On UK Big Brother Stephen Baldwin Leads Alex Reid in Sinners Prayer

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I learned in an article at Endtime Prophetic Word blog about Stephen Bladwin leading Alex Reid in a prayer of salvation during the reality television show Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom.  Watch for youself the video.  In watching the clip, the Holy Spirit confirmed for me the prayer was genuine.  There is plenty of reason to be suspect as that particular show is a celebrity driven reality show.  The celebrities on the shows are there for a reason, usualy to help their careers or look better.  Some people may even think negatively of Stephen Baldwin and consider him a phony or hypocrite.  Yet, what I have seen of Stephen Baldwin has always come off as genuine but flawed.   What I witnessed on the video was not flawed and did appear to be genuine.  Alex Reid needs ongoing prayer that the seed accepted at that prayer takes root and that the peace of God overwhelms Alex and God reveals greater His love.

A fair warning here that while the seed was planted and accepted genuinely, the enemy will tempt to remove the seed, or the things of life may choke off spiritual growth once he leaves the house and the witness of Stephen.  But it is quite clear that Stephen Baldwin is living in genuine response to God’s love and reaching out to others.  Praise God for Stephen’s boldness and being in position to touch the life of a man like Alex Reid with the Gospel.


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  1. god bless your comments. What is wrong with the world today.for the first time ever we witnssed gods work through mr baldwin, blessing mr reid with our lord jesus christ and the papers think its amusing. I wonder if the papers would say the same thing if mr baldwin was a muslim?

  2. When I first heard Stephen reading the Bible out loud, I thought oh no! I am a born again Christian and to be honest I felt at the time that Stephen was a bit to full on for me.After a while, I started thinking how people thought that John the Baptist was mad, when he used to speak to every one, but he still affected a lot of people with the Good News.I have had the privilage in the past of leading someone to the Lord and the prayer that Alex prayed was`nt any different then the one I have used. And as they have said the “believers prayer”, they have become “Born Again”. When I gave my life to the Lord, I to called out to God “if your there show me, I need your help.And thats how I become “Born Again “.It`s a case of the Parable of the sower, lets all pray that the seed that has been sowed in Alex`s life, will grow in good soil.Praise the Lord for His GRACE,MERCY and FORGIVENESS…..

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