Christian Creativity: Sand Art- The Passion by Joe Castillo

Just learned of some Christians using the medium of sand art.  I once saw a video of sand art before and found it interesting but empty as it wasn’t being used to point to Jesus.  I did not look around at that time to see if anyone was using the medium to point to Jesus.  Joe Castillo is one such artist. Will post other videos at another point and time but wanted to highlight this one.  It also should encourage all to use your gifts in a way that points to Jesus to build His Kingdom.


3 Responses

  1. That was pretty awesome. The visuals would really mesh well with a good voice-over telling the story behind the images, either straight Scripture, or some good words to back the imagery.

    I can’t draw to save my life, and I could just faint with wonder to see someone do art that well with no evident effort…

  2. You can see a number of his other videos here

  3. Take a look at Sand Art: Wild Animals of Africa by Joe Castillo

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