New Joy Pastoral Search: Thoughts and Prayers

Well this past week and week to come the Church I am a member of New Joy Church in Rogers Minnesota. We have been in transition and searching for a new Pastor. The search committee has been very thorough and has led to Reverend Brian Sinclair as a candidate to become the new Pastor. His sermon last week was about how a believer in Jesus as Messiah should respond to the second coming of Jesus and all that entails. The sermon can be heard at the church website online. One thing God spoke to me in that sermon was the need for greater urgency. Sometimes it feels like I have all the time in the world but Jesus is coming soon, I need to be more deliberate, urgent, and intentional with the things God puts before me and asks of me.

On Wednesday there was a open house where members of the church were able to meet with Brian and his wife and ask them questions as both side continue to gauge God’s leading. The things that struck we were first of all the way the members were on the same page regarding what hoping and praying God does at New Joy Church and reaching others for Jesus. Personally the thoughts were about being centered on God’s truth through the Bible and seeing God’s joy fill us all, that New Joy Church be a noticeable place of God’s joy. Others talked about wanting to see New Joy Church be a force to reach the community with the Gospel.

My impressions of Reverend Brian Sinclair and his wife was that they are clearly people who are seeking to follow God with their whole heart. His wife talked about submitting the God in spite of her own thoughts on an idea and finding blessing as a result. They both talked about a struggle over the past two years while disconnected from having a church home. They were touched by the importance of reaching out to any that attend and making them welcomed with the love of Jesus. They also have learned God’s love and provision during the trials they have faced over the past two years. They share other valued things regarding their life and God’s call. Reverend Brian Sinclair referenced Romans 8:28 as one of his life verses and indicated it would be expanded upon in next Sunday’s sermon. Overall the meeting was uplifting and the Holy Spirit was present. It will be exciting to see what God will do.

Personally I really did not want to leave the meeting, but it became clear that God’s purpose was met for that time and it was time to come home. Of course for me receiving a call from my wife asking me how much longer I would be, when she was home sick, was a personal prompt. I know when I left the meeting I felt a sense of God’s joy. For me it felt a sign of God’s clear working, regardless of how this all plays out. In my mind, thoughts certainly went to the possibility of Brian’s wife being able to come along my wife in her ongoing current journey of healing. It seemed to me that perhaps they would connect. Yet, only God knows if that will be the case because there are a lot of decisions between now and then.

Now sadly, my wife and I will miss out on the rest of the process of meeting and seeking God’s will related to Brian and his wife serving at New Joy as pastor/Sheppard. We will be able to cast a vote indicating an impression of God’s will on the matter. My wife not having engaged in any of the process due to illness will defer any vote but I will prayerfully submit what God stirs within me regarding the call (although this article should give the reader a good idea of what that is.)

Now in closing off this post I want to just write a prayer for New Joy and the rest of the process.

Dear Heavenly Father: I thank you for what you have done in my life for bring me and Liz to New Joy. You know the struggles we have had over the past few years and the healing we have been through. You initiated a change by calling Pastor Rich Hubert to Mexico. Now, before us is a choice to accept Brian Sinclair as your Sheppard for this branch of your church. May your will be done and made clear to all parties. May you prepare each of us from what is ahead and make your will known. Lord because of the past and the wounds that happen in our lives you know the fears and concerns. You know what each of us need and your desire for this fellowship. Continue to give us one voice. Build us up to be a people that are serving as a bridge to draw others to you and in deeper relationship with you. Make the truth of your Word be the sound foundation that is built on the cornerstone of the Gospel. May you fill us continually with you love, joy, and peace. May people come to know that at New Joy Church Your joy is its strength. May Your joy flow from each of us in abundance. May we grow in passion of relating to you our Father and be filled with love and compassion for those around us. And Lord regardless of our thoughts on the matter above all may Your will be done and may you continue to prepare each of our hearts and spirit for that you have ahead as we walk in submission to you. Thank you dear Father for all that you have done up till know. We place what is ahead in your hands and submit to you regarding this matter and any choices ahead. Thanks you for loving us, cleansing us, and drawing us deeper in relationship with you. May your will be done in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit whom are worthy of all praise, glory, and honor. Amen.


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