News Commentary: A beast arising? Ireland ratifies Lisbon treaty

Yesterday, Ireland the last hold out in the European Union Lisbon treaty ended there resistance and voted to ratify the treaty, here is one source of the news:  Now this to me is one step closer to that which is coming, one more step setting pieces in place for what is yet to come.  It is really just a continued building of foundations leading to a new era.  This new era will seem to be great and bold with values of tolerance at its head and a further building of individualism.  The world is traveling one step closer to globalization with the centers of the old Roman Empire as the core.  I believe we are in the final phases of transition into the ten toes in Daniel’s vision.  Now, perhaps my thoughts could be wrong and there is a far lengthy process regarding the shift, but there  is shift occurring.  Now is a time to look soberly with where you are before God, as the days are getting darker.  Soon is coming that which is good will be called evil and evil good.  Yes, it has been this way ever increasing but even more.  There is a view of morality that states that fulfilling desires is that which is moral and anything impeding desire is evil.   We are living in this day and age where this moral view will become primary.  We are living in a time of change and transition away from any Judeo-Christian foundations in the world, to what will seem a better way. We will see more and more holdouts change their mind as the world grows increasingly dark.  Ireland, a rich and beautiful land that once was the center of the spread of the Gospel has followed the way of Bono and grabbed hold of the promises of the world.

It is a day to mourn, but yet also a day to rejoice.  Rejoice for each step where darkness enfolds and the plans of evil are walked in, the return of Jesus the King of Kings is one step closer.  This is not something to fear, but something to elicit praise.  The time coming is one where darkness will be great, but the light of the world will shine brightly. The darkness will bring much death but it cannot and  will not extinguish the light.   And soon the light of the world will be back among us and the forces of darkness will face their judgement.  The only way to really close this commentary is with this: Holy, Holy, Holy Lord God Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come.  Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, He alone is worthy. Holy, Holy, Holy is the lamb of God.


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