Prayer and Praise for New Joy Church Roger: Brian Sinclair called as pastor.

Well I thank God that the vote on Tuesday went as expected and Brian Sinclail accepted the call to pastor. It will be exciting to see how God moves ahead.  This part of the body of Christ has been through much and now entering a new and exciting phase.  So I just want to request ongoing prayer for God’s move in the church. It feels to me that New Joy and my life are at similar points and season.  We both are at a spring time with work to do to start moving in ways God leads.

Dear Father,

Thank you for calling Brian Sinclair and his family to serve you at New Joy Church in Rogers.  We thank you for what we have gone through, even the difficulty and painful times.  It is even in those times you taught us more of dependence on you and the depth of your love.  Guide our path and steps ahead as you prepare each of us to serve you in accordance with your will and what you have been preparing us for.  Continue to build us into what you desire.  Make your joy be full in each of our lives and overflow to the community around. May your light shine brightly in the area.  Open each of our eyes, ears, and hearts toward your leading and how you want each of us to impact others around us. Be our guide and Chief Sheppard.  And Lord protect us from the ongoing works of the adversary.  Let us continue to be united in your love and be able to stand and resist the ways the enemy seeks to drag us off course.  May we be about serving you and your kingdom not simply expanding a kingdom called New Joy Church in Rogers. Above all Lord Jesus, your will be done.   Amen.