Evidence of God’s provision in Haiti with the Livesays.

This missionary family and many others are in the midst of crisis. It is draining and difficult.  Tara is a marathon runner who now is running a different sort of marathon, one far more taxing than anything race she has ever run.  Tara and Troy are running the good race, shining the light of Jesus and impacting people with care and love.  Now certainly they have been drained and taxed.  They are going through the varied emotional responses that come with the psychological trauma. They are going through grief and the assorted symptoms that correspond with acute stress syndrome

Now given the difficulties and stress going on, Tara at her blog and on Facebook acknowledged that today was worst day for her emotionally. It included conflict with someone else with another agency trying to help there.  Yet, in the midst of the worst day for Tara, God showed His provision.  On their website they posted an article: Day Eight. In the article they report how eleven seriously injured people including Collette (a 7 month pregnant woman with a broken pelvis) came to be one of the first people sent by helicopter to the USNS ship Comfort.   They chose to leave on faith that they would find and get the  help needed, found the US camp, and had the patients sent to ship by Helicopter.  God provided and answered their step of faith. 

There are other stories of God using them to touch the lives of Haitians in their Short Stories  blog post. Some other areas of God’s provision include Troy being able to get a Coke when expressing a need for it.  The ongoing provision of fuel and supplies  has occured.  So God clearly has answered prayers. It is certainly God moving. There is clear ineffectual provision for varied US sources including boxes of blood pressure cups without squeeze bulbs and other factors.  God’s provision is ongoing and real.  So continue to pray for that provision and praise God for what He is doing in the midst.  Continue to pray for that ongoing provision.


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