Focus on the Family Tim Tebow Superbowl Commercial

During the Superbowl tonight there was a lot of hype and talk about the Tim Tebow ad for Focus on the Family that ran during the Superbowl.  The ad was controversial because it was delivering a pro-life message.  The commercial itself was really showing the relationship of Tim and his mother and encouraging folks to go see the rest of the story at The controversy over the ad seemed much to do about nothing as the ad simply gives the viewer a chance to go see more.  If the Go Daddy ads pointing folks to see sexually mature spots are able to do that, a pro-life message certainly is viable.  Also feel the spot is worthwhile, because it does focus on making a choice for life. It really does nothing pointing to any political agenda, rather simply encourages life.

The story is worth watching and basically tells how Tim was dedicated before birth and that his mother’s life became at risk during the pregnancy and was told she would need to abort.  A different choice was made. There are many other stories like Tim Tebow’s where the “exceptions” folks generally agree to was not followed and there is a person here today making contribution to the world at large.   And in terms of God’s kingdom, Tim Tebow is playing a role and walking the path God sets before him.  Perhaps he will go on to be successful in the NFL, perhaps his skills will not transfer to the next level.  Regardless, Tim Tebow is walking the path God set before, living as not only someone who is a follower of Jesus but also someone whose life was dedicated prior to birth.

 Here is the commercial that was run during the Superbowl:


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  1. Ill watch this later, but I honestly feel controversy over something like this was ridiculous, my mother told about it a few days before the super bowl, and how silly it is for people to make a big deal about Pro life things when pro choicers have things all over the place, freedom of SPEECH!!!! hahaha

    I didn’t know it was an ad from focus on the family till just now, but this confirms my belief. Its not about pro life, its really about people’s hatred of Christianity and feeling threatened by Christians, they they Christianity andPro-life are synonimous, while this is usually true, there are MANY MANY pro lifers who are not Christians as well. 🙂 So anyway…

    God Bless ~Amy

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