News Commentary: Terry Jones Quran Burning Threats

Sometimes it is worth wondering what goes through the mind of some people. The news and blogs are filled with stories about the Reverend Terry Jones and the World Dove Outreach Center and his announced plan to hold a Quran burning on 9/11/2010. The plan to do this was largely to protest the proposed building of a Muslim prayer center and mosque near ground zero. Recent reports were that he cancelled the Quran burning but now he is possibly changing his mind again claiming the Imam  Muhammad Musri assured him the Mosque would be moved. Sadly, this whole event reflects badly on those of Christian faith. The whole incident gives those promoting all religions as one such as the United Nations “Alliance of Civilizations” fodder for painting Christians in a negative light because of the actions of a few. The result is polarization and marginalization that pushes people away from the faith and more accepting of the tolerant, morally inclusive perspective espoused by the United Nations.

Now those facts are what they are, if not for Reverend Terry Jones there would be someone else engaging in behavior that brings the Christian faith into ill repute and gives those in the world reasons to polarize and marginalize. So here is the question, when we are unhappy with events in the world and the actions of others, what is to be the response of a follower of Jesus? What does the bible direct us? In terms of confronting evil, the bible is perfectly clear: 2 Corinthian 10:4 (NIV) The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. See the thing is we can often lose perspective. We can forget that as followers of Jesus we are not of this world but Ambassadors. What we say and do matters. We reflect the image of Jesus to the world. Yet, many get caught up in things that do not matter to making disciples and become too focused on wanting to build a good moral world of our liking that we can live comfortably in. So two things can happen as a result, trying to force others into living by your moral standards with no true change of the heart, or to live with a perspective that it does not matter what you believe, just so long as you work toward the good of all humanity. Neither should be the mindset of Jesus the Messiah. We are to make disciples and bring people into relationship with Jesus. It is easy to lose that focus and get distracted by many things. This is why Jesus in the Olivet discourse directed and warned us to stay awake. This is why we are directed in Scripture to stay sober minded and alert for it is easy to get side tracked, deceived, and distracted which results in missing what God is doing. We all have a choice. Either we engage in methods of world such as protest or we look to find a way to reach out to others in love and truth without compromise. Each of us needs to make the choice every day.


2 Responses

  1. First, I do not think it is smart to burn the Quran as it does nothing to advance the Great Commission. On the other hand I find the hypocrisy of the situation in the news striking, especially that coming from the Obama Administration. Did you know the administration ordered the burning of Bibles in Afganistan?

    Clearly the US government is not concerned about diversity and being sensitive to a persons religious beliefs when condemning the Florida pastor, as it purports. It seems that fear has won the day, exactly what radical Muslim’s have aimed to achieve.

    CNN News Video

    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton responding to Florida church’s plans on 9/11


  2. Rather than thinking about what the “muslims” have accomplished, take a look at the New Age movement and the UN AOC. Examine who is behind the mosque for example. It is a AOC initiative.
    It is where the “world” is going and actions like what Rev. Terry Jones suggests do not advance the Gospel in love and truth. Yet, that being said, what is it that each of do or say that also gets in the way. It is easy to point at what others do wrong. It is easy to point at the evil of the world. Guess what, the world is filled with evil and darkness and people seeking to advance “humanity” or advance self. It does not advance the Kingdom of God.

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