Video Selections:The necessity of Hell-Tim Conway Sermon


2 Responses

  1. I watched another video by this guy and he doesn’t believe Israel and the Church are separate he believes in Replacement Theology in some form or another. It is beyond me how these Calvinists, like Catholics and every other cult out here, can over look the obvious, you know Israel being brought back after some 1900 years into their own land to be dealt with. But of course dispensational beliefs are unbiblical, or so they say…facts are a hard thing for some people to see — for some folks anyway.


  2. Just because something is posted here, doesn’t mean that I agree with everything they say or teach. I felt led to post some stuff on Hell. The sermon was sound and worth posting. If I were to refrain from posting from anyone who may have any sort of error, this would be a quiet blog. It should be worth noting I do not attend to Replacement theology, Calvinism, or dispensationalism…

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