The praise song The Horse and Rider- What it teaches us about the Joy of the Lord

Recently the praise song The Horse and Rider has been on my mind.  The song when sung is often done in a round. It is catchy tune but rarely have taken time to reflect more on the meaning of the little song.  Here are the lyrics (sadly could not find a video.)


I will sing unto the Lord
for He has triumphed gloriously;
the horse and rider thrown into the sea…

The Lord my God,
My strength and song
Is now become my victory.

The Lord is God
And I will praise Him,
My father’s God, and I will exalt Him.

The song is based on Exodus 15:1-2 when God delivered Israel from Egypt in the Red Sea. It is known as the Victory song. It celebrates God supernaturally intervening and giving Victory. God served as the defender of His people who he brought out of the slavery of Egypt. It is no different for those of us who have become His children and entered into His Kingdom through Jesus.  God is our strength and our defense.  The enemies are powerless even if it looks like all  is lost and darkness will overwhelm and win.  God assure victory. In fact the ultimate victory has already been declared through the death and resurrection of Jesus. 

So reflecting on this there are simple facts clearly stated.  God is our strength and song.   God as our strength  easier to grasp. God is our defense, or shield our covering, our attack force, and so on.  All measure and concept of strength is found in God and He shows it on an ongoing basis. 

The harder to grasp concept is God is our song.  In thinking about this song really is about a response.  Now often the words have been used as shield and reference defense but the concept of praise and source of joy is also appropriate. In essence, a response to the difficult and trying times including times of wilderness call for response beyond self.   In a sense this song and passage really reflects the concept of the Joy of the Lord. 

It is also interesting that if you think about strength and song they reflect male and female characteristics.  Strength is masculine and denotes the ability to take initiative.  Responding to others  a feminine characteristic and the use of song reflects that.  So the song really points to God being our initiative and response. In Him alone is totality and the source of all strength. 

In this is His Joy,  God’s initiative and response, including Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Godhead fully engaged, fully relating to us.  There is nothing that can stand, ever.  This is the source of Joy in the Lord.  Nothing can stand before Him. Not mountain, not sea, not armies, not disease, not sin, not suffering,  not anger, not hate, not a thing. If we grasp even a wisp of the totality of God and His initiative and His response we have no other response but to rejoice.  In God alone is victory and it has been declared and demonstrated with All that God is, His entirety. 

Now, these thoughts come at an interesting time here.  Prayer and thought has been going into writing an article on coping with acute stress relation in part to minister to the Livesay’s and others.  The writing has not come easy, the words have not yet really flowed.  The thought is that may be in part because the starting point is the Victory Song.  That whatever we have endured, gone through God has been there.  He has been our strength and song.  In the midst He is there.  So whatever words I say that point to skills and means of coping, they would be empty without first this recognition.  For the Joy of the Lord is our strength. The Joy of the Lord is in His Victory and His Victory involves His totality in both initiation and response.  It is His Love which is so Amazing. So take time and Rejoice and Rejoice again.  For YHWH is our Strength and Song.  He is our victory.

4 Responses

  1. Some thoughts…

    In the early years of my walk with Jesus Christ, I found it hard to comprehend the Lord’s love for me. I could find no value in myself that He should want me (that has taken this long to understand too BTW), but what I’m getting at is you fight for what you value. The more you value something, the harder you fight for it. This works both ways. When you truly value your faith, you fight for it; the more you value your faith, the harder you fight for it, so the measure of your efforts to remain in Christ in the middle of the storm is a measure of how much you value Him. Happy people jump up and down when they worship, but struggling people fall to their knees in deep awe when they worship. Its when we need Him most that we discover how much Jesus Cares…

    Love the photo of you two! Your wife is adorable! (You can tell her I said that too)

  2. Oops, I also meant to mention something Jonathan said last year when I last talked to him. He’s in the growing years in his marriage. He and his wife are very intense people, and they have two kids, 8 and 12 yrs old this year. Jonathan said the major point of disagreement in his marriage is how to discipline the kids, then he said “Love grows in conflict”. That was an interesting statement, that I respected enough to write down in my Bible, alongside one of the Psalms, where I ran across it recently. Faith grows in conflict as well, and love, faith and worship are closely connected. Joy isn’t always the same as happiness, and I often find myself joyful in the middle of struggle and despair, because I have gained enough faith to trust the Lord no matter what…

    Scripture teaches us to stand firm in times of doubt by remembering and confessing what the Lord has already done for us. That is the foundational Rock on which we build when we have nothing in the moment to which we can hang on to. I’m pretty sure thats what keeps Christians from falling apart in the face of tragedy, especially when a loved one dies suddenly.

  3. As Iron sharpens Iron… it does so by coming into contact/conflict…

    Some other things list here are related to what will be content of the article working on “Spiritual Principles that Transform Suffering.”

    Thanks for comment on me and wife… 🙂

  4. There is a video here. It can also be found on Youtube.…/mypianoworldmoses.htm

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