Noah’s Ark found?

News broke today of an archeological team that may have discovered Noah’s Ark.  Here is one of the initial news stories: The initial website was located here: and but strangely the information has currently been pulled. Whether it is assessed to be genuine or some ruse remains to be seen.  A good history of the search for Noah’s Ark can be found at

There have been multiple other times folks have claimed to have made a find. This time the claim is complete with pictures of a wooden area at high altitude and carbon dating going back over 4000 years.  This find is met with skepticism, mockery,  awe, and curiosity by many.  Only God knows at this point for sure if this find is the genuine ark.  I pray that even the potential find does turn some to seek God.   This is something worth watching and waiting. Generally the find will do little to alter anyones faith or belief, yet if genuine it should bring folks to at least question their assumptions.