A word out of silence

Two years ago this author proclaimed that this blog was being revived. A couple articles were written and Tim noticed that he had repeated what he had shared in previous article and once again the blog went silent. The other factor that was discouraging was the realization that any images used related to articles need to be original or public domain.  Today, as thoughts and prayers occur for friends and loved ones, the need to start writing here again became overwhelming.  Yet, also an odd time for the potential revitalization of this blog.  The New Year is bringing an unanticipated new directions as a Doctoral in Counseling program came into awareness and will be embarked on. So why the prompting to restart writing. Earlier this year, my wife even asked me why I don’t write for the blog anymore. I really didn’t have an answer. More then likely, it was letting elements of self get in the way, so while there was a part of me that sought to re-engage, the part of self that disengages became stronger. So why now?  Well, there is so much going on in this world that impacts believers. There are struggles real to many. There are thoughts that God has brought to my find that others may benefit from reading as I continue to grow.  Please pray that I stick with the plan for renewed writing. So, for now, this blog is no longer silent and may words flow here that build you up in God’s peace.

3 Responses

  1. I’ve read some of your posts. Within them I haven’t found a lot of peace, being shared. I have seen a lot of judgement, accusing, assumptions, presumptions, but very little peace. Maybe it’s just me, but when I see the name…peacebringer…my mind conjures up a completely different kind of article then what I’ve read here before.

    I found it interesting that you use the phrase ” elements of self get in the way ” I have seen your…self…proclaiming much in your blogs. But I have a humble suggestion for your renewed blog…use much less self…much more God and the Holy Spirit.

    I feel that you are moved by the events unfolding in this world. And that they stir you deeply. And if as you say it is the benefit to others that you seek…then His Spirit must be what leads your pen. Self can play no part in it.

  2. Terry H I am a little baffled by your observance of Tim’s past blog history. If you mean that he has been ‘judgemental’ regarding the false prophets/apostles/leaders that expound heresy then he would be absolutely right and biblical to do so. Jesus himself bore no tolerance of the likes of these imposters and made no secret of the fact. Please forgive me if I’m wrong in assuming that is what you mean but as I have followed Peacebringer’s blog closely in the past I have built an impression of him that he is a gentle, forgiving and peaceful man indeed.

    Hi Tim, I trust things are well with you and I welcome your future posts. God bless you both (Terry H and Peacebringer) and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

  3. Terry H,
    I do appreciate the feedback as it does get me to think. If you perceive my content to be “a lot of” judgment, accusing, assuming, and presuming I am not sure what you are referencing. If you look over at the “top posts” on this blog, please point out which of those you would identify as following into those descriptions and why. Now certainly there are articles and posts written that were not the wisest. Like all of us I am developing. God works with us, with what He had given us and how He made us. Yet, as with John the Baptist, we are all in process of being God dependent and God aware while self becomes less. I would disagree with “self playing no part” and God works through who He created us to be. We are all growing and all falter at times. Even when I do falter, I know God uses that in my life and life of others, as he will. I do tend to be open and will bring stuff in my life forward as part of what I write here. It is not about drawing attention to me, or even ideas that I express, but rather to learn and grow and give God glory for what He does.

    Slyvia, Perhaps there are some comments I made somewhere that would fit such a category. The thoughts and this blog have not been so much about a “particular” heresy or individual usually. In terms of how things are, best way to put it, Is continuing in the journey and continuing to grow.

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