Musing on Endless Litnanies of Rationalizations for Lack of Intentionality

Sitting here thinking tonight and where I am in various goals and changes in my life.  Started off the year with goal to be more intentional with writing articles for the blog.  Also started being more intentional with spending time in God’s word.  Now with that being said, late last summer and into the fall had engaged in concerted effort to begin making changes to diet and food intake. In the process had managed to lose about 30 pounds. Since the fall and being upset with some things and simply working on own, began to slacken slowly but surly.  Tonight thinking about adding some weight back and the recent increased silence in the blog is the reality of there existing endless litanies of rationalizations.  These actions do require acts of intentionality. It takes intentional effort to change. It takes discipline to stick to diet when rather would surrender to the desires of self.  Now, there are some changes have stuck to such as in general what I have been eating and overall portion sizes.  Yet, the things that are easy for me to let slip in here and there do add up. One extra snack here, one little bit there and soon eating a bit more and gaining weight. I can keep telling myself just a little bit extra today. I am doing okay, it won’t hurt.  It was winter, I am just more hungry than I was, I will  make it up.  These are just sad excuses for giving way to maintaining unhealthy choices. 

The blog silence is another area where making lots of excuses.  “I have too much work to do.”  “I just need to rest.”  “I really need to finish the important article and want to make sure wording just right. ”   These are all rationalizations and excuses.  Here is the thing. When we engage in such rationalizations, self is being put first.  Not only that but lack of the good and healthy is missed.  What person may miss out on reading an article because I simply did not write it sooner.  Did the impact become less because I did not get to it.  There is a need on my part to be more intentional and consistent in direction.  Now one of the rationalizations is that my mind is and has been tracking varied threads of information and ideas so it is easy to get sidetracked from one to another.  It is easy to keep putting things off when you are accountable to your self and God.  This is even true in doing steps of building a psychology practice. I can rationalize and spin things all sorts of different ways, but it comes down to making intentional choices and moving forward in specific directions. 

How about you?  Are there things and ways you are rationalizing or avoiding? Are you walking in less than what God would have of you at the moment? Are there things undone? Are there things unfinished?  Have you slipped back to old patterns from changes you had previously made?   Each  day we need to make a choice.  Even each moment. Are we moving more towards what God is calling us, or do we settle for the comfort and indulge in the unhealthy?  Well, the key is when you recognize slips and lapses to pick up and start over.  One goal at a time.  Tonight and tomorrow and a  new start.  Time to refocus the intentionality. After all, we just celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus, who gave his life that I may be redeem and free. This perspective is needed, for without that foundation there is no point to any intentionality and the endless litanies and self-deceipt will grow, dominate, and destroy.