Getting back on track

Well, things have been quieter in terms of posting of late on this blog. The most recent cause of being quiet is a having a flu bug that also resulted in some dehydration and a trip to the ED.  The goal is to get back to posting on an ongoing basis.  In terms of getting “restarted” there are some thoughts would like to share that have come to mind.

The first thought is about the general effects of getting “dehydrated.”  First of all there are varying degrees of getting dried out.  Thank God for me the dehydration was not life threatening and the only electrolyte change was lowering of sodium.  However, open rehydrating there were some distinct consequences.  My mouth and comes upon rehydration were filled with cracks and sores.  My thoughts are that when we become spiritually dried out from own choices or a wilderness time of life, there is pain and healing that occurs in the process.  Part of healing involves going through the pain of what occurred during the dry period.  

The other thought is that at times in our lives we reach points where we need intervention outside of self. When I became dried out I made attempts of taking care of the issue myself. I consumed a large amount of water. Yet, my body reached a point where outside intervention was necessary.  In the same sense, in our spiritual lives we may at times reach point where we need outside intervention both in terms of direct interactions with God and interactions with others in the body of Christ.  None of us are meant to be “going it alone” and while some of us may have skills needed to grow,  we do need other members of the body of Christ.

The last thought is about how easy it is difficult to get back on track. It is easy to let things slide a day here, a day there. The next thing you know days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months.  Lists of tasks and projects can get a point where it is overwhelming and difficult to re-engage.  Our self easily can rest what is comfortable and there are many barriers that can and will raise themself up.

So now where does that leave me. It is time to get back on track. There are consequences of the flesh, of having reached a dry point. There are thoughts and actions that need to occur to get back on track.  There needs to be increased intentional and active engagement verses passively following the things of self.


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  1. Hi Tim, when you said this

    ” In the same sense, in our spiritual lives we may at times reach point where we need outside intervention both in terms of direct interactions with God”

    I’m thinking you mean a deeper level of prayer than we normally do, correct? I know I have been discovering a really deep level this year, that goes, really, too deep for words. I reach for Him with my heart when words just don’t express, or when I would scream if I did try to vocalize. In fact, I do know its bad with you too, and, its getting to where I hit a breaking point at least once a year, the pressures seem to never end lately. I know a lot of others who are saying the same. But if this helps you any, and it really inspires me, I know a very dedicated Christian, who after much suffering, and some very deep life lessons, finally got a really beautiful breakthrough, so, yes, it does happen. Eventually. Just knowing that helps me hang on. God bless you deeply, Tim, you’re a very special Brother In Christ.

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