Amos Story Video by Aaron Ivey Band: An adoptive father’s longing for His children

Just learned of this Video from Troy Livesay as he shared it on his Facebook status.   I learned a little bit of the background of this song at the blog Gentrified. Apparently the song of this video was inspired by Aaron’s longing and wait for his two adoptive children from Haiti, Amos and Story.  The author of the aforementioned blog said the following:

The song expresses the desires of a father who would give anything to be with his children, it is the perfect expression of parents who go through the adoption process, which transfers a child from their current identity, and gives them a new identity inside of a new family. It’s permanent so the child is not simply an outside addition, but seen as the completion of the incomplete family without them.

Please watch the video and let it touch your heart. Please remember that for all the orphans who have been given a home, the earthquake has created countless more. 

My reaction to the video is the same as that of the author of the blog Gentrified.   The longing of connection is clear.  It is a clear picture even of God’s desire to take us from being lost in darkness into His Kingdom.  Not only that, God desires to commune with us and when we are lost and even turned away, He seeks us out and does not give up.  God longs for relationship with us. God wants reconciliation.  God provided a way out of darkness and Chaos into light, love, and wholeness.


One Response

  1. Oh thank you Tim for this video, I will keep it on my favs ‘forever’ as this is so near to my heart and work, with the kids here.
    OUR LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER is adopting them which is always our heartfelt prayers for them.

    The song itself is truly a message to every one of us who are children of God. “Thank you Father for adopting us and giving us new life”.

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