Dream of Sad Preacher

This was another email from Andrew Strom’s email list. Unable to find an original publishing website. The dream has a definite truthful spirit and worth republishing.


-by ‘Bubsie’ – South Africa – 18th Feb 2010.

[Bubsie] dreamt or had an open vision that she was in her bedroom
when she heard the voice of God call her and ask her to wake up.
… He asked her to go to a church as there was a man there that
needed her help. No directions were given but as she drove in her
car she seemed to know where to go and she arrived at a very
large church building: it was magnificently constructed and was a
dome-shaped hexagonal building that stretched for a great distance:
there were smaller dome-shaped buildings that were in the back-
ground: she approached the gates without hesitation and entered
a massive parking lot: there were a few cars but very little movement
and no people.

As she entered the building she saw the church and many corridors
with many offices leading off them and a few people walking around
who appeared busy with administration work: they didn’t talk or
acknowledge her or each other and appeared emotionless with very
little movement as they walked as well:

She continued to walk a distance before she saw the door to the
administrative block : it was closed. She opened it and entered
and saw an office, the door was open and as she entered she saw
a man behind a huge desk made of cherry wood: he appeared to
be the minister: he was very well groomed, not Indian, White or
Black, more Middle Eastern looking: he was very well attired in
a smart suit and he had expensive rings on each finger including
the thumbs and a watch and chain on each hand respectively:
on the right hand wall of the office she saw a display of knives:
they were Eastern, looked Chinese/Japanese. On the desk itself
she saw on the right hand side stacks of playing cards: they were
jumbo-sized, next to them were credit cards also jumbo-sized and
different brands of credit cards, some known to her like Mastercard
and Visa, and some unknown: there was more than one pile of
playing cards and credit cards and they were piled on the table.
To the left on the table she saw comic books: like Superman,
Batman and Spiderman: they were also in stacks and piled : In
the middle of the desk she saw a huge appointment book: To the
right of the desk on the floor she saw crates filled with bottled
mineral water.

The minister indicated to her to be seated and proceeded to tell
her about how busy he was, showing her his appointment book
with filled calender booking him for speaking engagements and
explaining to her how much he had acquired in terms of book and
tape ministry: he spoke with an arrogant, boastful tone, and used
his hands to gesticulate to indicate how much wealth was in his
possession: his right hand kept touching the credit cards and
playing cards as he spoke and his left hand kept touching the
comics as he spoke. He then asked her what she was doing there
and she told him, God sent me because you need my help: He
then began to boastfully say how no help was needed : she then
looked to the left of the office and in the corner stood a statue of
Christ: almost like how a painting of Christ is depicted but in
statue form: she felt rather than stone or marble this resembled
more a life-like statue like you get in Madame Tussard’s. As she
continued to look at the statue while the man continued to
expound on why no help was needed, she had a sense that there
was life in the statue – especially in the eyes looking at her.

At this point she got up and walked out of the office and began
walking to her car: as she reached the outside of the building, she
heard the voice of God again, talking to her in a tongue, saying to
her, I asked you to come here because this man needs your help.
As she protested that the man had stated that he didnt need her
help, she heard again the voice of God speaking to her in a tongue
telling her to go back and help the man. She made her way back
to the office and as she entered to sit down, the man said to her,
What are you doing here, I told you I don’t need your help: as he
spoke to her he was lifting his right hand and sweeping it across
as if to say, see what I have: this was when she noticed that his
left arm was missing: it had been cleanly severed at the shoulder
joint between the bone and the sleeve of the jacket and shirt had
been neatly severed as well: she noticed that it has been surgically
removed because of the cleanness of the cut and that the scar
was completely healed: she then looked at the statue and at the
feet, she saw the man’s left arm: it was still covered in the suit
and shirt and in the hand of the severed left arm was clutched a knife.

The man then started to ask her what she was doing there and as
she said, God told me that you need my help, he stopped her and
said, I don’t need your help: I can use my right hand to do whatever
I want and a few people entered the room and one of them handed
him a bottle of mineral water which he lifted with his right hand to
his mouth to drink, demonstrating to her that her help was not
needed. He then said, I have 2300 (not sure of the exact number
he mentioned but it was around this number) of people who work
for me who can get me what I want: I don’t need your help.

At this point, Bubsie got up and left the room and the building: as
she was driving away in her car, again the voice of God remonstrated
with her in a tongue that He had told her to come here to help the
man and asked her to turn the car back, which she did. This time
when she reached the office, she saw immediately that the right
hand was missing and as she looked at the feet of the statue,
there was the right hand clutching the cards in the hand. The man
began to say confidently that she was not needed as he still had
his legs and he could walk to get to what he needed.

She left the office again and this time she reached the carpark
when the voice of God again in a tongue told her to go back to
help the man. When she got to the office, she immediately looked
at the statue and at the feet lay the left leg of the man, with the
shoe and sock taken off: again the neat severing, the surgical
healed scar: no jagged edges, no blood: she was not shocked or
even upset, merely observant, and each time she entered the
office she sat in the chair opposite the man and looked at him
and said, God told me to come here as there is a man here that
needs my help: The man said to her I don’t need your help, see,
I can still stand on one leg. He was not as confident and arrogant
and she sensed an uncertainty and anxiety in him but she got up and left.

She made it to the door of the building before the voice of God
spoke again telling her, I told you to come here : this man needs
your help. She turned back and when she got to the office, she
didn’t see him and she thought, oh good, he’s gone. And then as
she looked at the statue, the eyes of the statue were looking down
to where the man’s chair was, directing her attention to the chair:
she went around the desk and saw the man slumped in the chair:
the right leg had been  neatly severed. At this point the people
that had offered him water from before came into the room and
lifted the man in the chair and strapped him into the chair with
what looked like a seat-belt: the man asked her, What are you
doing here? and she said, God told me to come here, you need my help.

The man looked at her without arms and without legs and he said,
I still have my intellect and my connections and I can be carried
around by my people to where I need to go so I don’t need your
help. She noticed though that there was no longer confidence and
some degree of fear in him as he spoke. She got up and left the
office and reached the end of the adminsitration building when the
voice of God spoke to her again and said, Come now, I told you
to come here because the man needs your help.

As she turned around to make her way back to the office, she
realized for the very first time she actually wanted to go in to help
the man. Until now she was more obedient than willing. She also
noticed that every time she had come back the daylight slowly
faded indicating the passing of time and now it was almost dusk.

As she neared the door, the voice of God told her, I want you to
be prepared for what you are going to see before you go in. As
she entered the office, again she did not see the man and she
immediately walked around the large desk to the chair: the man
had been decapitated: again a neat surgical scar which had
healed: she did not feel any horror as she looked at this scene:

She then saw the statue come alive and Jesus walked to her and
said, I want you to carry him and revive his heart:… She swept
with one hand all the stuff off the table and laid the torso on the
table, wondering how it was she was supposed to revive the man’s
heart: She opened the shirt and then looked towards the knives
on the wall as if to see whether she should use a knife to get to
the heart and Jesus said to her, No, just touch him. As she touched
the chest, the entire sternum split in half: this time it was a fresh
cut and she saw the blood line at the point of severing and the two
parts of the chest lifted up: both her and Jesus peered in at the
same time into the chest cavity: as Bubsie looked where the heart
should be, she saw *a stone*:

Jesus did not look surprised by what He saw, but Babsie was: it
was not in the shape of a heart, rather it was just a stone that
you see at the side of the road: and as she thought, Now what
am supposed to do, am I supposed to revive the stone? She felt
the hand of Jesus touch her outstretched hand moving it away:
and He said, *No, don’t touch it, It’s too late.*  And she woke up.

When she woke up she asked the Father what she saw: She felt
that *the knives* represented the church’s dependence on its own
weaponry and other sources instead of the the Sword of truth,
*the comics* with fantasy superheroes its powerless ineffective
ego-founded demonstration of signs and wonders that have no real
power, *the playing cards* and *credit cards* it’s gambling in the
world of mammon with the prosperity gospel. The statue was the
Spirit of Christ, paralysed and confined to an image for identity’s
sake, more than anything, only allowed to come to life when the
head was severed; the bottled mineral water, being its reliance on
its own water supply, not the fresh living water that comes from
the Father. The absence of genitalia she saw as its inability to
be carriers of seed, or reproduce the life of God or bear fruit. The
arrogance and refusal to acknowledge its plight until it was too
late, despite the many times the Father had sent His prophets in
to offer help, had both of us weeping.

The most chilling aspect was that Jesus as Advocate and Redeemer
and Bridegroom was the one who said to the prophet ‘don’t touch it,
it’s too late’ when the true heart of this system was revealed to be stone.

She had one question – Why did you send me there to help, when
you knew it was too late? And she felt that the Father had sent
His prophets time and time again – and with each Sword of Truth
had exposed and severed first, the false sword (doctrine/deception)
in the church system (the knife in the cut-off left hand), next to be
exposed by the Sword of Truth was the prosperity gospel (cards
in the cut-off right hand), next the lie of the false gospel being
preached was exposed (the cut-off leg with the foot exposed),
then the false leadership structure exposed (the head): all of these
were done and sealed (healed scars) the fresh cut to expose the
true heart required the prophetic witness and is the final aspect.

Haiti Days of Prayer and Repentance

 Received this via Andrew Strom’s email list. 


Jerry Miel is a radio engineer who served as a
missionary in Haiti with World Team mission when we lived there.
He worked with the Christian station, Radio Lumiere (Radio Light).
He has gone back to Haiti to help in the aftermath of the earthquake
and makes these important observations. — Boxley

-by Jerry Miel (Feb 17). (actually per this blog article: http://haitiinhishands.blogspot.com/2010/02/incredible-day-in-history-of-haiti.html the article was written on February 12th.)

I think that I will remember this day as one of the most significant
in my life, not because of what I did, but for it’s meaning…

Today was the one month anniversary of the great Haitian earthquake.

About 3 days ago the Haitian President announced that there
would be 3 days of holiday from work for the purpose of fasting
and prayer.  This is absolutely historic.  If you have ever been in
Haiti as a visitor or missionary, could you ever have imagined
such a pronouncement? Could you image such an announcement
from the U.S. President?  This morning I saw a young Haitian-
American woman, the leader of a work team, crying because the
Americans could not understand the incredible importance of this
day and wanted to go about business as usual. Remember, it was
only about 6 years ago that a former Haitian president called the
nation to come together to rededicate the nation to Satan.

This was not “a minute of silence for the deceased” or something
as equally insignificant.  Whatever the President might have
originally intended, this became a real commitment for the Haitian
people.  As I sit here this evening, I can hear the preaching coming
from a nearby church.  Services have been going on all day…

Let me tell you what I saw and felt today.

Peniel and I had planned an inspection trip up to the Artibonite
Valley today. Right or wrong, I don’t really know, but since it was
the only opportunity, we went ahead with the trip.  As we left the
guest house about 7:30 am, we were met by throngs of well
dressed people headed to various churches.  The sounds of
Christian music and worship filled the air everywhere.  The next
observation was that there was NO traffic. Port-au-Prince streets
are always clogged and overflowing with bumper to bumper traffic.
This morning there were only a few vehicles on the roads, a few
small buses (tap taps), some UN and military vehicles, and a few
private cars.  We had clear sailing through town.  The same was
true of foot traffic.  Usually the streets are clogged also with
people walking.  Today there were only a few and many of them
dressed for church.  The only place that there were traffic blocks
was in front of several churches where the congregations had
overflowed the buildings and the yards and had moved out into
the streets as well.

The next observation was that EVERYTHING was closed!  We
could not find even one business or gas station open.  There were
no intercity buses running.  Whereas the sidewalks are usually
overflowing with millions of street venders, we only saw a few here
and there.  The huge outdoor market near the wharf where
thousands work each day and is  spread out to cover most of the
street, was EMPTY.

Where were all the people?  They were in churches and makeshift
meeting sites. Every church (except a JW church) had services
going on, almost always overflowing into the streets.  Beside
broken down churches, services were taking place outside.  In
homeless camps, there were services.  Everywhere the nation was
gathered to worship and pray.  No, I did not see any voodoo,
Islamic, or Buddhist services.  This scene was repeated in every
town and hamlet that we passed during the day.

Tonight, Pastor Ignace, who is sharing the room with me, asked
this question: “Can people still say that Haiti is a voodoo country?”
What has been happening and is continuing to happen in Haiti did
not happen because of the earthquake. It has been happening
because the Haitian people know how to pray. This is a tremendous
outpouring of God’s power as the result of prayer.  Twenty years
ago I started praying for the Gospel to change the Haitian culture.
I think that I am seeing God do that work.

The only sadness that I feel today is for our nation.  While a nation that has long been under Satan’s domination is turning to God with total commitment, our nation, founded on Godly values has rejected God and rapidly trying to forget that his name even exists.  Let us pray for revival.