Diggory Press Saga Update: Hearing Results and commentary

There has been a request for an update regarding the Diggory Press Saga.  The remaining court cases had a hearing at Torquay & Newton Abbott County Court on November 9th.   Mick Rooney’s blog reported that of the three remaining litigants the judge decided in favor of two of the plaintiffs and dismissed any counter claims. The other case was dismissed on technicality issues.  It is the end of apparently three years worth of back and forth legal proceedings, but hardly an end to the vicious back and forth that has occurred in varied places on the internet. It is sad that in the process perhaps some people did not receive fair recompense for their difficulties with Diggory Press. 

For me the real issue came down to the actions that transpired on the internet.  There was an ongoing vicious cycle of attacking and defending going on and from all parties with full belief that their actions were justified and warranted.  When we engage in attack and defend stances ultimately it leads to entrenched positions and reasonable solutions ultimately dismissed.  It is also noteworthy that sides were taken often not in relation to the facts of the case but in terms of the personalities.  People sided against Mrs. Franklin based on issues with the content on her blog. This in turn brought out people defending Mrs. Franklin because of appreciation for the deception that is exposed on her blog.

There are a few really tragic results from this whole affair.  The first is that the behavior of Dr. Manning is reinforced. Dr. Manning gives his account of the hearing at: http://checkpoint.ie/TorquayReport.pdf. It is filled with malicious comments that continue to tear down Mrs. Franklin.  Dr. Manning has found character assassination to be effective and will certainly not refrain from doing the same thing to anyone else that may cross him.  Granted the varied defensive responses from Mrs. Franklin also helped Dr. Manning’s cause and reinforced his behavior.  It is also very clear that Mrs. Franklin engaged in poor customer service and poor business practices.  She engaged in behavior that was clearly wrong and clearly faced consequences of those actions.

Another tragic result of this saga is Mrs. Franklin has brought a level of distrust by her actions.  Mrs. Franklin has a blog www.endtimespropheticwords.wordpress.com on which she exposes varied deceptions and offers her perception. She also at times offers what she reports to be prophetic visions. Her website often has valued information, more often then not, republished and brought attention to because her blog has attracted a good sized audience. Yet, these actions and the defensive behaviors have brought along with it distrust. The distrust starts with her refusing to acknowledge publicly that Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press and Miriam Franklin of the blog is the same person.  Then you add on the use of some aliases and potential sock puppets in defense against Dr. Manning’s character assassination and the level of trust drops.  It reaches a point where it is hard to believe a person, no matter how well intentioned.

The last tragic result of this saga is through all the back and forth and the failings of the British justice system, there are people who did not receive their just recompense. This is however the way of the world.  Some folks receive justice others do not. 

Now for the audience of this saga and in particular those that follow Jesus there are some important lessons to be learned.   The first is that we always need to respond in love, even more so when under attack, either rightly or not.  The Bible directs us to bless those that curse you and to love your enemies.  By so doing, it is a moving beyond your own self interest and shining the light of God’s love.  When we engage in attack and defend, we are engaging our own self-interest.  When positions become entrenched then self-interest has reach a point of a matter of pride. Now even if one purports their interest to be for the good of others, when it reaches the levels things progressed to here, it really just becomes all about pride. There is a reason Jesus directs us in Matthew 5:25 to settle matters with adversaries before going to court.  In part doing so takes the focus off of self. And if the matter is something for which we are in the wrong, consequences will occur. And sometimes consequences occur, even if you really did not do anything wrong.  The directive is really to move beyond engaging in defensive responding and matters of pride.

Another lesson here for all, is that we all need to be cautious.  Just because someone claims to be conducting business as an ethical Christian does not make it so.  People do at times present one manner in public and another matter privately.  Examine everything to see if what is claimed is true. We are to test all things. 

Now as a believer it is always important that we conduct ourselves in manners above reproach and seek to abide by high ethical standards. If any believer does not, it can be turned against you.  There are powers and forces and people that seek to harm and bring the Gospel and followers of the Gospel and those that stand for God’s truth into disrepute. The Bible is filled with instances of people of God facing consequences for doing no wrong, or simply following God’s directives.  Any opening others can be given will be used to bring harm. 

So in conclusion, the legal proceedings in the Diggory Press saga have ended.  Mrs. Franklin found to be in the wrong in her business practice. A matter that should have been addressed simply and civilly became a spectacle played out on the internet.  Pray for all involved and take lessons from this saga and apply them to your own life and practice.  Do not follow in the path of Dr. Manning or Mrs. Franklin but seek to conduct yourself differently on all occasions. And most important of all, if you have done wrong and harmed others, take responsibility and seek to reconcile.  For in working toward reconciliation and pursuing reconciliation, you reflect Jesus.  Anything else and it is but the darkness of self.


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  1. Yes, this whole thing grew a life of its own, and in so doing, the debate became less and less about the true pitfalls of self-publishing for authors using dubious solutions providers.

    Ninety per cent of the debate generated focussed on personalities rather than the issues themselves. No matter where each participant stood, once their voice entered the debate – each in turn received a personal hammering. There were never going to be any true winners in all of this, and in the past year, it became apparent to me that genuinely objective voices were being sleighted and treated in a less than fair manner. It was pretty much at that point, I felt no further purpose in engaging with much of the ongoing online debate, which had by then descended into an unseemly, and at times, vicious spiral of pointless accusation after accusation.

    Take care, Tim.

  2. This is the first truly balanced sounding post I have read on the whole thing. I found myself unable to read large sections as it was so painful to see people tearing each other apart in this way.

    I made a comment earlier in November that the only person winning anything in this was the Enemy of us all. I believe Jesus even now could turn this around, and pray that some good will come out of it. He is able to make masterpieces out of our messes.

  3. Ms. Franklin is none the kinder to anyone who dare to question her on her blog. There is a double standard and an extreme defensiveness as was evidenced in the blogs Ms. Franklin made in defense of herself in the Diggory matter. She has lost credibility.

  4. Very sad and a sober reminder to me to test ALL things. I wanted to continue posting at etpw for the sake of those (like me at the time of Lakeland) who are coming out of deception. Until such time there is a public confession of sin I cannot, in any good conscience, visit that site again.

    I would still say thank you to God for those good works He did through Miriam in opening my eyes. I also pray that God does not forget His mercy in judgment concerning her.

  5. Just a quick one for Tim Blake (Peacebringer)..

    I am disappointed that you have not ‘repented’ for your earlier unfounded accusations Tim – and even now are trying to justify them by attacking me again. You were wrong then, both in your personal attacks on me, and in your misguided support for ‘Miriam’ Franklin – and you are wrong again now Tim.

    Diplomatic prose at this stage does not excuse you for jumping in with your pre-emptive and unresearched accusations, and no matter how eloquently you try to put it now Tim – you owe all of us involved in this an apology.

    Mrs Franklin has been PROVEN to be a fraud, a liar and a deceiver in court – and if I recall correctly, YOU said online that you would wait for that result before conceding that your unfounded opinions may be wrong.

    Well Tim – the proofs are in for nearly two months now – but still you cannot apologise. Instead, you seem to be trying to distance yourself from your earlier support of Mrs Franklin, whilst simultaneously trying to avoid lodging the apologies you most definitely owe us. An interesting interpretation of ‘Christianity at work’ from a self-styled Christian preacher, don’t you think?

    YOU set yourself up as an authority on these matters Tim. But you hadn’t researched the facts or the personalities behind the events. That is rash at best Tim, and certainly irresponsible. Now, you audaciously continue the underhanded assassination of MY character rather than apologise – despite the fact I have endured this ordeal for years; have never once lied; have been officially vindicated in the courts; and have the trust and respect of scores of decent people who have also fallen afoul of Mrs Franklin and her supposedly ‘Christian’ business practices.

    I don’t think you need to be looking elsewhere for examples of pridefulness, unrepentance and character assassination Tim – look to the beam in one’s own eye first..

    And no – I’m not interested in a debate with you about this – unless you initiate with the apologies due, (which I don’t expect by the way).

    You made some grave errors Tim – all of us do. Indeed, I recall apologising to you for expressing my frustration on your other blog. So may I respectfully suggest you do not now add insult to injury, but simply do the right thing..

    Go on Tim – show us what Jesus would do..

  6. Dr. Manning,

    Sorry you feel that way, as I have stated I found issues with what both sides of the matter have stated. I did give a summary article on my thoughts on the matter. If you choose to perceive it as a personal attack, my apologies for that, as not intent. I find what you have written and continue to write to be filled with hate and venom. You choose to tear down and charaterize a person in the most negative light possible. It was exteremely distasteful the way you wrote your account of the results. And that is my opinion on the matter. If you take that as a personal attack, sorry, but it is my perception.

    Now, no where have I set my self up as an authority, simply an observer who felt dragged into make comments due to issues that came up in another article. Here is the deal Dr. Manning, standing on the side of truth does not excuse hateful behavior. It didn’t excuse it from Rosalind and it doesn’t excuse it from you. I have made every attempt to treat you with love and respect while pointing out the BEHAVIOR I had issues with as well as our theological differences. I spelled out my views fully in my articles. If you have a specific issue or statement that I said that you feel was outline and unfounded please do bring it to my attention.

  7. Still avoiding the issue Tim? Okay. We’ve spent the best part of three years taking on and exposing a proven thief and liar – whom you unfortunately – had thrown your support behind. Sorry Tim, but I simply can’t waste more time on someone who refuses to face the facts – or refuses to admit they were wrong (even by your own supposedly ‘Christian’ standards).

    You lodged personal attacks against me based upon supposedly ‘reliable information’ (in your own words). But this ‘reliable information was in fact, coming directly from this malevolent fraudster and/or her misguided supporters (in the form of false websites, sockpuppets, aliases, lies and falsified documents etc). You were misled and hoodwinked by Mrs Franklin Tim – that’s the fact of the matter – and when I tried to defend our position online, YOU accused me of ‘living in darkness’, and being the unjustified aggressor in this battle to win justice for scores of defrauded authors?

    It seems the real truth here Tim is that you have taken personal umbrage at my attempts to educate you about the folly of religious elitism and supercilious condescensions. You naturally also took it personal in our previous online debate, when I showed that you had a very limited grasp of Christian history. Nevertheless you have set yourself up as a preacher, as well as a supposed ‘authority’ on matters such as this which you are obviously unqualified to be judging objectively.

    As I said in my report of the court case Tim – I’ve learnt a few important lessons these past three years. Probably the most important one for my own peace of mind is to be far more discerning about where I invest my energy, and more specifically – with whom I invest my time.

    So, as it’s coming to Christmas Tim, and we are all supposed to wish each other good cheer, and all that.. I’ll take my leave Tim, hoping and praying that you will also see the lessons to be learnt here, and if not, that the Good Lord continues to present you with the opportunities to do so.

    Season greetings.. and goodbye.

  8. Dr. Manning, I am “avoiding” nothing. I have made my points perfectly clear. You say I have refused to face the facts, what facts have I refused to face? Rosalind engaged in unhealthy business practices that harmed others, that is wrong. Rosalind says one thing and does another. Rosalind has not public taken responsibility for her own actions, these are wrong.

    You state I supported Rosalind, yet, the only evidence of such is offering her prayer and welcoming her return to her blog. Now evidence suggests that she was not attacked physically and she remains untruthful. Granted, I still have a link to her site on blogroll. Yet, my stand is and always has been for the truth.

    Now in terms of what I took umbrage with, it was the fact that there are individuals you claimed to be Miriam’s alias’s and sock puppets that were not. I have had personal interaction with some of these individuals and eyewitnessed truth. They however because of you behavior had no desire for you to have the proof even to clear there name. Given your behaviors I can understand that.

    Now let me address the two “charges” you take offense at. First of all I apoligize for any offense felt in the statements. Yet, here is my perspective. Yes, I believe you live in darkness. You have clearly rejected Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You do not believe in the narrow way. Your beliefs are more in line with that of New Age Spirituality and blending of “all into one.” There is no light in that at all in my opinion and it is not truth.

    The other statement you report taking offense to is that of suggesting you were an “unjustified aggressor.” I have made it quite clear that I find the levels you stooped to in your behavior to be “unjustified.” It does not matter what offense a person does, it does not justify in the behaviors of tearing a person apart. Two wrongs do not make a right. Let me make my point this way, I have stated that if Rosalind were truthful, the ways she engaged in defending herself were also wrong. Now, I am sorry if you find that perspective and statement personally offensive but it is what I believe. I will let my words speak for themselves.

    Now Dr. Manning, it seems it will suprise you that I have not taken any personal umbrage at a word spoken toward me at all. My only umbrage is at attacks at people who simply had the only error of defending Rosalind and some perhaps in ill founded way. Yet, given your reaction to what I have said being far different than any intent, it is clear that you have a tendency to over focus and interpret what is said through your own filter.

    Now as to your comments about “Educating about religious elitism and supercilious condescensions.” Those are matters of definition and perception are they not? People can perceive the Christian world view as both elite and condescending when in truth they are neither. This is because Christianity is about the only way being through Jesus.

    Now you indicate you have a “perception” that you demonstrated I have a limited grasp of “Christian history.” By that I take to mean that I have not a degree in Christian history. Your statement gives me short shrift and disrpect over my capacity to view and understand historical matters. My guess is given the same set of information we both interpret the evidence differently.

    And Dr. Manning, as always I learn from such matters, I always learn. And Dr. Manning, I still forgive you. May you grasp a piece of the essence of the true peace of Jesus. I wish you well and may your time this Holiday be a blessing to you and your loved ones.

  9. stephen is actually rahab rebuke that lying spirit

  10. Now while Dr. Manning engage in unscrupulous tactics, there is no deception in the matter of the bad business choices that were made and poor choices. Rosalind really had no legal leg or standing.

  11. Tim is it just me, or are there a large chunk of conversations deleted, mainly, one I posted… Its prolly better is was as my words suck right now. :p

    God Bless ~Amy

  12. Amy, nothing has been deleted. There are three articles on the issues with Mrs. Franklin. There is the prayer request article, the summary of the conflict with my perspective article, and then the “results” article which is this one. I believe your most recent comments were in the “prayer request” article comments.

  13. Sorry folks – I simply can’t give any more energy to this..

    I have read your various comments and taken them on board, and for once will keep my observations and opinions to myself.. apart from asking why the ‘rate this’ feature on the posts above rejects negative ones on Tim’s posts..? Never mind… I think I can work it out by myself – thanks anyway..

    A New Year – another chance to focus on the good and positive, and try to avoid that which would pull us down.

    Sincere best wishes, and hope the quest for ‘truth’ will rest paramount in your endeavours..

    Sayonara (really)..


  14. Wish you well Stephen. If you note the negative mark next to my post it clearly has not rejected it. I think we agree that the quest for “truth” is paramount.

  15. Miriam once praised herself for not taking donations to support her blog. Now she appears to have gone back on her word and has placed a link for donations on her blog.

    Doesn’t this put Miriam in the same category as those she rails againt?

    Those duped by Miriam will probably donate yet where is the accountability for the funds she receives.

    Duping authors, refusing to pay the court judgments and now begging for donations on her blog.

    This woman is despicable and her behavior is testament to it!

  16. Link below for ETPW moderator’s defensive response to poster “lil white dog” who inquired:

    “Hi, why the donate tab on your blog? How much does it cost to run this blog? Isn’t it free at wordpress? That donate tab is like a red flag to me. Something’s off here.

    Comment by little white dog | February 17, 2010
    ETPW moderator lengthy reply with those ridiculous claims again of Miriam being “attacked”…..


    (reply #5)

    “but there is an additional annual charge to have extra options on a wordpress blog which Miriam used to pay out of her own pocket.”

    Why can’t Miriam still pay these expenses? Has she exhausted the funds she bilked unsuspecting clients of Diggory Press

    “other financial costs associated with running and administering a blog (the most recent expense involved with this ministry being video software to get the word out on youtube”

    If the choice was made to acquire such equipment, it was the choice of whatever blockheads “run” this “ministry” .. what an affront to the intelligence of even the most naive of readers to claim the equipment was a “necessity” to “get the word out” on YouTube

    “and the cost of audio equipment not yet purchased. And also there are costs associated with doing ministry outside a blog.”

    Asking for donations for audio equipment and for “ministering outside the (a) blog????

    Anyone who is foolish enough to fall has not informed themselves of the many faces of Rosalind Miriam Franklin.

    Miriam is capitalizing yet again on the innocent .. attempting to deceive her loyal readers/followers, just as she deceived/fleeced/robbed the unsuspecting authors who contracted with Diggory Press, owned and operated by Miriam and Nigel Franklin.

    Judgments were awarded in favor of Plaintiffs yet Miriam is in default on the judgments.

    Will the theft of this woman never cease?

    Folks .. she’s trying to “build” her ministry .. with your dollars. Don’t let her .. she needs to be accountable for her past “theft” before she moves on to attempt the same fraud again.

  17. An important message regarding ‘Miraim’ Franklin of the end-times-prophecy website:

    On behalf of the victim’s support group, this memo is sent with the best of intentions to advise and caution visitors to the ETP site that ‘Miriam’ the self-styled prophetess is in fact Mrs Rosalind Franklin of Minions, Liskeard, Cornwall, UK, currently being pursued by the UK courts in regards to several cases of fraud and deception these past months; specifically in her role as a vanity publisher under the following business names:

    Diggory Press
    Exposure Publishing
    Meadow Books
    Kingdom Come Publishing
    Author’s Chance Ltd

    Whilst continuously denying that she is in fact ‘Miriam’, Mrs Rosalind Franklin has engaged in a relentless campaign of character assassination against those who would expose her to the public. The current moderator on the ETP site (who we suspect is in fact Mrs Franklin in yet another disguise) is now engaging in similar activities supposedly ‘on Miriam’s behalf’.

    Because Mrs Franklin has recently placed a ‘donate now’ button on her ETP website, this message has been sent to you in the hope that you will not be duped into funding Mrs Franklin’s illegal activities.

    You are respectfully invited to view the evidence at the Rogues Gallery, and decide for yourself whether or not Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin deserves your attention and support.


    We wish to make it clear that there are no ‘religious’ reasons for circulating this information; simply an urge on our part to ensure further unsuspecting victims are not defrauded, and that Mrs Rosalind Franklin can not source further funding for her immoral activities until she has (at least) fulfilled her obligations to the Courts, and to her defrauded clients.

    We apologise for any distress this information may have caused you.


    Dr Stephen Manning
    Diggory Press / Franklin Victims Support Group

    Specific questions may be directed to stmphd@mail.com

  18. Okay folks the information has been presented, and represented. The back and forth is “ongoing.” Anything that is not “new” information will be deleted upon posting at this juncture and will not have any going back and forth over the mutual smear campaign on this blog. Take it elsewhere!

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