#wcaacc Final conference day summary: Moving beyond barriers toward what is ahead.


The final day of American Association of Christian Counselors was a day filled of the moving of the Holy Spirit. God move in fitting manners in stirring my heart and mind. Now there were a variety of topics and angles presented during the course of the day yet for me there was a general theme. The theme was about moving ahead admits barriers into what God has ahead. Whatever the barrier, the answer is the same, surrender to God and move ahead. The moving ahead demands wisdom and discernment with faith and obedience. Sure there are barriers that are outside of self and externally caused. There are definitely internal barriers as well. Yet, God has provides the way and strength to move ahead. Past the sin, past the resistance, past the anger, and past the hurts into a broader experience of Him. It involves an opens and awakening. It comes from surrender. Only when responsibly follow God’s lead can there truly be forward movement into what God is shaping. And while there are plans and desires, God shapes all. His promises are sure. He does require trust and obedience. It requires release of idols and examination of self. But God will move and is faithful, but His moves may not be at all what is expected but always lead to greater growth and more than mere expectations. So no it is the time of moving ahead. God’s work in me and my emotive state is one of heaviness and examination but one of hope and celebration. For He is always faithful with His promises and is even know working in ways not fully grasp.

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  1. Rise with the tide, go with the flow,there is more in store for you!

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