Significant Flooding in Alagoas & Pernambuco Brazil: Several Killed, Many Missing

 Recently received email from my mother-in-law who lives in Maceio, Alagoas, Brazil.  The cities around Maceio have been devastated by flooding. One article reports that over 180,000 people have been displace and the flood is being described as the “Northeastern Tsunami.”  The flood is attributed in some articles to the flooding of the Mundau River and the breaking of dams such as one near Rio Largo from recent torrential rainfall. The areas impacted by the flooding are areas often of extreme poverty. 

My mother-in-law sent some pictures in a email but did not report the source of the pictures. They have been uploaded here:  Here is what my mother-in-law had to say:

Look at what a destruction we had in Alagoas! They have a tsunami like Katrina. We are working hard to help thousands of people that lost all that they had. For a while they are needing clothes, shoes and food, etc They are sheltered in Schools, Churches, Relatives´home, friends and others. We are seeing a mobilization from Government: Federal, State, Cities Hall  and the people in general, including also Churches to help. Our Fellowship Church is working hard, recruiting foodstuff, and other goods, like mineral water, etc. They are without drinkable water also. There are still many disappeared. Families that have lost relatives. Sure there are still many bodies under debris. They say wherever you go, you feel  the  bad smell  that  is terrible from cats, dogs, and people died. The situation is chaotic, painful,dolorous and hard.  We guess it will take about 8 or more months to build part of what was destroyed. Prayers are  necessary also to calm those people and their families. Let´s pray, OK? A big hug and love. Sonia

So keep the area in thoughts and prayers. If I learn of anyway to provide assistance to the area the information will be posted on this blog. In the meantime pray. Ultimately the number of natural disasters and manmade disasters will continue to increase. These are all birth pangs, but understanding this factor should make one more aware of time is ever drawing short and there are many who need to hear the Good News of the Gospel.  Pray for the Churches in these areas to be able to share God’s love in the midst of fear and suffering.

Here are some videos highlighting the flood devastation:


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  1. This is heartbreaking Tim. Our work is in a similarly poor area further South in Brazil as you know and these people have so little already. Even the oil leak in the gulf, as bad as it is, does not affect daily living like these sort of tragedies and you are right to draw attention to their plight. Thanks so much for posting. I certainly will join you in prayer for them.

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