“The Coin game” A deception into mockery

Recently became aware of a practice that is being declared a “sign and wonder” by some practicing it. The “game” is to ask the Holy Spirit to stick a coin to a wall.  It is referred to as an exercise in fun. It is reported by a practitioner to have developed their faith in God’s ability to do more than they imagine.  Yet, the spirit of the video posted  of “The Coin game” is not that of the Holy Spirit.  Rather, the spirit present is that of mockery.  Even the music chosen to accompany the video is that of a mocking tone.  It is really sad.  “The coin game” is also something that can occur naturally and used by others to “persuade” and influence them emotionally, as I believe the case is here, opening the door for spirits that are not the Holy Spirit.  Please only watch the posted video prayerfully, for it is grievous and stirs within my heart this call: “WAKE UP AND OPEN YOUR EYES.” 

3 Responses

  1. I don’t think they’re mocking. I think they’re like ignorant middle school girls playing seance or some other “spooky” game at a slumber party. But it’s still a dangerous thing to dabble in, especially if you plaster the Holy Spirit’s name on it.

  2. No, they are not mocking, they are deceived. The spirit but in terms of what is present during their game, and even the music with the video, is one of mockery. They are lead to mock God and they know it not.

  3. Can’t comment on this video (mainly because it’s been removed) but I’ve seen this a lot recently and even had coins stuck to the wall whilst I’ve been doing it. Of course, it’s right to be questioning it, and I think that, say, warm coins on a cold surface might explain it, but then when people start doing other things you think maybe it is supernatural. For example, a friend did it with a store/shop card and even a £5 note. Also this page towards the bottom has some more outlandish things: http://www.therisinglight.com/2010/coins-and-more-held-to-walls-and-other-surfaces-by-faith-god-having-fun-with-his-kiddies/.

    As to whether it is of God or not (if we agree it’s supernatural), well if it’s Christians doing it, praying to Jesus, then, well, it’d be a pretty weak God if He wasn’t able to prevent evil spirits doing this. There’s nothing morally wrong with sticking coins to the wall, and as long as it’s done to glorify God and not feel smug then that’s alright, plus I think Jesus set an interesting precedent when he told the disciples to find a coin in a fish they catch – he’s showing his superiority over money. How much can you buy with a penny, in contrast to the wonder and faith you could create sticking it to a wall (and having faith that God would provide to compensate for anything stuck to the wall!). I think God showing his superiority over money is vital at this time, as so many people are in love with money and trusting money, over loving and trusting God and loving and trusting others as themselves. God is desperate to speak into the situation and demonstrate that money is ultimately weak and He is ultimately the true and awesome God 🙂

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