Commentary: The Diggory Press Saga

Well yesterday I posted concern regarding Miriam Franklin and a need for prayer based on a post to her blog: The blog has been an ongoing source of information regarding various threads of deception within the church.  Personally, I have found the blog a good source of information for tracking various issues since learning of the blog last year.  Now, I have not always agreed with the opinions expressed in blog articles or comments but found it to be a useful source even to the point of adding it to my blogroll.

Last spring, I had a forum member send me information to look into regarding Miriam Franklin and potential connection with being Rosalind Franklin of Diggory Press who was involved in a legal dispute primarily with a Dr. Stephan Manning.  So I did a little internet searching at the time. 

He is the author of Psychology, Symbolism and the Sacred: Confronting Religious Dysfunction in a Changing World among other works.  He has done scholarly work outlining reasoning toward shifting toward universality of religion and the concept that what one believes doesn’t matter, it is really about the path you choose. Of course does so with much more complicated language. The man clearly has an agenda against Christian faith and belief.

The other people who were behind the internet postings linking the claims are Patsy Eastwood of Rahab’s place and mtyokawonis from ilovetoddbentley blog.  Both clearly are strong supporters of Todd Bentley and clearly sought to discredit anyone speaking against him.  My personal exchanges with Patsy at the Charisma forum showed her to be set in her mind and unwilling to listen to any biblical examination where I reached the point knowing she was as I described in the Lakeland Analysis article as either The Connected: These are people who claim that based on personal knowledge of people involved and their own personal experiences with similar phenomena that they know God had to be working regardless of any evidence to the contrary.” or The Pushers:  These are people who have a theological investment in what they see happening. These are similar people to the The Connected.  These people value the theology and doctrine promoting the deception and have difficulty accepting any opposing view and fill look for ways to dismiss any presented evidence.”

So given the sources of complaints at that time it felt like things did not sit right in terms of the allegations since clearly there were people with an agenda to discredit Miriam Franklin.  Also reached the point that even if there was validity toward the charges against Rosalind Franklin had merit, that it is a legal matter. What was more concerning was if Rosalind and Miriam is in fact the same person.  If so, it brings lots of questions as to why someone serving Jesus would agree to publish clear anti-Christian material as well as material coming from the type of folks she spoke against on her blog.  It came down to the point ultimately that whatever is going on regarding the situation the truth will come out and it did not alter the truth posted on Miriam’s website.

Personally, I appreciate the work that was done on the blog. I didn’t always agree with the tact or the opinions but always felt a desire for the truth to be said. Regarding the prophecies on the site, some make me wonder but nothing as of yet as proven to be faulty.

Now having reviewed my understanding and thoughts regarding  background it leads me to where things are at today.  I never felt led to engage in any personal confrontation regarding the matter and continued to follow the blog. There was noticeable silence on the blog in June with a report the author was on a break.  She returned with a few posts and then went quite again with the exception of approving comments. Recently a “pardner” posted the post stating Miriam had been severely attacked with serious injuries. This prompted the request for prayer for the woman. It also brought up thoughts about spiritual warfare and the need to pray for those speaking truth.  As a result of that request, the court case matter has come up as well as suggestions that Miriam’s attack only is the court case and she likely is not really seriously injured.  The truth of that matter will be sorted out but felt it necessary to sift through the situation a little more in depth, resulting in this post.

Basically there are a couple different matters: the legal dispute, are Rosalind and Miriam the same person, and the accusations of the use of aliases and sockpuppets.  

First let’s look at the legal dispute and the online back and forth.  Both sides are waging an online attack against the other.  There is plenty of pointing fingers at the other.  No doubt both sides will state their case on this blog as well, since clearly the web is monitored for comments from both sides.  It is worth noting that the screen shots, the email postings, and such are not legal evidence and are things easily manipulated.  It is a matter of spinning the facts and stating case publicly. However, that being said there appears to be some veracity to Dr. Stephan Manning having a history of engaging in strong tactics to get his way as evidenced here:  Fact is that the Publish on Demand industry is one ripe with potentials of abuse and fraud.  It also is one that can be easily manipulated.  Certainly well meaning business owners can run their business poorly.  Any business is going to have dissatisfied customers at some point. If not handle in an effective way the company’s reputation will take a hit.  So what the truth in this matter is for the courts to decide. It is not wise to step into the fray on such matters.  The truth of things is usually somewhere in the middle. 

Next is the issue of whether Rosalind and Miriam is the same person. Most of the evidence of such pertains to screen shots and other such evidence which may or may not be valid.  In reading the defense no where as Miriam flat out denied being Rosalind and has engaged in deflecting the question. Now my thoughts have been open to the prospect of Rosalind and Miriam being different but Sylvia, a “Miriam defender” has stated they are the same person. “For the record Miriam IS Rosalind of Diggory Press and she never actually denied it.” The question is if they are the same person than what is she doing and why?  Is there a case of severe mental illness? Is it a case of making money at a business and trying to separate it from advocating for God and His truth?   Fact is, if you take strong stands for truth, your own life will be looked at as well. The bible directs us to avoid even the appearance of evil.  Perhaps there is a bit of reaction formation going on, publishing works and making money off of things that are deceptive and evil and speaking against such evils in another public persona.  Whatever is the truth here as to what is going on, God will deal with the individuals involved.  It is not our words or actions that can bring any change, only God.  Only God knows whether Miriam has truly suffered a serious attack with lasting injuries.  The poster never claimed the attack was physical, just lasting injuries that prevent her further posting.

The third issue relates to the use of aliases and sockpuppets in general.  It seems to me a real easy way to try and discredit anyone who comes to the defense of another is to throw out this accusation.  Throw in heavy handed requests for identity verification not likely to be respected and you have instant discrediting.  Now, when a person actually goes about using aliases and sockpuppets in order to defend self from attacks it gives the person doing the discrediting ammunition.  Of course any evidence to the contrary can be easily dismissed as well through claims of use of “masking software” and the like.  The internet is a wide web where all sorts of deception can be engaged.  In general it is just bad practice to use aliases or sockpuppets and not glorifying of God, yet it is also not glorifying of God to throw around quick accusations and see an alias or sockpuppet behind any online responder. 

Now some may argue that you need to face deception with deception, there is no biblical basis for that.  Clearly as this situation indicates, if you change a name to present your side of the story, folks will catch on sooner or later.  I have observed use of changing identities back to when playing mafia/werewolf.  Folks that spend a lot of time analyzing your every word can and do pick of traits and tells but it is also easy to read traits and tells and to think of someone to be other than they are.  Yet, it is also worth pointing out that not every change of screen name or alias is meant to hide anything.  Some people use different screennames for different things, or change names per forum.  It is part of the internet world.  Now that is different than taking on seperate identies is a sockpuppet fashion.  The fact is there are a lot of reasons folks change names on the internet.

Now it is true that some people change names, use identies and such to promote self or to try and hide. Some change identies in order to try and get through to someone or defend themselves. As Christians we should realize that in spiritual warfare these kinds of things are depending on carnal means and defenses and not standing in the truth. And yes, sometimes standing in the truth results in false accusations and slander.  It happened to Daniel, it happened to Jospeh, it is part of what happens in the world.  And yes, people do walk in truth and yet walk in self-centered ways and commit great sins. 

So in regards to the saga around Miriam Franklin, Rosalind Franklin, Stephan Manning, and Diggory Press I advise folks to step out and let God work it out. If you felt led to confront, leave the confrontation stand.  There is not a single party to this situation that will not ultimately face consequences for their actions.  Also this saga stresses the importance of examining yourself before examining the errors of others.  If there is anything amiss in your own life, it will come to light.  Ultimately none of use can live two lives or serve two masters, if that is going on.  It is also very real that the Adversary is seeking to destroy believers and discredit truth.  God knows the truth of this saga.  The question is what does God require of us? 

 Biblically we have directions to first deal with our own selfishness and sin first.  After self-examination and being aware of the wrong actions of others we first need to pray and ask for wisdom as well as how to respond with both truth and love. Look for the Holy Spirits guidance.  I have learned recently it is real easy to use carnal means and ways of self to try and speak that which is true and even of God.  We sometimes want to play the role of Holy Spirit and sometimes we need to first give voice and then step back and let God work.  And ultimately, when others offend, falsely accuse, smear, defame, or other such actions we do need to forgive.  These tactics are used because they are effective. They are used effectively in politics and elsewhere because they work.  As such, for each believer serving God’s kingdom, we need to be continually moving away from sins and ways of building self and profiting.  If we say one thing and do another it will be exposed. If we have any appearance of evil it will be used against us to discredit what God may be doing through each of us.

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  1. Peacebringer


  2. “For the record Miriam IS Rosalind of Diggory Press and she never actually denied it.”

    I have to agree with this statement. But, I think that it is extremely important to understand the purpose of Miriam’s post at Rahab’s Place. There was no intention to prove or disprove identity. The purpose of the post was to illustrate the irresponsible way that Rahab misused information and her complete lack of due diligence in posting what she new to be perfectly true and correct information. Rahab reported unsubstantiated rumors as if they were facts, never verifying her information.

    Miriam’s post did the job it was intended to do.

    I pray for her and I hope the best for her.

  3. Please read updated information in
    Miriam indeed has been physically attacked with serious injuries.

  4. Steve Page


  5. Updated post for expanded comments on aliases.

  6. I also gained a lot from visiting Miriam’s site (and there were things about which I did NOT agree with her} I found her to be a very sincere, straight-forward person. I am praying for her swift recovery.

  7. I believe the main article above by peacebringer is objective and insightful, but I also note it has been written by someone who obviously hasn’t had the misfortune of being the direct subject of Mrs Franklin’s unwelcome attentions. That, I can assure you, is a life-changing experience we could all do without.

    As the person identified in that article as having ‘a history of using strong tactics to get my way’, yes, this is true. Indeed, I believe it is important to be tenacious and unwavering when facing bullies and deceivers.

    Unfortunately, we live in a commercial world that often favours the rogues and the exploiters, so I see moral courage and tenacity as an absolute necessity when dealing with practised rogues and deceivers.

    I would hope not to be judged too harshly for that.

    We can but hope that the truth will eventually come out, and that those of us who really have stood up for what is right, will be vindicated.

    Next Court hearing on Nov 9th. Let’s see what transpires.

    Kind regards to all


  8. Clearly, I haven’t been directly harmed by Mrs. Franklin. My exposure to her simply had been the blog, which at times was informative and other times I disagreed.

    I appreciate your acknowledgement of past strong tactics.
    A Stephen, ultimately you will be judged by the one True God. You will, Miriam will, all of us will. The question for each of us, is how do you deal with your own selfishness. I have full assuranace that Jesus is the way the truth and the life, and it is not about paths of our own choosing. I see two selfs at conflict here, I have not got the resources or wherewithal to investigate all parties and determine truth. The courts may not even get at truth as often do not.
    Each of you have to live with your choices. I am not a fan of what I have seen from either side.

  9. This is your blog Tim – so you have the luxury of posting your beliefs and opinions, but still, I have to object most strongly to being tarred with the same brush as Mrs Franklin.

    There is nothing in my history to suggest premeditated deception or exploitation of others. On the contrary, it is my willingness to challenge deceivers and exploiters, and to help unsuspecting victims, that has placed me in this unsavoury predicament. Mrs Franklin’s recent history on the other hand is jam-packed full of deception, fraud, exploitations and unholy contempt of others. So other than mutual stubbornness, I see no other comparisons here.

    With respect Tim, in one breath you acknowledge that you do not have the time or wherewithal to discern the truth here – whilst at the same time sharing your (admittedly-incomplete) opinion that I am perhaps ‘equally guilty’ in some way. It’s simply unfair of you to make these comments – especially when there is so much evidence to the contrary at hand.

    The victims in this scenario should be commended for all they have put up with at Mrs Franklin’s hands – not tarred with the same brush. Due to Mrs Franklin’s tactics of attrition and obstruction, most have not been able to stay the course. Surely, those of us that have, deserve a little more respect?

    By the way Tim – just for the record – I have no ‘anti-Christian’ agenda. What I object to is the misuse of religion by religionists; the destructive and divisive aspects that generate elitism, sectarianism, false piety and violence against others. When ‘Miriam’ was first exposed, I had absolutely no interest in her religious leanings, and frankly, I found the whole ‘end-times-prophecy’ platform to be somewhat absurd. Most especially when I realised how many unsuspecting people were giving credence to a proven fraudster posing as some sort of divine channel of wisdom and prophecy. I don’t blame anyone for falling for the charade – after all, Mrs Franklin is a very adept deceiver, and had me fooled too for a while. But knowing who was behind all the pious accusations and moral condemnations of others really made the scenario seem ludicrous and profoundly hypocritical.

    I truly empathise with anyone who has held ‘Miriam’ in high regard – only to uncover these painful realities. But life is tough sometimes – just ask the 209 authors who claim they were defrauded by Mrs Rosalind Miriam Franklin.

    And if I ‘believe’ anything at all in regards to Christianity Tim, it is simply that Jesus would recognise very little of his philosophy and love in today’s religious institutions – and amongst so many who call upon his name…

    Matt 7:21….. Luke 6:26….

    Perhaps we can now put the subject to rest for a while..?


  10. Stephen, If I offended you of any of my language and choice of words not my intent.

    Anyone who rejects the Gospel,has an antiChristian agenda and is rooted in selfishness. You state you object to misuse of religion, yet you espouse the same doctrines that are and will be used for great harm of the world at large in the name of tolerance and peace. At least that is my opinion.

    Yes, I don’t know truth of the diggory matter. I have stated I haven’t liked what I have seen coming from both sides. You refer to evidence and if such, the court of law will bare it out, if the evidence is sound. If it is the likes of things posted on the internet which have been heresay and have no standing in a court of law, that is something else all together. As I stated, the courts will judge, but ultimately the final judge will be God.

    I have lost a lot of respect for Mrs Franklin as a result of this saga, regardless of what happens.

    And yes, many are they that walk in the name of Christianity and do not walk in God’s love. Just as there are many that claim to walk in love, but miss the truth of the Gospel. Judgement will start with the House of God. There are many deceivers. So Dr. Manning, sorry if my not readily accepting your side of the story any more than the other side of the story and way I have communicated caused offense, it has been my intent not to do so.

    Now let me suggest to you this. If you truly are genuinely sincere and simply advocating for truth that you perhaps you remove your list of folks you claim are aliases and sock puppets, because you truly have besmirched some innoncent people in that regard. Are there some in your list that may well be aliai or sock puppets, perhaps, but if you truly are an advocate for truth rather than your own perspective of matters you would be far more cautious with such matters. That is just a suggestion. Yet, I suspect it serves your side of story to keep it as is. And I apologize in advance if you find any offense in this post.

    And Dr. Manning, if your side does have 100% veracity, than I hope and pray that justice does prevail. Yet, I fully expect as is the case in these cases, the truth lies in the middle of what is being portrayed.

    Again, it has been my intent to interact with respect and how I would prefer to be treated in such manners. I aknowledge likley being quick to doubt and judge matters based on your religious positions (and similarity to that of the UN) and the fact that you do have competitive interests. I am just a humble person in another part of the world attempting to make sense of something it seems clear that folks are shading things to elevate selfs and make the other look bad, and I cannot sort that out. I like all of us have preconneptions and ways look at facts and claims of facts. This matter to me is important to see how it plays out, given the advocate for truth Mrs Franklin has been online (again not always agreeeing with how she has gone about things).

  11. Thanks for the respectful response Tim.

    I wish you well, and will keep this post updated of any major developments.

    Let’s hope the truth eventually prevails..


  12. Somewhere in here is a modern mystery in the works …

    My soul is very interested in the outcome … we believers of the 21st century will surely be in someones future book release.

    Uhmmm Miriam or Stephen’s ???

    By the way if Miriam was using socks to rev us up and lean us her way …

    doesn’t that mean that she is still there … lol

  13. Dr. Manning, Certainly any updates will be appreciated, just please keep from the “evidentiary” claims and back and forth, but certainly value updates.

  14. The best ‘value update’ I can offer you Tim is to re-state the simple fact that a bunch of decent, honest folk are engaged in a battle-for-justice with someone who has absolutely no moral scruples whatsoever.

    To put it in simple terms Tim – we are playing by ‘the rules’ as best we can – whilst Mrs F continues to use anything at her disposal – including the name of Christ, and credulous, well-intentioned believers such as yourself – to harrass, attack and undermine anyone who dares stand up to her.

    Frankly Tim – I can’t really be bothered if you choose to examine the facts and evidence or not – or check out my credentials and character or not – but as I said before, casting aspersions in my direction is not only inaccurate, but is also unjust – and therefore certainly unchristian. No?

    Here’s a simple task that could establish some basic truths for you Tim. Why don’t you contact some ex-Diggory Press / Exposure Publishing authors and get their first-hand opinions of your esteemed prophetess ‘Miriam’… and then go to the contacts page on the CheckPoint Press website and contact any of our authors directly asking how they have been treated? (By the way, the testimonials there are real – unlike many of those posted on Mrs F’s various contrived websites).

    Let me know once you’ve done that Tim – perhaps then you’ll stop trying to defend this rogue?

    Meanwhile, it may interest you to know that the major players in the publishing industry have washed their hands of Mrs Franklin due to all her underhanded activities. Why would they do that eh?

    By the way Tim, the list of Mrs Franklin’s ‘sockpuppets’ and other aliases will stay up on the Rogues Gallery as a warning to others until such time as those on that list are willing to prove they are not Mrs F. For, at very best, if supposedly ‘real’ people are making active efforts to defend this woman – then their position is at best untenable – and most likely contrived. Besides, if they too are hiding their identities – surely we should be asking why?

    Just because ‘Miriam’ made some posts on her caustic website that you and others happen to agree with, doesn’t make her a prophet or an honest person – does it? The whole situation is so patently absurd it really isn’t worth commenting on anymore. Mrs F attacks others behind various deceptive guises, and sadly, in the process of castigating over a thousand individuals to date (yes, I checked the numbers) seems to have collected an audience of credulous minions, who cannot (or will not) see what’s really going on here.

    Finally Tim – I would appreciate it if you refrained from lecturing me on my supposed religious position, for, despite the fact I have studied world religions, theology, and the psychology of religion at advanced levels.. this discussion and situation is NOT about religion, but simply about honesty, truth, and our dogged attempts to secure simple justice in the face of incredible deception and malice.

    Sorry Tim, but I’m really too busy to keep this up with you right now – so please excuse me if I take my leave.

    Please check out the facts as asked, and take another look at the humane aspects of the Gospel.. thanks.


  15. Dr. Manning, I am confused and befuddled at this last post. While I have indicated I do not trust your side anymore than the other side, I have not defended Mrs. Franklin. I have made all attempts to remain objective and treat you with love and respect.

    Sorry if you feel my comments on your religious views you found to be offensive or lecturing. I know full well your credentials in the matter.

    It is a sad thing for you to say you have no intent of taking down that list, even though it has been perfectly clear to you that you for fact have accused people wrongly and have made them feel unsafe to provide you the demanded evidence of same. Leaving such a list up is not than simply about honesty.

    I have stated sir, that if your side is true and has solid evidence, than the court should see it’s way clear to proper judgement. I also want to make it clear, that if Miriam is guilty of all you claim, I hope and pray she meets the full measure of justice.

    Sir I have said or done nothing intending to attack, harrass, or undermine. I have openly shared my thoughts on the matter, given you some of the reasons I would be inclinded to distrust and have admitted that my view of your beliefs can shade my trust levels in such matter. Again, I have attempted to be objective here sir, and not simply take you at your word. Again I apologize if anything I said is offensive and am confused at your one minute calling my response respectful and the next minute railing at me for disparaging you. Again, any perceived slight is not meant.

    The choice is yours to respond or not, take your leave or not. Now sir, you make an aspersive comment to close your last response, suggesting I have interacted with you in less than a manner befitting the Gospel and God I serve. If anyone reads my posts and sincerely comes to that conclusion than please point out specific ways I have wronged other than simply communicating my desire to remain objective.

    Now regardless of what happens in the court, it is never the final arbitor of justice. The final arbitrator lays in the hand of the creator.

    Again apologizies for any offense perceived any anything I said.

  16. Dr. Manning,

    I encourage you to re-read your conversation with Tim and to go back and read what he has posted about this entire “saga”. He has NOT supported Miriam or you. He has provided information regarding the situation. Not agreeing with you is not supporting Miriam.


  17. Apologies accepted Tim. I suppose after three-and-a-half years of abuse at Mrs Franklin’s hands – I’m starting to get somewhat sensitive at having my motives and character disparaged. Perhaps I overreacted a little in my last post. No offence intended to you either.

    But for the record Tim – the list of Rosalind Miriam Franklin aliases on the Rouges Gallery website is, as far as I am aware, accurate. However, you have implied several times now, that I am ‘fully aware’ that some of those aliases are NOT her. This is NOT the case.

    I reiterate Tim; if you, or any ‘real’ (other-than-Franklin) person can clearly demonstrate to me any genuine errors on that list – I will immediately amend it.

    What I CAN guarantee you though Tim – is that 80% or more of those aliases are most definitely Mrs Franklin. I can’t explain why I know this on this public forum I’m afraid – but will share with you in private if you wish.

    So, the issue of whether or not some misdirected Miriam fans have found their pseudonyms on that sockpuppets list, surely comes second to the overwhelming evidence of Mrs Franklin’s prolific deceptions?

    Furthermore, I’m sorry to say Tim, I find the whole ‘attack’ report very hard to swallow. Mrs F has pulled similar stunts in the past – telling the Court she was in fear of her life for example, whilst simultaneously lodging death threats (using aliases) against us claimants.. and forging contrived legal documents etc.. It’s all part of the same old Franklin pattern I’m afraid.

    I would really, really like to see some evidence of this supposed ‘attack’ on Miriam. Is there any way you can secure this – so we all know where to direct our prayers of course.. For the last thing anyone wants is for Mrs Franklin to miss her next Court appearance. Right?

    By the way Tim – my point about the Gospel (and specifically the Sermon on the Mount, which many scholars consider the real heart of Christ’s teaching) was that Christ’s teachings and philosophy were rooted in a blood-and-guts, humane concern for people – and not religiousness – nor the practice of religion (remember he personally broke Sabbath laws several times?).

    In looking at today’s religious institutions, (and specifically monotheistic traditions such as Judaism, Christianity, Islam) it is clear that many sincere and well-intentioned people have been conditioned to interpret their religious beliefs in a far-from-humane (or Christ-like) way. So basically, I would like to see more ‘Christians’ such as Miriam and some of her more enthusiastic followers (for example), to invest themselves in the unifying principles that Jesus espoused – rather than the often-divisive and sectarian teachings of our various religious traditions.

    Hope this makes some sense Tim. You come across as a thoughtful and sincere person – so it would be even more of a shame if your virtues as a Christian inadvertently lent support to someone who (in my opinion) is the absolute antithesis of Christ’s teachings. Hope this is clear now.

    Talk another time..


  18. Just a thought Tim. Why not go straight to the source and post a question on this subject directly to ‘Miriam’ on her end-times-prophecy site..?

    Make sure you mention me by name and ask about the Court cases.. Better still – ask her to confirm or deny that she is Rosalind Miriam Franklin of Diggory Press fame..

    I’ll place bets that your post will never see the light of day Tim..

    Please let me know how you get on..

  19. Dr. Manning, sorrry for the delay in respodning to these posts as the delay was do to being in transit and returning home.

    Regarding the “sockpuppet” issue r/t Miriam. First of all I have made my thoughts perfectly clear on the use of such. I do not support it or any use of deception anyone would use to defend themself even if well intentioned. This goes for anyside of this particular case. Now regarding my challenge to remove list of aliases and suspected sockpuppets, you seem to think I was inferring whether you know or not who some folks are that you have falsely accussed. I suspect you might have an idea of who are some of the falsely accused are. Certainly two expressed themselves here and have certainly offered me verifiable information to such a claim. Dr. Manning the point regarding the challenge was that you purport to be defending truth against a deceiver. Yet, the list of aliai and “sockpuppets” is dishonest and deceptive regardless of whatever Miriam`s use of them may be. What you do not care is that you have defamed innocent people who if what you say is true at a minimum have been deceived. Taking such a stance does not help your case for truth, it rather protrays the intent to defame without responsibily sorting out facts. Please do not tell me about people refusing to verify, as your requests demand people who have every reason not to trust you give you personal information. This statement will be the end of this issue. It is not an attack, it is more my care for genuine people being caught up with this whole saga.

    Now regarding the whole “attack” bit. God knows the truth. The question is what is to be gained by stopping posting regarding the matter or on unrelated matters, basically going dark. What is to be gained by slowly returning to posting information? Simply to garner sympathy? Things do not add up, and yet watching and praying because I have every confidence in God to bring things hidden to light. I have every confidence of God to deal with those who profess His name to bring them to repentence. This is not my job or the job of any one else around. YOu have a legal matter before the courts, I recommend things be sorted out through those channels. I do not find any engaging in public defamation of anyone, you or Miriam, to be either loving or standing in truth. I frankly sir, your website being allowed to stand in spite of being clear evidence of publicly defaming at least a few by listing them as aliai when they are not, is a testimony to the grace and love of those precious people. So Dr. Manning, while I am attempting to be objective and loving in response, as stated I am not a fan of what I have seen from “EITHER SIDE” regarding this matter.

    Now regarding posting something to Miriam directly. If I felt led to do so and felt it was my place, I would do so. I have felt it is a matter for the courts at this point. I also have not led to further look into any vercacity of claims posted, and as such why I do not want there to be any “evidentiary” back and forth on this blog.

    Now regarding the rest of your content, I will deal with it piece by piece.

    “By the way Tim – my point about the Gospel (and specifically the Sermon on the Mount, which many scholars consider the real heart of Christ’s teaching) was that Christ’s teachings and philosophy were rooted in a blood-and-guts, humane concern for people – and not religiousness – nor the practice of religion (remember he personally broke Sabbath laws several times?).” And yet, I am sure you do not even begin to fathom the teaching of the sermon on the mount. YEs, Jesus was concerned about love for others. Yet note the love starts with loving God with your entire self. Jesus did not come to do away with the Jewish laws, he filled them up with meaning. He is what they are all pointing to. I agree with you about the practice of religion. Jesus confronted people who looked good on the outside, for the things they did that looked good, but inside they were full of self and darkness and did not love God, truly.

    Now you talk about “unifying principles Jesus espoused” Jesus did not espouse a single unifying principle. He stated he came to bring division, mother against daughter, father against son. He talked about a narrow way, not a multiplicity of paths that you simply find the right one . Jesus stated He IS the WAY, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus is divisive and narrow. Now the mindset towards “unifying principles” is the core of the UN agendas and the push toward a global new religion that your work certainly gives philosophical weight to support. It is all about the ongoing elevation of man.

    In terms of what my Virtues support steven, it is the truth. Take some time reading my blog and you really get a better grasp of what path I am on. Surely it will be one that will label me as intolerant and will lead folks toward being brought under all sorts of charges at being an enemy of the public good, it will someday reach a point that the likes of me will be executed for not embracing the “unifying principles.” This will happen Dr. Manning. I am certain you are convinced in your own mind of what you believe. I certainly cannot say anything to persuade you to the truth. You have invested and committed and embraced where you are spiritually and are convinced in your own mind. I still wish you well and blessings and pray that some day you turn from your full fledge embracing of darkness and can turn to the light, who is by the way Jesus. Yet, your a smart man Dr. Manning, and you have fallen the way of many. You may have a unique way of wording but it is not anything that has not being said more increasingly these days.

    May you find peace in your soul Dr. Manning.

  20. Okay – that’s quite enough condescension Tim. Just as with so many religionists, you really do believe you are amongst ‘the chosen few’ – don’t you? As a result, I’m afraid to say you come across as patronising and arrogant – despite the occasional ‘peaceful’ platitudes and hollow apologies.

    You have the audacity to declare I am ’embracing darkness’ – how dare you! Who on earth do you think you are to judge me? I spent many years in the religious life – and moved away from it chiefly because I found it so full of hypocrisy, false piety and elitist condescension that I could no longer align it with the concept of a loving God – or any concept of universal truth.

    You also declare..
    “I am sure you do not even begin to fathom the teaching of the sermon on the mount”
    Another patronising put-down from someone who I suspect has no postgraduate qualifications in Theology, World Religions, the Psychology of Religion – right? And yes, I did years of accredited Bible studies too – along with the Qu’ran, the Bhagvada Gita etc etc… and even taught on these subjects as a pastor.. And your credentials for making these enlightened statements are what Tim..? The fact that you choose to ‘believe’ in something? Is that it?

    I suspect, like so many on Miriam’s website, that you actually believe the Gospel stories are literal and ‘true’ – right Tim? And that the Bible is the one-and-only True Word of God – inspired by the Holy Spirit? Yes?

    Well, let me just direct you to some historical research; that Christianity ‘took off’ only when Emperor Constantine (whilst still a pagan Roman god himself) instituted the Nicene Creed, and forcibly made Christianity the Roman State religion; that the Bible (as we know it today) was complied from scores of diverse manuscripts in 387 CE; that nearly 40 so-called ‘original gospels’ were omitted; that the ones currently there were NOT written by eyewitnesses; that the Jesus of today’s Christianity is no more than a concoction of mythology, ancient (pagan) religions, and the doctrines of a developing church that struggled with its own identity for centuries. Jesus the man actually lived, yes. But the idealised (and idolised) ‘Jesus’ of modern Christianity is for the most part a mass psychological projection, born out of ignorance, fear and political necessity, and used by far, far too many to judge and attack others. Those are just some of the historical facts I’m afraid Tim – regardless of what you, or others chose to ‘believe’.

    Please read my book, it was written specifically for sectarian religionists: Psychology, Symbolism and the Sacred; Confronting Religious Dysfunction in a Changing World:

    So much damage gets done in the name of religion – but the real problem lies in the gullibility of credulous souls, who would rather defend the indefensible than change their lives, or take a REAL leap of faith. “I believe this”, and “I believe that” is so very easy and convenient to say – but what do they really KNOW? That’s my response when religionists try to tell me what they ‘believe’. I used to believe in Santa Claus too Tim – but as a British comedian recently said – “But then I grew up!”

    You also used the terms ‘dishonest and deceitful’ in your latest post in reference to material on the Rogue’s Gallery website. Again, you are not only wrong Tim – but are now becoming deeply offensive. I expect an apology for those comments.

    Again, I reiterate Tim, if you, or any ‘real’ (other-than-Franklin) person can clearly demonstrate to me any genuine errors on that list – I will immediately amend it. I think that’s more than fair don’t you – especially considering none of ‘them’ have supplied any proofs they are NOT Rosalind Miriam Franklin in yet another deceptive disguise?

    Please don’t call me a liar again Tim. I may be stubborn, challenging and perhaps even overbearing at times. But I am NOT a liar – nor am I dishonest.

    The reason the Rogue’s Gallery stays online is because it reports truthfully on the Diggory / Franklin saga. I make no apologies whatsoever for exposing Mrs Franklin to the light of day – that’s what good people do – stand up for truth and hold their ground when attacked. If you had any idea of what Mrs Franklin has put me through these past three years Tim, I’m sure you would be singing a very different tune.

    It seems to me that a number of people jumped too quickly to Mrs Franklin’s defence based upon their misguided belief that she really was a prophet. Upon discovering so much evidence to the contrary – and now somewhat embarrassed at being hoodwinked by ‘Miriam’ – those individuals apparently haven’t got the humility (or the good sense) to just accept the facts and withdraw with good grace. Instead they attack the messenger – and do so using false names – right? And you Tim, facilitate this attack by seizing on one small aspect of the Rogue’s Gallery site – the sockpuppets list – and pull-and-pull at that thread in an effort to make a hole in the indictment against Mrs Franklin – or do the next best thing – to somehow undermine my personal credibility. Show everyone that I’m a flawed human being – and then maybe Miriam’s unchristian behaviour can somehow be justified. Right?

    This is Mrs Franklin’s chief tactic too – attack the messengers again-and-again. In fact, her whole end-times-prophecy site is devoted to tearing people down – as were her sleuth-for-truth sites, and false publishing-comparison sites (where incidentally she once again pretended to be someone else). The hypocrisy is incredible. On her end-times-prophecy site she now assumes the divine mantle of judgement too – despite the fact she is the epitome of all she so publicly denounces. When will it ever end?

    Ironically, anyone (such as myself) who has done empirical studies or research learns of the various (formal and informal) fallacies used to promote flawed premises. Religious arguments (including parts of your post above Tim) are regularly peppered with these fallacies. In an academic setting one simply cannot use these techniques and expect to be taken seriously. It’s a shame we can’t establish the same principles in this debate.

    I don’t mind having a respectful debate Tim – but unless you apologise for those latest offensive comments, you lose my respect, and show yourself to be less-than-honest yourself. So may I respectfully suggest you now remove your head from the proverbial sand; follow through with my suggestions and seek out the evidence for yourself; then, direct your accusations of dishonesty and deception where they really belong.

    I know this will involve a little effort on your part – (at least a bit more than just jumping to unsound conclusions, and making unqualified pious observations).. and yes, I know that what you find might make you a little uncomfortable.. But life is supposed to be about growth – and growth incorporates change – and you DO genuinely seek the truth don’t you Tim?

    My understanding is that whatever ‘God’ is, or is not – (He / She / It / They or Them), ‘God’ simply MUST be based in truth. Therefore it is truth that we should seek if we really want to serve God – and not spend our lives simply indulging ourselves in possibly-misguided belief systems. Christianity MAY be all the things you ‘believe’ it to be Tim – but then again it may not. After all, we’re only talking about beliefs here right? What we DO know is that Christianity has a very REAL history that can be verified. You can’t just identify the bits you like and shape your own false reality Tim – THAT’S what’s really dishonest and deceitful wouldn’t you agree? Surely, living in delusion is more akin to ‘living in darkness’… No?

    Please take it to prayer..

  21. Dr. Manning, I make no apologizing for what I believe to be truth. I am sorry to you my belief and mindset comes off to you as arrogant and the response as such condescending. It feels to me, as accurrate or inaccurate it may be Dr. Manning that anyone who disagrees with you may face the same assessment. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    The things we disagree over, I believe I have done so and attempted to do so respectfully. I do not have you mind to know what you may or may not be offended by. Clearly you were offending by my use of you embracing darkness and stating my view, that is all who do not embrace Jesus as Savior are in darkness, and those who speak a view contray to the Gospel as explict as what you hold, is embracing darkness, call it rejecting Christianity if you find that more palatable.

    Now you are offended that I state you really do not grasp the Sermon on the Mount and what it says. You go on to cite credentials and challenge mine. Dr. Manning, I would hope you realize that the some of ones knowledge on a subject has very little to do with credentials. I have met many a credential individuals and found them to be lacking. You also reference fallacious arguementation, so you know that the whole pointing to credentials issue is falacious.

    And yes, Dr. Manning, I believe in a literal Gospel and the Bible to be the inspired word of GOd, any time on this blog should make that perfectly clear. Now as such, you essentially make a blanket dismissal and blanket aspersal on intelligence as well as belief in Christianity. (Yet, you stated on this blog you have no anti-christian agenda.)

    In terms of “Constatine” you have a bit of a picture in turms of “Culturalizing” christianity and “forcing” religous constructs. Yet, Christianity has never been about the religion. Christianity speard well before Constantine flourished and in spite. Yes, the Nicean council discussed what was cannon. I have seen various assorted translations of texts and have found no fault in the differences. Writings with early church fathers are consistent. You make professions that the Gospel were not written of eye witnesses but most of the argumentation against the gospels being eyewitness or examined eyewitness regrading Luke, have been full of fallacies and faulty conculsions. Of course you than suggest that Christianity is just a collection of other mythologies, which again is something that has no founding, but yes certainly plenty make that claim.

    Now I apologize for you taking my challenge and comments regarding the socket puppet list as being not an accurate representation of truth as calling you a liar. I have called the inculusion of that material to not be oriented on truth, but rather oriented on your case. I have no doubt you believe you position to be honest. My point is you callously dismiss those caught up and included on your list and who will not trust you enough to provide you the kind of truth you demand. My position on that matter is making a statement in defense of those I know have been hurt by that inclusion. In your rage related to Mrs Franklin, it seems it is full steam ahead and whoever gets caught in the wake be damned. You are the brave knight Manning off to slay the evil dragon Franklin and if there is collateral damage, they shoulda known just to get outta the way. Now if that offends you, I am sorry it does, but it is how I see things. Now Dr. Manning, since you took offense at including those falsely accused on your list and having knowledge at least as of this moment that there are such people, that having a list that says these people are all Miriam, when you have knowledge as of this point of that not being the case, to continue to declare such is not truthful. That is a fact, Dr. Manning. Let me ask you this Dr. Manning, if someone posted such a list and suggested that you were a sock puppet of someone else who was being accussed of many things, how would you respond? Now if the same person, who treated you in an aggressive or passive aggressive manner ask you to share personal details to prove you are Dr. Manning, you would eaily provide such trust?

    Dr. Manning, let me ask you this, since you want to emphasize using sound arguementation. Here you have said my pointing out at great length the sock puppet list is an attempt at placing a hole in your indictment (which what I would say here having no bearing on a court of law is curious) or undermine your personal credibility. I have simply pointed at something that undermines your credibility. And Dr. Manning, I have no stake in your credibility. I am not seeking to defend Mrs. Franklin. I have simply pointed to something that personally does not line up with your stated intent, to stand for truth. Yet, it seems to me that you read duplicity and hidden agendas into what is said and written.

    Here is a difference between you and me. You have stated you are an empiricist. Your senses is all you can place faith in. I believe in that which is beyond me.

    Oh, and Dr. Manning, I am well aware of the things done in the name of Christianity do a huge disserve to the truth of the Gospel. You are right, people should not pick and choose things, but often do. I have noted, Dr. Manning you are quite the fan of taking passive aggressive shots in making your points. Perhaps you do it so much you expect the same from others. And I can assure you Dr. Manning, I have prayed over how to respond to you in both love and truth. I will state my thoughts. You can conclude I am a deluded religionsist, that however is not reality and based on what you have already assumed. You believe me to be deluded, I believe you to be lost in the dark. So we can both sit and be offended. Yet, Dr. Manning, I forgive you, and take no offense to you varied shots. May you find peace, Dr. Manning.

    Oh and Dr. Manning, I really do not care what you think of me or if you respect me. I have in all I said, said what I said with the intent of respect. Now that does mean I sit back and not say things that you may not want to here, or might possibly take offense to. It would de dishonest of me to think you are lost in darkness and not be able to speak that to you. Just as it would be dishonest for you to think me delusional and not say so directly.

  22. This has to be the last response for now Tim – I simply have more pressing issues to contend with.

    But before I go, let me ask you this Tim; have you actually read the ‘sockpuppets list’ yourself? More specifically, have you read the lead-in at the top of the list that clearly states in black-and-white:

    “The list below does not include the dozens of false ID’s used to post glowing testimonials on the Diggory Press website. In many of the below cases we have IP addresses confirming they came from the same source. In other cases the ‘author’ has insider knowledge that could only have come from Mrs Franklin; in other examples the spelling, grammar and syntax is clearly identifiable. In all cases, the named poster has either refused to prove their identity, ignored the request, or lied further about their identity.

    May 2009; Mrs Franklin now masks her false identities behind ‘anonymous’ software designed to prevent other online users knowing where she is posting from. We suspect there are dozens more aliases, and will update the site as-and-when we uncover them. Meanwhile, if anyone has any reason to object to any name being listed here – please email me with your reasons and proofs. Thank you.”

    See the original here:

    Please note the terribly ‘unreasonable, deceitful and dishonest’ way I put this list together – and the horribly unfair final sentence that makes those ‘unreasonable demands’ for identification you referred to… or does this sound like someone trying to be as fair and reasonable as possible in the face of prolific duplicity and abuse?

    Surely you read this list Tim – no? But why would you be making such a fuss of this issue without having read the list first? Surely you wouldn’t expect me to withdraw a list of KNOWN aliases of a fraudster – and thus take away the only warnings for the unsuspecting..?

    I’m sorry to say, your repeated requests that I take down that list because I supposedly ‘know’ some of those names to be incorrect now seems somewhat suspicious Tim. Are you one of those aliases perhaps? If so – tell me which one and I’ll remove it, as it is clear that you are not Mrs F in disguise – you are far too reasonable and polite. But this has to be the fourth or fifth time I’ve invited clarifications on your blog now – but still nothing to convince me any of those aliases are NOT Mrs Franklin – and everything to indicate there is even more reason to leave them up there.

    I won’t comment further on the bulk of your last post Tim – because you continue to muddy the debate by positing your religious beliefs as an authority. So we can’t have a rational debate, and that’s all I would be interested in I’m afraid. And for the last time NO, I’m NOT anti-Christian in any way – that is, I’m NOT ‘anti’ anything that reflects true love towards our fellow man.

    However, as a life-principle, I am most stridently opposed to the profligacy of belief systems rooted in ignorance and superstition that serve to suppress the human mind and spirit (or soul) and thus keep us from our divine potential. (Words are so inadequate sometimes, but hopefully you’ll catch the gist of what I am trying to say.) Truth is the answer – not mere beliefs. Beliefs are ratified in truth – NOT the other way round Tim.

    By the way Tim, I have absolutely no religious agenda for challenging Rosalind Miriam Franklin. Nor has it anything to do with business competition. (All this is explained on the Rogue’s Gallery site). I’m simply taking her on in this extended, torturous ordeal, because for the sake of everyone, SOMEBODY needs to do so.

    There’s one thing I can agree on though Tim – (and this might surprise you a bit) – but yes, I do see myself somewhat as the bold knight facing the dragon.. But facing dragons is a challenging and often-dirty task, so I could do without bystanders throwing rocks at me.. Indeed, I could do with all the help I can get. So if you really ‘wish me peace’ Tim – please put the rocks (or pebbles) aside, and get on board.

    Finally Tim – and I say this respectfully. I think you should do a little more research on the origins and the authors of the four gospels.. Also check out Mithraism, the religion of the Roman legions at the time Christianity was imposed on them in 313 CE.. Just a friendly tip.

    You know where to reach me if you want to hear more..

    Now I have to get back to my real life..

  23. Well Dr. Manning, you have pushed to delete a response, not something I am prone to do. This was done by making the same charges toward some of the same people I referenced on this blog. You can choose to keep such information on your site, but I will not have baseless accusations posted as comments on this board. The people you have stood and accussed I have seen verified proof that your allegations are faulty. Given how you railed on these people in a place where you a guest, shows a blatant disrespect. And no, I am not going to send you the proof, especially when you have trouble maintain respectful discourse on someone elses blog. Any further blantant disrespect will be deleted, not somethign I am prone to do.

    It is clear Dr. Manning that our perspectives vary greatly. It is clear that we may look at two pieces of evidence will evaluate that evidence differently. You make a statement Dr. Manning that belief is ratified by truth. I have no problem with that statement at face value. However, upon closer examination saying either belief or truth ratify the other is logically flawed. Truth and belief are entwined. Yet, than you need to than focus on what is truth. You have implied that truth is what is empircally verifiable. SUch a mindset places a limit on truth. You accuse me of establishing my religious beliefs as authority. Yet, you have done likewise as well as lean on your established credentials. Basically though in relation to me, I am dismissed because I have a mindset and view but in your mind given I have a view you have already assessed to be a faulty premise you have no interest in anything other than to prove me wrong. And Dr. Manning I am familar with varied attempts of discrediting the Gospels, and they do not hold water, it is simply evidentiary games. And tying Mithraism to Christianity as you imply, is engaging in several assumptives that are logically fallacious.

    Now it seems evident here that you to me are troubling path and direction the world is heading in. Your view as stated “opposed to the profligacy of belief systems rooted in ignorance and superstition that serve to suppress the human mind and spirit (or soul) and thus keep us from our divine potential.” I could go on and on at the difficulties presented in the statement and does not even begin to follow even sound useage of words or understanding of basic human make up. (Soul and spirit are not the same, yet what is spirit is far from being empirical.)

    Dr. Manning you claim to not be anti-christian and be all for what promotes love, but it will come down to how you define love. It all comes from your perspective.

    Again, I wish you peace as it is clear to me that peace is missing. If that statement offends you, I only am saying what I have encountered in these interactions.

  24. I’m obviously wasting my time with you Tim. I’ve tried to help you with clarifications and explanations, but you’ve repeatedly rejected that help. I don’t get it. Either you’re sincere – or you’re not. Which is it Tim?

    I’ve explained the situation on this thread and on the other one in unequivocal language, – yet you still maintain this broken-record mantra about the sockpuppets list.. But won’t (or can’t) show proofs. Why ever not Tim? Or should I be asking which of those sockpuppets is you eh?

    Ian Vincent was right to depart this blog once he realised you weren’t capable (or willing) of objective reasoning – nor of acknowledging the plain-and-simple facts about this ‘Miriam Franklin’ issue.

    This whole debate has descended into farce.

    I’ve got more important things to do Tim. Have fun with the multiple personas of Mrs Franklin…Servant, Sylvia, Richard Green etc etc etc… and the rest on this list, which, by the way, I will now update with some more Franklin aliases that have surfaced these past months.. and I think I’ll now add those blogs that attempt to defend Mrs Franklin in spite of all the evidence – or otherwise seem set up under flawed or suspicious circumstances.. Do do any less would go against my conscience..

    I can’t continue this discussion under these conditions Tim. We are worlds apart in terms of grasping some of the principles I am trying to share with you.. sorry, but there’s no fruitful point in any more exchanges. Please read back over my previous posts and try to digest at least SOME of the contents in an objective manner WITHOUT becoming overly-defensive..

    By the way – you’re absolutely right – peace IS missing. It’s hard to maintain ‘inner peace’ when under attack from the multiple false personas of Mrs Franklin – aided and abbetted by (possibly) well-intentioned bystanders such as yourself.

    Do the right thing Tim – that will bring me some peace..


  25. Tim,

    With comments such as –

    “…acknowledging the plain-and-simple facts about this ‘Miriam Franklin’ issue”

    It’s obvious the only thing that will satisfy Dr. Manning is for you to agree with him. He doesn’t realize that ultimately you DO NOT CARE who is right or wrong just as long as truth and fairness exist.

    There is no point in going on with this…Dr. Manning asks for debate but really wants more supporters for his cause.

    The Christianity a discussion doesn’t even belong here.

    “Why ever not Tim? Or should I be asking which of those sockpuppets is you eh?”

    Is an absolutely childish statement and doesn’t even need a response from you. (Because I did it!)


  26. Dr. Manning,

    It is clear that unless I accept you version of facts, then I am insincere. I will not violate the trust of others to give you anthing Dr. Manning. The information I was given was given in confidence. I hope you can respect that and if not I do not care.

    And Dr. Manning, I agree that the discussions are fruitless and we are worlds a part as stated. I do not accept the presentations of either side. I have spoken to you directly with what I have a problem with on your end, which you staunchly defend.

    Now sir, if you read over my posts, you will find what I have defended is the Gospel, not Miriam. I have also defended those who have been and remain falsely accused. You now even stoop to suggest I would be a sock puppet. Anyone can research me clearly and find this is not the case. Dr. Manning the only way I believe you would find fruit in the discussion is if I accepted all that you had to say. I have stated point blank I think both sides have done wrong. This article even states as much. So Dr. Manning if you came here believing you would convince someone of your facts, you were mistaken. I stand by what I have said, and direct folks to let the court process play out.

  27. Matthew 7:6..

  28. At last – someone has posted an objective critique of this site that I can absolutely concur with. Thank you ‘joiner’.

    On the following thread, ‘joiner’ writes simply:

    “This blog looks just like another front for Miriam Franklin.

    No fact checking at all.

    No credibility.”

    I absolutely concur – and therefore will not be wasting any more of my valuable time here..

  29. If you really are an honest person Tim – you’ll leave this up on this thread. This is a section from ‘Miriam’ Franklin’s end-times-prophecy site listing comments of direct support and encouragement from the very same supportive posters on this blog.. including you Tim.. and we’re supposed to believe this is NOT a front for Franklinites..? (Please note the names used.. and compare with those who have appeared on this site.. and with the much-maligned sockpuppets list)

    Man, do I feel foolish for having debated with you as a supposed objective commentator..

    (Direct copy-and-paste quotes from here):


    God Bless you and welcome back Miriam, sooooo good to ‘hear your voice’ again. 😮 )

    Comment by Sylvia | October 16, 2009

    Miriam, glad to see you are on a road to recovery to the point of making an appearance.

    Comment by peacebringer | October 16, 2009

    I think Benny and Obama deserve each other.. AWW big hugs.

    Comment by james | October 17, 2009

    Glad to have you back Miriam! May the road to full recovery be speedy.

    Comment by Craig Lee | October 17, 2009

    oh my goodness..! its so good to hear something from you miriam! ive been so scared…and praying for you. i praise the living Jesus! hallelujah..!will continue praying for your complete recovery!

    Comment by ItsHellWithoutJESUS | October 18, 2009

    I repeat; Matthew 7:6..

  30. Dr. Manning, I have stated over and over that I have appreciated what she has done. I was glad to see here back posting and referenced that here.

    Amazing thing is Dr. Manning, the Miriam Franklin and Diggory press was even discussed here after my bringing up a request for prayer based on allegedly being attacked. It does not change one whit a word I have said here. Can a person not be at the exact point I stated?

  31. Dr. Manning,

    Here are some quotes from Tim from the same thread “joiner” commented on:

    Even more should makes all aware that when visit a site of someone blogging to take a few moments and pray for them in particular, prayer for protection.

    Seriously need to ask those simply pointing to one side or another what is the intent of what you are doing. Are you trying to be the Holy SPirit? Are you engaging in gossip and rumors. Are you standing truly for truth or something else? God will deal with all those involved in his time.

    Even after these comments people such as yourself continued to comment about items other then her health! Good grief! By the way…what would you think if someone stated thar you were “joiner” (this is a RHETORICAL question only!) Some might also accuse you of being overly paranoid.

  32. Jacinda, I’m sure you mean well, but may I ask you to check out these links (below) before commenting further – so we don’t waste time going back-and-forth unnecessarily.

    I understand Tim is a decent person – at least I ‘believe’ this is so – but he has made a grave error jumping to Mrs Franklin’s support – as I’ve explained in some depth on these posts. The last thing we need is more Franklin victims trying to defend their lack of discernment..

    By the way, being ‘paranoid’ is legitimate when ‘people’ (meaning multiple malicious personas belonging to Rosalind Miriam Franklin) are lodging death threats; forging legal documents; lying to the Courts; and setting up multiple websites designed to defame one’s character…

    If you are a decent and sincere person Jacinda, (which I’ll assume for now) then all you need is a little more exposure to the facts – and I’m sure we will be singing from the same sheet..

    Please check out these links: (i)

    I wish you well Jacinda..

  33. At the Nov 9th Court hearing in Torquay, the claimants won a categoric victory..

    Details will be forthcoming..

  34. Miriam does bully those who even dare to disagree and resides in a defensive posture. Sad that Miriam haa a contray nature as it is repulsive and can be summed up in one word – “bully” Yes, even Christians can be whiners, deceiver and bullies. Come clean, Miriam. You have been exposed. What you rail against, you have become.

  35. Sorry for the delay folks, here is the link to the full report of the Court appearance..

    Kind regards to all


  36. some info relevant to our ubiquitous mr stephen manning:

    As he seems to spend a large proportion of his life
    with seemingly nothing better to do than hectoring RMF online, the above link has some important info regarding his rather shabby and duplicitous character.

    This blog is the same as ‘sleuth for truth’ which was taken down from a couple of sites last year following a complaint, presumably from mr manning. As he would say, judge for yourself folks…

    For the record I am not RMF and have no connection to Diggory press.

  37. Aha – she awakens from her slumber… It seems Mrs Franklin’s ‘injuries’ have not prevented her from making these posts online. Regrettably folks – you may now get a first hand view of the unscrupulous depths to which this woman will stoop… And before anyone asks the obvious question; ‘How do you KNOW this is Rosalind Miriam Franklin posting? After all, ‘Father Ted’ above explicitly denies being her…’ The simple answer is how and why would anyone have a full, line-by-line copy of the sleuthfortruth websites that were pulled for defamation and libel (all 3 of them)?

    It would seem that our satellite discussions online are having the effect of eroding her support base – both as a rogue publisher and as a self-proclaimed prophet.. So true-to-form, she goes on the attack again, using all manner of deceptions and misdirections..

    I hope you’re beginning to feel my pain now Tim… Anyway, here is the response I’ve already placed on another site.. and please don’t forget folks, this woman has already been found guilty in court, and has been described by bailiffs as ‘the worst they have ever encountered’..


    Just received the details of the post above in my private email. Thanks to whomever sent it in.

    May I ask ‘Father Ted’ to identify him/her self so we can notify the courts that another (4th) defamatory blog has appeared online, and take the required action.

    Meanwhile, Mrs Rosalind ‘Miriam’ Franklin has now posted a ‘donate here’ button on the endtimesprophecy website – despite castigating so may others for doing the same… and she still continues to deny she is the same person who is currently being pursued by bailiffs for non-compliance with court orders.

    She has also been officially blacklisted by all the major publishing industry operators for engaging in fraud and deception…

    Anyway, let’s see if ‘Father Ted’ has the courage of ‘his’ convictions. Pray tell us who you really are ‘Ted’..

    Looking forward to your response..


    PS: Just noticed that the link to Father Ted’s name goes nowhere… mmmm I wonder why..?

    C’mon all you good guys – help me out here…

  38. Dr. Manning, it is the same back and forth, school yard pointing at each other for what you are both doing. You have posted your initial information, and Dr. Manning you have sited your website multiple times. Anything that is not new will be deleted. And will not getting into he/said she said tit for tat. The behavior on both sides is sickening and do not want any more this back and forth. Take it elsewhere please.

  39. At last Tim, you seem to be getting the picture… But frankly, what is really ‘sickening’ is the ease with which so many are exploited, defrauded and misled by Mrs Franklin.. and the lack of discernment and courage on the part of those who would espouse to being experts on ‘truth’ and ‘justice’..

    Take a closer look at what ‘Miriam’ is, and what she is capable of.. and you may yet begin to understand what we’ve been going through these past three years..

    In my opinion; and after all the evidence on display, anyone who supports or encourages this woman can no longer consider themselves non-complicit in her crimes and immorality.. And pray tell me Tim – how many times have YOU tried to contact Mrs Franklin for clarifications…?

    You look to your conscience Tim – and I’ll look to mine..

    I will take my leave now, and concentrate on keeping the Rogues Gallery updated… for those who are actually interested in the truth..

  40. My opinion about both of your behavior has been repeated several times. Feel free to use your respective sites to post information. Please do not keep updating here regarding ongoing updates to said sites. If people want to read them, they no where to find them. Again, anything not new from this point will be deleted.

  41. Dr. Manning, you know can correctly state that I am deleting comments. Your opinion has been stated multiple times and I have asked you to leave. I will delete any further posts.

    I apologized for what have been led to do so. I will not apologize for calling your behavior what it is. There will be no further dialogue between us. Good bye. All further posts will be deleted Dr. Manning, you have said your piece.

  42. Followers of this dialogue. I am not deleting posts from Dr. Manning. The man reason for doing so is that I can no longer have this issue be a distraction for what God would have me do and his posts essentially serve as baiting. I do not believe in heavy moderation but I will and do have limits. Dr. Manning passed them.

  43. Oh well – seeing as you’re deleting any future posts Tim – I might as well call a spade a spade.

    What God wants you to do is be truthful, courageous and righteous.. especially if you purport to be some sort of online authority on matters divine.. But instead you walk the path of foolishness and cowardice, and in your pious arrogance, undermine the efforts of the truly righteous.

    Sorry, but there’s no easy way to say it Tim.

    Look in the mirror my friend..

    You know where to reach me when you’re ready to get real..

  44. Letting this post through and delete. Dr. Manning, I have attempted to treat with respect and been honest and truthful with my response. You have proven unable to engage respectfully and simply engage in baiting. Add onto the fact that you engage in blantant misrepresentation of the truth. I agree, each person needs to start with self, I do so continually. I deleting you comments from this point on, in order to disengage the unfruitful dialogue. I forgive you, but the respect level and fruitfulness of discussion is long past. You want me to “approve” the deception and defamation you feel is justified, even so far as to point it this direction. You do what you point to others as doing. This blog is not for being a forum for you spotting off your theories and continual promotion of your view. Same comes from the other side. Wise you well and goodbye. Oh, and I do not profress to be any “religious autority” just a man who speaks what God puts on heart and mind. Your opinion is noted, I wish you well. And Goodbye.

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