Veteran’s day thoughts: Prayer and Thanks for persecuted Christians

Today in the United States is Veterans Day. It is a day the country sets aside to honor those that have served in the military of the United States of America.  It is also a day to remember those that died protecting this country.  Being a citizen under the authority of the United States of America, I offer my thanks and deep respect to those who serve and die in such fashion. 

, this article is about some other warriors that fight not a physical battle but a battle for the kingdom of God.  These are people who recognize that we serve God and find ways to spread the Gospel to those in need.  In particular this article seeks to give honor to missionaries in parts of the world that not only resist the Gospel but persecute those who have come to accept Jesus as Messiah. Particular honor is those who surrender their lives so that others may be brought into God’s kingdom.  There are missionaries in places in the world where they put their life on the line for the sake of sharing the Good News that they can have peace with God through Jesus Christ and enter into God’s kingdom.   Many end up losing their life or with ongoing wounds and scars for their service to God’s kingdom. And each of them would do so again. So on this day, these are the people I want to draw attention to with thanks and respect. 

Also want to ask readers to spend time researching places where people face persecution and stay up with the news.  Pray for those that are missionaries and reaching out to others with the Gospel in dangerous places.  Open Doors, a ministry founded by God’s Smuggler, Brother Andrew has compiled a World Watch list which is pictured below.  They also have compiled a prayer guide that can be downloaded:

In order to get ongoing news and information on the persecuted church there are several websites. 

Open Door: Founded by God’s smuggler Brother Andrew: an affiliated blog can be found:

Voice of the Martyrs: A ministry that provides both news and information and outreach to missionaries and Christian’s facing persecution and martyrdom. and their related blog

There may be other ministries assisting those facing persecution but those are the two primary.  There are a couple of additional sources of news related to those facing persecution. and  I encourage you to monitor these sites and follow God’s lead regarding prayer or any other way God leads you to be involved.

world watch list


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