Musing on the Tragic Death of Amy Winehouse

Well yesterday, 7/23/2011, the pop music artist Amy Winehouse died. Sadly, not one person is truly surprised at her death for she was living on borrowed time, long ensnared by addictions to drugs and alcohol. It was simply a matter of time. She continued to use and ultimately she died. Sadly, her one hit was the song “Rehab” which she essentially wrote and sang about her rejecting a plea for her to go to drug rehabilitation. Her is a fact, while Amy’s life and death was tragic and while many can easily sit in judgment over how sick she was and proclaim if only she would get clean, each of us are really no different. When it comes to making changes, we too often protest “No, no, no.” There are things we like, we enjoy that we really just do not want to give up. We resist calls to repentance with the reply “No, no, no.” It takes brokenness and a realization of the truth to move toward change. We all have choices to make. There are many paths to death and destruction beyond the likes of alcohol and drugs. We are selfish and walk paths even with full knowledge that it is not good. We all have trouble embracing changes and turning from the paths of death. Ultimately there is one choice each person needs to make and sadly the refrain there is too often “no, no, no.” And that choice is surrender to the Creator, to Jesus the King of Kings. All to readily the response is “They told me to submit to Jesus” and “I said no, no, no.” See, for the appeal of self-direction and choosing own life, even if well aware of the pain and emptiness with lack of true peace, is alluring. Any life that dies apart from surrender is tragic. It is the path of many, not just Amy Winehouse. It is a sad day that such a hurt and broken soul reached the death point. It is too late for Amy, it is not too late for you. Please do not cry out “No, no, no” any further. This is true even for those who have submitted to Jesus yet God is stirring you to change and let go of areas of sin in your life. Stop saying “no, no, no” and repent, for the rejection only brings more pain. Surrender, say yes, it is worthwhile!

8 Responses

  1. A hearty AMEN Tim to a well presented assessment.

  2. Excellant!

  3. Way to go Tim! Sometimes some people only see gray and they need help. For most of us the gray is only a sideshow to the glory that lies beyond and the memories of what came before, but for others they never get out of the gray…these are the ones, more than most, who need our prayers and our God!


  4. Just goes to show how much Freedom house is need in this dark world! Praying for support to continue forward!

  5. Many of us who point fingers, not just in the instance of Amy Winehouse, use other things to hide from our personal truth and God’s truth. Busyness, food, shopping, cleaning, clothing, sex and pornography, pleasure and entertainment, prescription drugs, the internet, sports and fitness, thrill-seeking and self-righteousness are on the short list. Most of these are not quite so obvious or destructive as alcohol and drugs. This should be a reminder to allow Jesus to come and clean our own house and quit saying no!

  6. Yes, sojourner, that is truly the point. For once I didn’t get all wordy on it. 🙂

  7. Well…you have judged a troubled human being. You know not if the human being had any beliefs about the supernatural. If a person kind of sorts through the rhetoric, what does he or she come up with?

    Implied justice for Amy.

    Bad bad.


  8. well sir, simply judged her as an addict and proclaiming wanting things her own way. I have no idea of where she was ultimately with God. Belief in just “supernatural” is meaningless. The point of the article is lesson for each and getting beyond self and being will to surrender, for we all have areas we cry “no, no, no.” How about you, where are you at in relation to things you should work on changing yet hold on to? Do you utimately say “no, no, no” to Jesus? I don’ t know but worth thinking about is it not.

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