Joy in True Service

We are fearfully and wonderfully made. God gifts each of us gifts for the building up of others. This gifting is to touch both those who are in God’s kingdom, and those still lost in darkness.  He has made each of unique in terms of personality and through the Holy Spirit gives gifts beyond what He given us naturally.  Today, the reflection is that there is true joy in serving God in accordance with how He has gifted you.  It is evident when my wife is playing the piano and worshiping God.  It is displayed in my life when sitting with someone and helping them work through the difficulties of the heart and soul.  Serving God in accordance with His giftings brings joy.  The joy that comes, comes not from the gifting or the service. The joy comes from using what God has given to love and build up others.

Now perhaps you are reading this and it is not yet clear to you what God has called you to do or the ways he has gifted you.  A good starting point is finding the points of service that when you act in love and serving others you have an inner sense of joy. The joy may even be beyond what makes sense. For some it may be serving the hurting in lost in Haiti, for others it is giving and meeting needs, for others it is teaching God’s word.   God has created each differently and when we are operating true to how God created us, there will be joy in the spirit.


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