runs Twin Cities marathon. Raises money for missionary work in Haiti.

Troy and Tara Livesay are two missionaries to Haiti who were called to serve in Haiti.  They serve with Heartline Ministries and work as well with World Wide Village to both reach those in Haiti with their physical and spiritual needs.  In other words they not only address the poverty, illness, and other issues that easily gain the attention of the world, but they also share the Good News of the Gospel of  Jesus, and train others to do so as well.  Tara and Troy left Minnesota in 2006 where I met them as they are members of New Joy Church in Rogers, Minnesota

It has long been the intent of this blog to spotlight the work they do in Haiti, it was always something on the “to do” list of things to post on the blog.  Well, Tara Livesay recently had an article published about her and some of their work in the Star Tribune.   Tara caught the attention of the Star Tribune because the Livesay family has raised over $50,000 in support for starving kids in Haiti Tara running in tomorrows Twin Cities marathon.  The money is going specifically to supply Medika Mamba which translated means medical peanut butter. It is a nutritional peanut butter that kids enjoy eating and brings children from the depths of starvation back to health.  Tara reported on her blog about God’s call to run to raise money for these poor kids on their blog here:  They also show some results of Medika Mamba on their website here:

This family are ones truly walking in following God’s love. They are walking fully in worshipping in spirit and truth.  They followed God at much loss to a land of great poverty. They walk out what it is to be Jesus to others as well as speak about the Gospel.  They are making a clear difference in the lives children both physically to the point of drawing the attention of the world, and spiritually through the spreading of the Gospel and making disciples.  God has much to teach us in their example of following God’s lead and not settling for complacent comfortability. 

In closing this spotlight, take a moment and view this family video which gives some of the facts about Haiti and a little bit about their ministry.  You can read more about at their blog or their ministry websites: Heartline Ministries and World Wide Village. You also can still donate to help starving children in Haiti get Medika Mamba just go to their blog and click on the box in the upper left section.

Also let these people challenge you to follow God with your whole heart and go wherever God leads.  Be about sharing the love of God in both word and deed. As reflect on Tara running a marathon and what it means for Christians and our direction to run the race set before us. 

New Joy Pastoral Search: Thoughts and Prayers

Well this past week and week to come the Church I am a member of New Joy Church in Rogers Minnesota. We have been in transition and searching for a new Pastor. The search committee has been very thorough and has led to Reverend Brian Sinclair as a candidate to become the new Pastor. His sermon last week was about how a believer in Jesus as Messiah should respond to the second coming of Jesus and all that entails. The sermon can be heard at the church website online. One thing God spoke to me in that sermon was the need for greater urgency. Sometimes it feels like I have all the time in the world but Jesus is coming soon, I need to be more deliberate, urgent, and intentional with the things God puts before me and asks of me.

On Wednesday there was a open house where members of the church were able to meet with Brian and his wife and ask them questions as both side continue to gauge God’s leading. The things that struck we were first of all the way the members were on the same page regarding what hoping and praying God does at New Joy Church and reaching others for Jesus. Personally the thoughts were about being centered on God’s truth through the Bible and seeing God’s joy fill us all, that New Joy Church be a noticeable place of God’s joy. Others talked about wanting to see New Joy Church be a force to reach the community with the Gospel.

My impressions of Reverend Brian Sinclair and his wife was that they are clearly people who are seeking to follow God with their whole heart. His wife talked about submitting the God in spite of her own thoughts on an idea and finding blessing as a result. They both talked about a struggle over the past two years while disconnected from having a church home. They were touched by the importance of reaching out to any that attend and making them welcomed with the love of Jesus. They also have learned God’s love and provision during the trials they have faced over the past two years. They share other valued things regarding their life and God’s call. Reverend Brian Sinclair referenced Romans 8:28 as one of his life verses and indicated it would be expanded upon in next Sunday’s sermon. Overall the meeting was uplifting and the Holy Spirit was present. It will be exciting to see what God will do.

Personally I really did not want to leave the meeting, but it became clear that God’s purpose was met for that time and it was time to come home. Of course for me receiving a call from my wife asking me how much longer I would be, when she was home sick, was a personal prompt. I know when I left the meeting I felt a sense of God’s joy. For me it felt a sign of God’s clear working, regardless of how this all plays out. In my mind, thoughts certainly went to the possibility of Brian’s wife being able to come along my wife in her ongoing current journey of healing. It seemed to me that perhaps they would connect. Yet, only God knows if that will be the case because there are a lot of decisions between now and then.

Now sadly, my wife and I will miss out on the rest of the process of meeting and seeking God’s will related to Brian and his wife serving at New Joy as pastor/Sheppard. We will be able to cast a vote indicating an impression of God’s will on the matter. My wife not having engaged in any of the process due to illness will defer any vote but I will prayerfully submit what God stirs within me regarding the call (although this article should give the reader a good idea of what that is.)

Now in closing off this post I want to just write a prayer for New Joy and the rest of the process.

Dear Heavenly Father: I thank you for what you have done in my life for bring me and Liz to New Joy. You know the struggles we have had over the past few years and the healing we have been through. You initiated a change by calling Pastor Rich Hubert to Mexico. Now, before us is a choice to accept Brian Sinclair as your Sheppard for this branch of your church. May your will be done and made clear to all parties. May you prepare each of us from what is ahead and make your will known. Lord because of the past and the wounds that happen in our lives you know the fears and concerns. You know what each of us need and your desire for this fellowship. Continue to give us one voice. Build us up to be a people that are serving as a bridge to draw others to you and in deeper relationship with you. Make the truth of your Word be the sound foundation that is built on the cornerstone of the Gospel. May you fill us continually with you love, joy, and peace. May people come to know that at New Joy Church Your joy is its strength. May Your joy flow from each of us in abundance. May we grow in passion of relating to you our Father and be filled with love and compassion for those around us. And Lord regardless of our thoughts on the matter above all may Your will be done and may you continue to prepare each of our hearts and spirit for that you have ahead as we walk in submission to you. Thank you dear Father for all that you have done up till know. We place what is ahead in your hands and submit to you regarding this matter and any choices ahead. Thanks you for loving us, cleansing us, and drawing us deeper in relationship with you. May your will be done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit whom are worthy of all praise, glory, and honor. Amen.