In Remembrance: Sharing of Memories related to Janie Blake

My thoughts have been many since Janie Blake started her new day and left us behind. It has been hard to focus and write anything, yet there is much to write and process. It is though time to start putting down words that are on my heart. The best place to start is sharing a bit of the impact that Janie Blake had on my life and in the life of others. Yet, for me the sharing of the memories that is the story of Janie Blake and how she touched my life is not easy. See, Janie Blake in my life from the start is a mix of pain and hurt along with blessing and healing. The two really go hand in hand and are hard to separate. The elements of pain are not appropriate to write about as there are other people involved and they need to be considered and honored. So, my sharing of memories publicly is limited. However, the limit is on me being able to share the fact that God did use her in people’s lives to build them up and help them grow in love and truth by sharing love and truth.

Ultimately, the core of my relationship with Janie Blake can be summed up as a mutual sharing of love and truth. No matter what was going on with each of us being who we are, there was love and truth in operation. And honestly, most of the time, most of the memories are just us being who we are, together. This was whether sharing meals, playing games, or just having conversation. There are stark differences in our personality despite sharing that core of interacting in truth and love. Her personality was more active. She would find a way to be involved. She had to be part of the “action.” If there was something going on, rest assured Janie wanted to be a part of it. Now, my personality is one that is more observant, watchful. I want to be where action is but will often be at the edge, watching what is going on, always looking to grow and understand. Recently saw a picture from during my sophomore year on college, it was me as always on the edge, watching & observing. My nature is to meet people where they are and come along side.

Janie’s nature is that of going after someone and pulls them in. It is because of Janie that have met and cared for several people that otherwise would not have. It is even in her active pursuit that the healing, blessing, and growth that occurred in time, happened. She actively pursued with love and grace. Part of the healing pertains to my dear wife. We had a period where she ran from God in response to deep pain and disappointment. One related to a young man dying of brain cancer, the other a disappointment over a hope for job situation. Janie loved her, spoke truth, and pursued her with not knowing anything more than my wife was hurting and angry. She provided an accurate reflection of God’s pursuit, for ultimately God pursued my wife through Janie and others until she returned back to God. Janie was consistent in her pursuit and building up of others, reaching out with love and truth. She was faithful to God’s call on her life and produced much fruit. She lived who she was before God and man. She let her light shine in her actions and deeds and brought Glory to God the Father.

I hope folks take the time to share memories of Janie there are many places to do so. There is the comments section here on this blog article. There is here Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=828554733. There is my father’s Facebook page as well:!/profile.php?id=1128826601. There is also Janie Blake’s caring bridge site: There is also the option to share thoughts at the online obituary at: You also may have own resources, but please do share. I may add folks thoughts to comment sections as run across, so please subscribe to the comments in this article. I know there are many folks who have prayed for Janie and did not know her, by sharing others can know and the harvest and impact will continue.

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  1. From Facebook via Roy Roberts:
    Roy Roberts
    As we grew up our family called Janie “sister” so I will write this to her friends and to sister. We had a very loving home with a mother who loved everyone, in the house, in the town, and in the state and world. She was a smart cookie who went to college at the age of 16 having been allowed to skip two grades in school. She was a won…derful person. While we didnt have a lot of worldly goods we had a very rich childhood.

    Sister was a little younger than me but she was a spunky gal who took a lot of pride in beating me on the basketball court. She could make this really long shot that I could never make. She never let me forget it either.
    When we were young our mother let us buy a squirrel monkey. His name was jocco. We built a little pen for jocco and we got two nice big white rabbits to live in the cage with him. The monkey controlled the rabbits and in the winter he would burrow down between them and pull their ears to they stayed very tight against him. Sister woul…d take jocco out for rides in the basket of her bicycle. He traveled all over town with sister. Soon after we got him he escaped from the pen we had and stayed up in the pecan trees around our neighborhood. When I got a little older and was working a summer job I bought sister a horse. We kept the horse in the pecan orchard across the street. Jocco would run over to the orchard and climb up a tree and when the horse walked by he would jump on the horse and ride. The horse liked him and would ride him in circles around the orchard. People would come by to see that. Janie loved animals and they loved her.
    as we aged Janie began to look and take on the personality of our mother. She had such a joyous laugh and she loved people and animals and everyone responded to her joyous nature. I didn’t know how she would like living so far north but she loved Billy so much she didnt care where she lived as long as it was with him. The first winter… in MN I talked to her on the phone and I asked her how cold it was and how was she standing up to the cold. I think it was 15 below zero or something like that. She told me it was not so bad because it was a dry cold lol. I told her she must still be on her honeymoon because it didnt matter if it was dry or wet or otherwise 15 below zero was COLD. I loved my sister and I think all of you found out why that was so easy. Sister I will miss you always. I guess I am the only one left in our birth family but we have so many more now to love us all. Brother

  2. From Facebook: VIckie Roberts-
    Hi sister. It’s Vickie. We have been sisters for 41 years when we were both 18-19 and I started dating your brother and then was lucky enough to become his wife and be a part of our family. We had many fun times thanks to you. You always make me laugh and it is the memories of your smile that will lighten the sorrow of losing you. Your earthly body is gone, but your spirit will be with us always. We have peace knowing you are with Jesus. Oh, the laughter you are having in heaven. The other angels are happy you are with them. If animals are there, you are loving them…”here Dee, hey Rasal” Oh what joy. I love you so much and one day will see you again. Love, Vickie

  3. The Night Janie Blake met Jesus face to face!by Julie Marxhausen on Thursday, December 30, 2010 at 4:29pm

    Wednesday’s are usually “church” day for us but being it was right after Christmas – we weren’t heading into church. My mind was focused on Ms. Janie Blake as it had been for several weeks, but moreso this day!

    Wednesday’s Janie and I did alot of “work” at the church – so my Wednesday memories of her are many! For months she would come in early for morning bible study and we would spend the entire day at church with a few others getting “things” done. She was rarely short on energy to get right to work.

    She loved the little children and was more than happy to help teach the little ones. When she had to stop teaching for health reasons the sadnes was evident! Yet the love hasn’t stopped!

    My thoughts were on Janie all Wednesday! I perused her facebook page – looking at pictures – smiling – remembering! I checked out her caringbridge page – smiled and remembered as I read her journal entries! A friend and I reminisced and talked about Janie, the battle she continued to wage, and the certainty of her victory in heaven! 1 Corinthians 15:54 “But when this perishable will have put on the imperishable, and this mortal will have put on immortality, then will come about the saying that is written, ‘Death is swallowed up in victory.”

    My husband went out to their house in the morning and reported the wonderful time he had as the Lord was preparing them all for Janie’s homecoming. When the phone call came that Janie’s breathing was getting more labored my husband and I jumped in the car and headed out to their place. While driving we got the call Janie was with Jesus!

    When we got to the house there was a sense of relief and peace that passes understanding. There lay Janie’s body in the living room and as I knelt beside her bed, and stroked her face and arm, the finality and sting of death hit, the tears flowed freely, and I shook but the feeling was not of grief but of loss. It was not of sadness but of relief. Surely, the stillness screamed loud and clear but the love of God and presence of His Spirit saturated the atmosphere! In the moments I looked at her it was as though a movie played in my mind, as Holy Spirit brought to remembrance every experience I shared with Ms. Janie!!! I was moved! I was energized! I was thankful! Oh yes! I could not stop the tears from coming nor did I want to! They were and are tears of relationship with a woman I shared the most important thing in life with – my faith in Jesus!

    I was struck by my lack of “grief” so today went to the Word of God to explain the tears and loss. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 “But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus

    Yep, Janie went to sleep in Jesus last night and awakened face to face with Him. The reality of this struck home last night as the tears flowed. The hope we have in Jesus is so real and alive. The sorrow we experience is filled with hope as we believe that just as Jesus died and rose again, Janie died and has risen again. As Christians we know this is true but sometimes we need the reminder!

    Death is not the end – it is the beginning! I am so happy for Ms. Janie because even so, God has brought Janie with Him because she fell asleep in Jesus and she finally gets to see Him smile! I am smiling as I think about them together! Oh, yes, the tears will still flow, the loss will still be felt, but we are filled with hope not with grief, we are filled with love not with loss, we are filled with joy not with sorrow, and we are filled with memories with many more to make! Today is a new day for all of us! I can only imagine what Janie is doing today in her new day – I think we should make the best of ours don’t you?

    We have a hard time getting people into our church on time. 🙂 So most weeks Janie would sit in her pew and shout out “What time is it Pastor?” (you must hear her drawl as you read that) and he would reply “It’s time to worship!” And we would all laugh and say Amen! It’s time to worship today! Janie has the privilege of worshipping Him around the heavenly throne today and for eternity! We will continue to worship here until we join her! How exciting IS that? Together here and together there! Worshipping God everywhere!

  4. My God thoughts about Janie Blake who labored and transitioned from death to life on 12/29/2010!by Julie Marxhausen on Thursday, December 30, 2010 at 1:58pm

    Janie and I “shared” my sugarbabies since hers lived so far away! I was honored!

    Thoughts about Janie Blake!

    Several years ago we visited this church, Calvary Worship Center, and there was this couple, older than us, who had their one arm around each other and the other lifted high to the sky praising Jesus! I was enthralled to see another “older” couple passionately in love with one another and with Jesus! Little did I know my husband would later be called as Senior Pastor to this church and we would minister together with Bill and Janie for nearly four years! What a privilege it was to walk side by side with them as friends and partners in ministry. Am I saying it was always easy? Not at all! We definitely had our differences making our relationship richer in every aspect!

    Janie Blake! I can hear her say “Juuuulie” with that southern drawl just as clearly now as when she last said my name.The last words she spoke to me were “I luv you too!” and I truly treasure her love for me.

    What I remember about Janie most though is her tenacity to never back down! She stood for the Lord and for what she believed in until her dying (living) breath! But that didn’t come without some challenges as well! Janie never backed down from a disagreement with me either. If she didn’t like something I said or did, she was quick to say, “Juuulie, we need to tauck!” It is one of the things I treasure most about her – she never just let things go but rather confronted them – and since I like to confront and then get on with love and life too- we were a perfect fit!

    She was eager to help me do anything – and I mean anything! She helped me organize the entire church kitchen (again), all the Sunday School materials from years of collecting, clean and organize an entire storage room upstairs in the church (a major project), teach the little children, work on starting a library at the church, outreach projects, and the list goes on. It didn’t matter what I asked her to help with she was there, and would get rather perturbed with me if I didn’t ask! It was at those times she would look up at me (I often ask the Lord why He gave me such “short” friends making me feel like a giant 🙂 and say “I am here to help you. You’ve got to tell me how I can help you.”

    One thing I always know about Janie Blake! She looked at my heart! When we didn’t see eye to eye and we would wrestle with words, I never doubted for one moment that she loved me and was going to remain steadfast. When we came to the church, many of her friends left the church, yet she stayed as a loyal and trusted co-worker in Christ!

    She loved babies and would “challenge” my unwillingness to share my grandbabies – she finally won me over and I started sharing my “sugarbabies” with her and she showered them with all the love she could. She is a special lady to my daughters, working side by side with them, loving on them as her own. For that, I am forever grateful since I love for them to get loved on by “church” basement ladies (hope you catch the humor of that).

    I have more but that is for the next note!!!!!

    (posted the 2 out of order from how Julie wrote them)

  5. From Dad’s notes:
    Little lost doggyby Bill Blake on Friday, December 31, 2010 at 10:35am
    Poor little diddle (Dee) is so much at a loss – she is really moping around and refuses to sit with me in the recliner — Janie and I always sat together on the recliner and Dee would snuggle in between us. If Janie wasn’t with me or was in the bedroom she HAD to be where Janie was at. She won’t sleep in her bed in the bedroom at night either.

    The starage part is that when Janie took trips and I was here with Dee she didn’t act this way. Seems like somehow Dee knows and is grieving. She either lays on her bed under the steps or has begun going upstairs and lays so she can see down to the living room. Rascal on the other hand is even more attentive and comes to comfort me more than ever. Over two years ago he started just coming up to me and laying his head in my lap and looking at me with those sweet eyes. In the last year or so he started trying to keep me from leaving for work in the mornings. Somehow I think we don’t fully understand what dogs know or think or feel – they obviously experience life in ways that are different than we do but perhaps there is more going on than we may realize.

    Hoping Dee will get back to her spunky self – in some ways she filled our home with energy and joy just as janie did. She was a lot noisier than Janie though — LOL

  6. posted to Janie’s facebook by Ron Allen:
    Ron Allen
    I will also add a video of remembrance and dedication to Janie, give Jesus a great big hug from all of us!!

    Thank You – Ray Boltz

  7. Duane Hansen
    The battle is over! The victory is won!!
    Don Moen – If You Could See Me Now Lyrics Our prayers have been answered I finally arrived The healing that had been delayed Is now realized No one’s in a hurry There’s no schedule to keep We’re all enjoying Jesus Just sitting at His feet If you could see me now I’m walking streets of gold
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  8. Keturah Faith Marxhausen
    my lovely Janie! I miss you so much! part of me wants to be selfish and wish you were still here to give me one of your special hugs(: but the other part of me is thankful that you are finally out of pain and you are dancing with Jesus.(: you’ve made such an impact on my life! you were such an amazing woman of God! even as I type this, I can’t help but remember your infectious laugh and your beautiful smile that lit up the whole room! I will never, ever forget you ♥ thank you for everything! I love you so much! have fun with Jesus(:
    Wednesday at 10:51pm ·LikeUnlike · Comment

  9. Lori Bechtold
    This is one of my son’s favorite songs of all time and I believe this version is fitting. I dedicate this to all friends of Janie Blake. This is in the memory of her love for children and her joyful gracious spirit. Plus it made me smile!

    Big House – Audio Adrenaline
    Big House Children’s Worship Video (Audio Adrenaline)
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  10. the Big House Video link

  11. Where does one start when it comes to memories of Janie? Janie is one of the kindest, loving compassionate persons I’ve had the privilege of calling my friend. Janie and Bill are the type of people who truly mean it when they say they care and are there for you!

    She was one of the few people to call me by my given name, where most just call me Barb, she called me Barbara, and it was always used in such a loving way, never condescending, yet, I knew when she used my full name to listen up, because words of wisdom where about to come my way. Her love for people I would say was third only to her love for her husband and family, with the her Lord being her first love. I will miss her quiet gentle ways and humor. She could take a joke as well as she gave one, never taking herself too seriously, yet taking her desire and mission to serve God as her first priority.

    Heaven is rejoicing that she is there with them, and I rejoice that she is there, standing tall and whole, dancing and worshiping our Lord.

    I love you Janie, and look forward to the day when we can all be together again, worshiping at the Master’s feet!

    Until then my friend, we will carry on….

  12. It’s hard to even know where to begin in my memories of Janie here with us. I have known her since 1996 when her and Bill came to Calvary Temple (Calvary Worship Center). From the beginning, it was clear that Janie loved people and loved for people to come to know the Lord and Savior she so passionately loved and knew.

    My memories of being out at the house and on that deck with her in the summers enjoying coffee, soda, bible time and just good awesome talks Are awesome memories I will always cherish now.

    It’s not that I always was the easiest person and Janie and I as far as saying it as it is would sometimes cause a rift so to speak with us. LOL!!! Never did it separate us although, I am quite a stubborn person but, Janie although, she does share a bit in the stubborn department depending on the subject, just kept at it until all was good.

    There was time I left the church for a while and Janie would still continue to try and reach out to me and draw me back in. When I did return to church and really getting connected again, Janie and I took off as if I had never left. Her and Bill have been an integral part of many people coming to the Lord.

    I am so blessed to have had the chance to really spend the last few days there with her at the house however, as I would go to sit in the kitchen and see that deck and scenery out the back sliding door, I found myself saddened at the thought that, Janie and I would never sit there together again.

    I miss you so much Janie. I know you are alive and praising with the Angels and so free now and that is my one and only peace in all of this.

    Here in life, You were an amazing woman of God whose heart always was for others and even as you are up in heaven, your memories of here and the person you were to so many, will be what keep many fighting the good fight of faith!!! I love you so much!!!

    I wish I could have seen your entrance into heaven with that bubbly laugh and southern drawl up there. Oh, how I miss the laughs from you. Oh, how I even miss you pretending you wanted to punch me even just a few short days ago and those looks you would give me. And yes, even you sticking your tongue out at me. LOL 🙂

    Janie Blake, A Woman after God’s own heart who, wanted all the best for others and to be a part of helping and doing anything needed. Full of Love, compassion and a mighty woman of Prayer.

    Again, I love you so much Janie and my loss of you here with us on this side is so hard and yet, the Joy of knowing you have reached your ultimate home going where you are healed forever more and safe in the arms of God!!!

  13. Sunday, January 16 · 2:00pm – 5:00pm


    Location Coheelee Creek Covered Bridge


    Created By Bill Blake


    More Info
    Information on Souther Memorial for Janie

    In regards to the memorial service. unless Thurman has some problem with it I have it scheduled for Sunday, Jan 16th at 2pm cst at Coheelee Creek Park in Hilton Georgia. It will be somewhat informal and I would want to invite her Ga friends and former co-workers from the Nuclear Plant plus family and other friends. We have been going through pictures and memoriabilia we have and plan to h…ave a poster board to display some of the items we have.

    There is a web address that gives directions to the park. It is
    Billy if you can check for names and phone numbers for Janie’s Georgia friends I would appreciate getting them as I do not have any of that information.

    If I remember correctly there is a pretty little waterfall at the park and I would invite all who wish to too help send Janie on her way over that pretty waterfall we played in as youngsters. I think she would be proud of us all in both MN and Ga and Al.

    Please inform those not on Facebook

  14. First Saturday of the new yearby Bill Blake on Saturday, January 1, 2011 at 9:15am
    First morning of the new year -first morning of total peace in the house since the beginning of December -PTL for peace – a good time of reflection

    When Janie began needing me to help her with simple things like getting out of bed, walking, taking her meeds, and even eating I felt like it was a burden. After the Holy Spirit dealt with me that feeling soon gave way to considering it a privilege and honor. Interestingly as I sat down in OUR recliner I not only missed her being next to me but I also missed taking care of her. And I can’t express how much I miss our morning time of praying out loud together – even when she was too weak to pray out loud I could feel her spirit praying with me. I continue to pray out loud just as when she was here and I can’t help but wonder if she doesn’t stop and and take notice and thank her Jesus for all the mornings and evenings we prayed together. As I look forward to Sunday morning I remember how special a time it was for us to stand arm in arm and worship our Lord in song. I’d guess it will be an emotional time for me and I wonder if she won’t turn her head our way and join in.

    Lest you think these reflections are producing grief let me assure you that it is more a case of remembering the blessings of sharing in prayer and worship and of the unconditional love we share. I say share because we love each other with an undying love – oor love is eternal. For her I will be there with her worshiping our Lord in the blink of an eye. For me, however long it is, I will cherish what we shared here on earth and also embrace the new things the Lord will bring into my life.

    Sweet janie – Even though I miss all the things we shared I rejoice that you have completed your journey to eternal life. I love you with an undying love – our love is eternal. I look forward to joining you whenever the Lord calls me and to worshiping by your side just as we did in this world.

  15. I’m so glad we were able to see Janie in the past few weeks before she went to be with Jesus I am one of Bill’s daughter-in-laws, married to Rob. We came into town on Dec 16 from Philadelphia (now Rob is hopefully on the ground again in MN less than a week since we returned to be with the family during the services for Janie). I knew that this would not be an easy visit since this same time last year my Mother was dying in much the same way as Janie (of breast cancer). I cried on the way to visit her remembering my Mom and the struggle she had had the year prior.

    I remember Janie sitting on the floor playing games with the family and with our son, Anant. She has always been so kind and loving to us. When we visited this time I saw glimpses of how Janie was with Anant before. She would say “whatcha doin’?” looking at Anant playing in the floor when she was so sick. The last thing I said to Janie, giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek, before we left to come back to Philadelphia, was that I would see her soon. She said “promise”, I said “yes”, knowing that it would probably be soon in heaven. She has joined my Mom on the other side where there is no more suffering or pain and where Jesus wipes every tear from their eyes. They are infinitely healthy now and we are waiting here to join them, outwardly wasting away but being renewed day by day in Christ (living with the quietness of where they were in our lives). The silence in the place of where they were can be unbearable at times to deal with and I can only take one day at a time. So, we continue the fight so that we too will hear “well done good and faithful servant” as they have.

    I remember Janie sitting on the floor playing games with us and with our son, Anant. She has always been so kind and loving to us. When we visited this time I saw glimpses of how Janie was with Anant before. She would say “Whatcha doin’?” looking at Anant playing in the floor when she was so sick.

    I weep with you all as you miss Janie and rejoice with you all as well that she is finally with Jesus. I can’t wait to hear how God is glorified in the services for Janie Sunday and Monday.

  16. Star Trib guest book enteries:
    December 31, 2010
    My deepest sympathies to Janie’s family and friends. She was a wonderful person. I had the pleasure of getting to know Janie for over 12 years while working at Farley Nuclear Plant in Dothan,Al. She was a very kind, loving and gentle person. May your memories comfort you, strengthen you and bring you peace.
    ~ Priscilla Andrews-Ford, Dothan, Alabama December 31, 2010
    Billy and all family and friends,
    Our hearts are with you and our prayers for comfort and peace.
    January 02, 2011
    Bill and Tim;have the peace and confidence that you will see Janie again. She would always put a smile on my face when I saw her. the Holy Spirit just radiated from her! God Bless All of you for taking care of her, now she’s in the Lords Hand. In my prayers.
    ~ Greg Austin, St Louis Park,, Minnesota |Contact Me January 01, 2011
    What a beautiful woman of God who touched the lives of so many with her hugs, smile and love. Janie’s faith is exemplary to all who knew her. She always had an open heart and open home for friends and loved ones! While she will be deeply missed, I rejoice in her new beginning of her life in eternity with the Lord! Oh how she loves Him! What a day of celebration it shall be when we reunite in heaven! Blessings, love and prayers to her family and loved ones.
    ~ Elizabeth James, Plymouth, Minnesota January 01, 2011
    2 Timothy 4:7, 8 – 7) I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith. 8) Now there is in store for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, will award to me on that day and not only to me, but also to all who have longed for his appearing. She fought the good fight … she finished her race and she kept the faith. Janie is a tremendous example to all of us and she is in a better place. BUT, we will all miss her greatly.
    ~ Gordon and Nancy Peterson, Minnetonka, Minnesota January 01, 2011
    I met Janie and her husband a few years back showing them around in Blue Ridge. She was a remarkable person!
    ~ Shirley Sisson, Blue Ridge December 31, 2010
    What a difference she made to me and my marriage. She has been a blessing to us and we will miss her! I praise God for her witness and teaching to me.
    Kathie and Dale Ziebarth
    ~ Kathie Ziebarth, Elk River, Minnesota

    January 03, 2011
    Janie~thank you so much for your love and support and your guidance. i can see you walking the streets of gold and dancing. thanks for showinghow to stand up right for the Lord in spite of the pain.
    ~ Bridget Murphy, Salem, South Dakota |Contact Me January 03, 2011
    We all know Janie is feeling no pain and is singing Praises to our Lord Jesus in Heaven today. I remember Janie always had a wonderful smile and the Joy of the Lord in her heart always. We will miss her smiling face in this world and look forward to seeing her in Heaven.
    ~ Josh & Carla McNeil, Madison, Alabama January 03, 2011
    Janie was such a wonderful woman of God. I will never forget the impact she had on me, and always being there for our family. She taught me so many things I couldn’t list them all. Janie brought me through my very beginning steps with Christ, and some difficult emotional and medical issues, and helped my children learn to love the Lord. She especially made a huge impact on one of my children. He is very saddened that she is no longer with us, but promises to carry on everything she taught and believed for him. Janie, thank you for everything that you did. My family will miss your hugs, laughter, and attitude of being a strong praying woman. You were always a blessing to everyone that you met. To Bill, Tim, and the rest of her family, thanks for sharing her with all of us. Love ya Miss Janie.
    ~ crystal visneski, Minneapolis, Minnesota |Contact Me January 03, 2011
    We all know Janie is pain free singing praises to our Lord Jesus in Heaven today. It was always a Joy to see Bill and Janie every year at the System Safety Conference. Janie always had a wonderful smile and the Joy of the Lord in her heart. We will miss her sweet spirit and wonderful smile in this world. God Bless you,
    ~ Josh & Carla McNeil, Madison, Alabama January 02, 2011
    Memories of Janie

    Bob & I met Bill & Janie in the summer of 2004 at a dinner at the System Safety conference in Rhode Island. We ‘happened’ to sit with them & one other couple – none of us knew each other but all of us were Christians. After that evening I managed to convince Janie to do some sightseeing with me & some of the other ladies at the conference. We never looked back
    ~ Joan & Bob Fletcher, Ottawa, Ontario

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