Taking time in midst of busyness

Recently an old friend wrote me letting me know of being in a real busy season in life.  I can relate to being in a season of busyness.  Currently have two jobs and have started working on developing own private mental health practice.  It all takes work.  Add into the busyness things that God has also called me to do, such as writing and managing a forum.  Further add in the caring for wife and family and things get stretched.  When thinking about the busyness the importance of being intentional with rest is clear.  When I don’t get rest, I get irritable, tired, and cranky.  Also the more tired I am, the easier it is to set aside work or tasks that make it difficult to work through later as work piles up.  So the goal is learning to streamline and giving self permission to take breaks. It is also making sure that my relationship with God remains high priority and balance the priorities properly.  Here is the thing, being busy is always an excuse. If being busy results in impairing relationship with God or family then something needs to be readjusted.  If you do  not take time to rest, you will suffer. God gave the Sabbath commandment for a reason.  Ultimately if cannot regain balance and stay on course with what God has put in before you, then something needs to change and give.  It is real easy even to cover up difficulties and bury self in being busy.   Ultimately being busy can be a good, Godly thing, leading to fruitfulness. It can also be simply being a hamster on a wheel, lots of activity going nowhere.  Each occurence is different. Each person needs to evaluate and ask God to reveal what needs to change regarding being busy.  To be fruitfully busy priorities, intentionality, and rest need to all be in fine balance.


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