post #wcaacc: Obstacles upon return

It was a difficult time of returning home today.  We face barriers and unexpected costs. It was an odd day.  The reason for the delays are hard to understand. It is one of those things where it is a “I don’t know” response. What happened were unexpected trials and difficulties.   It resulted in significant delay in returning home.

The obstacles did give more time for the Holy Spirit to speak and internal battles to go on.  For while today there were truly physical obstacles of delay, the obstacles that slowed me down and resulted some inertia and failure to effectively move forward come from myself. God is working in me and yes there are choices to make. The choices will not be easy for me. The changes that are being called for are things that deep down I don’t want to let go of.  But looking at it from God’s perspective in the light of truth, what is asked needs to be followed. 

Obstacles exist. Internal and external. But God is faithful. No matter what obstacle we face, when doing what God asks he will make a away. Yet, in that he may also ask for tough choices, choices that cost. Steps to take with unseen results. When God moves He oftens asks us to make choices. What choices do you need to make? Anything God is asking you to move toward or away from?   Whatever answers you may be looking for, whatever you are hoping or desiring what does God ask of you now in the midst?

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