Living in truth: AI9 Lacey Brown testimony and song

The songs and testimony included in this blog post are powerful and the Holy Spirit is evident. They are what Lacey Brown shared at some church at some point recently. Before you watch the videos I want to share some thoughts. In watching American Idol season 9, personally felt drawn and a connection with contestant Lacey Brown. This was felt once they got to the audition phase. There was something unique about her and felt when she sang she touched more than heart and soul and could touch people at the level of spirit. This was in part how God created her, and in part God working through her.At the time felt led to send her words of encouragement and found her on twitter and Facebook. I later found out she was a pastor’s kid from a small church in Texas, Victory Church. From the human perspective, sadly she had an early exit from the show, but yet now feel that she was there as long as God intended and God has a ministry for her to reach out to people.
In the video that follows she speaks of God having a story for each us, in terms of how our life unfolds. She references some of the barriers we face, including battling fears, which was a significant battle for her. Above all, she talks about living our lives in such away that we live true to what God created us to be, with our entirety. She referenced living beyond labels and living in truth. Living in truth is a theme that is central to what God is doing and saying to me lately. This is evidenced in the previous article and what stirring up. Live who God created you to be, truly. Walk in truth, be on guard for there are traps and enticements that will twist you to living in untruth. As Lacey referenced these may be labels placed on your, or false identity that you have accepted even rooted sins. There is freedom and you can walk and live in truth and bring God Glory.
So please take time to view the videos and let God stir you up and touch your life and let God move in you to show you what is needed to live further in Truth.


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