Prayer requests and ways to tangibly help the Livesay family

Today at New Joy Church during the adult education portion time was spent in prayer for the Livesay family and their ministry in Haiti as well as the well being of their children who are now in Texas.  Please take time to pray, as the requests are ongoing. I know the Livesay’s did receive 10 gallons of diesel today. Also today some Doctor’s that are to be  helping run the Rescue Center arrived. Troy led a worship service today and have not yet read how that went.  Also included is information on how to specifically help the Livesay Family in a tangible way.

My requests for the family in addition to those listed and prayed for this morning in church are for God’s ongoing provision to the point even of supernatural provision.  Also pray that they are given strength and are able to demonstrate God’s peace and joy in the chaos around them. May they learn deeper what it means that the Joy of the Lord is our Strength.


Prayer Requests for the Livesay family and Haiti -January 17, 2010


for all He is doing

for prompt, safe evacuation of the Livesay children

for Heartline Ministries and its people who have sustained relatively minor damage, especially compared to others


Safety, provision, strength, stamina, wisdom

Children: Paige 15, Isaac 8, Hope 8, Noah 5 and Lydia 2 arrived in Waco TX Thursday evening. They are staying with their big sis Britt & her husband Chris; Tara’s parents will be helping to care for them there.

For parents and children as they are separated from one another

Daughter Phoebe 3 and niece Annie 2 are still in Haiti because they are not US citizens

For Jerone, their nanny as she cares for them and a couple other children o   

For US government to quickly make provision for children in the adoption process to be allowed to come to US. Adoption records were in a building now destroyed.

Troy is leading worship today at Port au Prince Fellowship.

Pray for the congregation and an outpouring of His Spirit


That they may show a tiny piece of the face of Jesus to this suffering and devastated nation and her

beautiful and resilient people. May heads be clear and tempers be calm and peace be known.

For the staff will stay strong and not allow fear or discouragement to creep in.

That they honor God by working hard to make a difference as they endeavor to be the

hands of Christ in Haiti

Praise that in God’s infinite wisdom and provision, last month World Wide Village partnered with Pure

Water for All to provide WWV with water purification systems. Each system is capable of purifying water for

up to 5000 people per day. Livesays are using it to purify water for their family and distribute to

others in the area.

Plans are underway to set up a medical clinic through the WWV Community Health Initiative

early next week to treat the injured.  

Pray they will arrive by Monday with doctors and supplies;

o    that they will have the ability to stay stocked up on medical supplies needed;

o    that they can keep the electricity on as there is no city power and getting diesel for

the generator is difficult to impossible.

For the people that will be specifically in place to pray with and comfort the dying at the clinic. For sufficient food and water for the children at the Maranatha Orphanage. For our nannies as they continue to give care to the children.

Praise that they were able to get cement, steel bars and other materials for rebuilding the walls of the creches.   Pray that cement blocks, sand and gravel will become available.   Also that trucks become available to remove the debris spread across the street.


For aftershocks to cease;

For sanity to prevail;

That God will be sought and found during this tragedy.

For those still trapped, those suffering with wounds (physically, emotionally, spiritually) and

those who lost loved ones

For those who have lost homes or have had them severely damaged.

For health, stamina and direction for the aid workers that have come to help.   The task is

enormous and it can at times be frustrating and for sure stressful.

Pray for ample supplies and that they be distributed quickly and safely to where needed.

Pray for the US Embassy employees who have also lost homes and friends are doing an AMAZING job on

little to no sleep and dealing with a lot of hostile and rude people.

For the aid workers and the teams of search and rescue workers to be able to do their job; for all people to

lay down their own fear and personal need and allow the help to get to the worst off. Pray that people will

think of others as best they can and that relief will begin to get to the places it is needed most.

For gasoline and diesel to run the generators and vehicles

For electricity and communication lines be quickly restored—cell phones, internet


(1/16/10) We are asking you to pray about:

•    The Rescue Center location. The damage is getting worse with each tremor that
we have. We need to make some decisions soon. The kids have been living and
sleeping outside since Tuesday night. We are thinking a new location that is not far away.

  • Infant formula and food for the kids
  • fuel for generator and vehicles
  • the kids in the RC and my kids peace in their hearts
    • some way to be able to get some Haitian cash. All banks and places we usually
      exchange money are closed.

Ways you can tangibly help the Livesay’s

 [From the blog of Christine Deadman Moers ] I know that many of us are in-real-life or cyber friends and readers of the Livesav family.

  • Tara and Troy have now been able to send five of their children to the states, to stay with their oldest daughter and son-in-law. Britt and Chris will be caring for them in a safe environment so that Troy and Tara can continue to serve the people of Haiti.
  • We will be helping and supporting the Livesay’s in Haiti by also supporting the Livesay’s in the states. Chris and Britt will need to provide for the added expense of having the siblings living with them. They are asking for monetary gifts. While we all have items we could donate, they are having to focus on giving the kids normalcy (buying the food items they are used to which will bring them comfort) and keeping things simple and organized. They will not have time to go through donated items. We can help them TREMENDOUSLY by giving them gift cards and cash.
  • You may make a tax deductible donation for the Livesay children via World Make sure you state that it is for “The Livesay Children” in the “notes” section.
  • You may mail gift cards, as well. Ideas for stores in their area are: H-E-B, Wal-Mart, Target.
  • Target and Wal-Mart gift cards can be sent ONLINE. You can do so to Britt’s older email address:
  • Britt does not currently have a PayPal account, hi the meantime, you can send it to my PayPal account at However, PLEASE make sure you clearly state that it is for the Livesay children, so there is no confusion.
  • You may also mail any monetary gifts, notes of encouragement or gift cards to:
  • The Livesay Family c/o Hill Shade RV Park 336 County Rd 90B Gonzales, TX 78629
  • These will then be forwarded to Chris and Britt. Their family has received quite a bit of media coverage, and this will give them more control of their privacy.
  • PLEASE feel free to link to this post:
  •  tweet it, Facebook it – whatever. Share it at church. Some people really are looking for a very personal way to connect. The Livesay’s do not want to turn away any help, but also have to put their children’s needs at a high level of importance. Right now they need quiet, time to process the trauma and time to adjust to a new country. We can give them that by helping to make up the slack in added expenses.


Update from Troy with Praise report from blog:

January 17, 2010

Report of Praise

All of our people are on the ground. Tomorrow is a go. I finally feel totally emotionally done … I think having one of my best friends (Dr. Jen Halverson) landing here is what it took to bring down the wall that is separating me from feeling things.

I just wanted to quickly report this great piece of news.

Lord –
We need you. Help the people of Haiti. Help them see pieces of hope in this nightmare. Help us connect with people on a personal level. Help us know what it is they need from you today and guide each person on this island that is attempting to be love today.


6 Responses

  1. Are you kidding me? These people are dumping their children in order to “serve” in Haiti and they want US to support them? What a joke. The Livesays clearly see RAD in Haiti. Hope their own small kids don’t end up with it because they chose to save an unsavable country over their own children. PATHETIC!

  2. Well, they are returning to the states soon. Not sure what your issues are, but take time getting see the heart of Livesay’s.

  3. Any mother who has five kids and sends them to live with their older sister in order to stay in a third world country is not a great mother IMO. I wouldn’t give these people a dime. Next they’ll want a reality show like those freaks the Duggars. Same thing. Mom has kids and hands them off to the oldest. I have no repsect for that at all. If the Livesays had these kids and adopted more, then they should GO HOME and raise them. DON’T dump them on your oldest.

  4. Wow, lots of anger there over people you do not know. Clearly what you would do is different than what they chose to do. The perspective I am hearing here, is that anywho does not take care of their own first make all decisions around what is best for family and kids is using faulty judgement. However, what the Livesay’s demonstrating is putting love of others and love of God over all else, and yes even children. Did they leave the children permanently, no. They seperated for a time, got the children to be in a safe place while they reached out to those that are injured and hurting. Lives were made better because of their choice. One woman brought a child into world successfully with a pelvic fracture. They were put in a tough spot with difficult decision. They chose to love others. Yes, there was a temporary seperation from their children. It is rather quit different than any “reality” show families who engage in self-promotion and attention seeking. Clearly if you had a choice between caring for you family, or reaching out to those hurting, you would choose your family first. In the Bible, as a Christian, myself and people like the Lisesay’s are directed to consider others more important than selves. Doing what they did was an act of obdience to God. Really feel sorry for any that sees elsewise, but since we are human and often see things from different angles, not unexpected. But this response has caught me by surprise.

  5. Maybe the Livesay’s felt it was God wanted them do at this present time, and actually felt quite agonised over the descision, which would give a different perception than what an onlooker may understand.

    Just wondering…………..

  6. Are the Livesays doctors?? Are the Livesays parents of many children, some of whom are very young!!

    I certainly hope they stop gathering children if this is what they want to do. Think of the life their own kids are living. The young ones are probably traumatized the parents are not with them. If their choice is to take care of others over their own kids then I don’t agree with them.

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